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Richmond Falcon Cam

Three Eggs Hatched

  • May 18th, 2017

All three eggs have hatched. The first hatched at approximately 6:50 pm on Wed, May 17 while the male was on incubation duty. This marks the 37th hatchling sired by this male and the first by this female, who is most likely a first time breeder.

Adult male with first hatched chick

Adult male with first hatched chick

The second egg most likely hatched during the early morning hours of May 18. This chick was first visible at 5:37 this morning, when the female stood up from her brooding upon the arrival of the male, revealing that she had also been sitting on a dead yellow-billed cuckoo delivered by the male sometime during the night.  The cuckoo was removed by the male.

Adult male with two chicks

Adult male with two chicks

The two chicks were seen being fed by the female at approximately 6:17 a.m.

Female feeding two chicks

Female feeding two chicks

They were joined two hours later by their third sibling, which first began breaking free of its eggshell at 8:12 a.m. with the female at the nest.

Pip visible on third egg with siblings next to it

Pip visible on third egg

Third chick hatching siblings hidden under mother

Third chick hatching

An image of the adult bird sitting next to their three chicks

Adult with three chicks

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