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Richmond Falcon Cam

Falcon Cam Temporarily Off-line

  • September 8th, 2015

This morning the Falcon Cam camera and nest box were temporarily removed from the roof of the Riverfront Plaza building in order to clear the way for a roofing project.

When DWR staff first arrived on the roof, the female falcon made her presence known with a couple of fly-bys and some light swoops. Half a minute later she appeared to lose interest and perched on the sign of a nearby building. She remained there throughout the removal process.

If you’ve checked in on the Falcon Cam recently, you may have noticed that the McGuire Woods sign, a frequent perching site of the falcon pair, has been removed from the building across the street from the nest box. The sign was removed because the firm is moving to another location.

The Falcon Cam will remain off-line until the Riverfront Plaza building’s roofing project is fully completed.