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Richmond Falcon Cam

First Egg Laid!

  • March 17th, 2016

Late this morning the female Peregrine Falcon laid her first egg of the season! The egg is resting at the bottom of the scrape, which is relatively deep and closely positioned to the front edge of the nest box, so it has been difficult to get good looks at it.  However, a subtle glimpse of the egg could be seen early this afternoon when the male took his first turn sitting upon it. It was seen again later during some other sitting transitions between the female and male and when they both took a break from sitting for a bit late in the afternoon.

The female has spent much of her time today sitting on the egg (a protective measure), but true incubation will not begin in earnest until the third egg of the clutch is laid.  Peregrine Falcons typically lay a clutch of 3–4 eggs, which has been the case for this pair as well. We will continue to watch closely for any subsequent eggs, which usually follow in intervals of 48–72 hours.

Snapshot 3 (3-17-2016 4-31 PM)

Male Peregrine Falcon with the egg later this afternoon.



The best look yet of the egg could be seen as the pair took a brief break from sitting late this afternoon. (The egg is visible just below the center of the photo along the edge of the nest box.)


Snapshot 5 (3-17-2016 4-40 PM)

Female Peregrine Falcon sitting on her first laid egg of the season.