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Richmond Falcon Cam

Expected Hatch Date Window Has Passed

  • April 30th, 2016

As you may have noticed, the cam stream is experiencing technical difficulties. The streaming service is working on the issue and hopes to have it resolved in the near future. We apologize for the inconvenience. Despite the streaming issue, we are still able to monitor the falcons through the camera directly.

Unfortunately, we do not have any hatching news to report. The date window, in which we expected hatching to occur has passed. Based on when we know the first and second eggs were laid, hatching was expected to have occurred by April 27th at the latest. We are now two days beyond that date and no pips (the first crack made in an eggshell by a hatching chick) have been observed. However, we will optimistically continue to closely monitor the cam over the weekend for any hatching evidence. Should there be any hatching news to report, we will certainly post it.

Again, we apologize for the disruption in the cam stream. Rest assured the issue is being addressed and hopefully, it will be back up and running soon!

An image of the male peregrine falcon incubating their eggs

Male incubating the eggs