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Richmond Falcon Cam

Falcon Activity Resumes at the Nest Box!

  • February 26th, 2016

Welcome to another year of the Richmond Falcon Cam!

Male peregrine falcon perched on building parapet

Male peregrine falcon perched on building parapet

DWR staff redeployed the nest box and camera to the ledge of the Riverfront Plaza building on February 18th after confirming that all ledge work has been completed. (You may notice in the photo above that the ledge has been repaved and has new flashing on the walls.) Although the birds themselves were not spotted by our staff while they were out on the building ledge,  we did

Female peregrine falcon standing in the scrape.

Female peregrine falcon standing in the scrape.

observe the pair on-camera a few times this week as well as a scrape in the nest box. (A scrape is a shallow depression that falcons make in gravel or other substrate for nesting purposes.) Yesterday afternoon, the female was even observed standing in the scrape for an extended period of time; a sign that she may once again select this nest box as her nesting site!

Click the link below to watch a video, in which the falcon pair makes a dramatic entrance into the nest box.

Falcons Make A Dramatic Entrance to the Nest Box

A Note About the Camera Feed:

We apologize for the lack of live video on the Richmond Falcon Cam Blog. We’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties with the camera’s connection to our website and are therefore unable to provide live public viewing of the falcons at this time. In the meantime, DWR staff are still able to use the camera for  monitoring purposes and will continue to monitor the falcons and share video, photos, and news of their activities on the blog as in years past. Despite these technical difficulties, we hope that you will continue to follow our blog and join us for another breeding season in the lives of the Richmond Falcons.