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Richmond Falcon Cam

Fledgling Update – Day 1

  • June 29th, 2017

Both juvenile Peregrine Falcons fledged this morning. DWR staff were on the ground all afternoon in downtown Richmond to track and monitor the falcon family. The male juvenile was observed throughout the afternoon on the patio area of the fourth floor of the Riverfront Plaza building’s west tower (the building where their nest box is located). The male juvenile was observed sitting near prey items, presumably delivered by his parents. Both adults were observed all afternoon in various locations, including sitting on the SunTrust building sign (a building a couple blocks away from and facing the nest box), on the Riverfront Plaza building’s rooftop arches, ¬†and even sitting on top of the nest box itself. We have not yet been able to confirm an observation of the juvenile female, although there have been reports of another falcon being sited in the nearby area (presumably the juvenile female), but we have not yet been able to verify those reports. DWR staff will continue to monitor the Peregrine Falcons downtown tomorrow.