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Richmond Falcon Cam

Two Falcon Chicks Are Progressing Well

  • June 5th, 2017

A new update, from June 2, is available from the Wildlife Center of Virginia on the small falcon chick that was removed from the nest box on May 31st.

Meanwhile, the other two chicks continue to be progressing well. They hatched out on May 17th – 18th, which makes them almost 3 weeks old. At this age, the chicks are no longer being brooded by the parents and with the regular feedings they have received, they have gained considerable weight since hatching. They’ve also developed their second coat of down and have become much more active, often moving about the nest box, stretching their wings, and occasionally preening. You may have noticed the falcon chicks often have a prominent lump at the top of their breasts. This lump is their crop, which is a small pouch in the digestive tract that temporarily stores food before it enters the stomach.

As they reach 4 weeks old, the chicks’ activity level will continue to increase; they may even leave the nest box and possibly wander off camera. Please do not be alarmed if they wander off; the chicks will be capable of returning to the box on their own, if they desire to. If the chicks remain out of the nest box, the building ledge provides a place for them to find shelter. At least one parent will always be nearby guarding the chicks and the parents will continue to feed the chicks regularly regardless of where the chicks are located.

In addition to gaining greater mobility, the chicks will start to begin resembling their parents with their flight and body feathers becoming visible through their down. They will also begin standing rather than simply sitting up.

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