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Richmond Falcon Cam

Fledgling Update – 1 Juvenile Has Died

  • July 6th, 2017

A DWR biologist headed downtown early this morning  to check on the two juvenile Peregrine Falcons. Within minutes of his arrival he heard a falcon call and saw a juvenile land on the west tower of the Riverfront Plaza (the building where the Richmond pair nests). The juvenile stayed there for about fifteen minutes before flying again around the Riverfront Plaza towers and out of sight. Simultaneously, he saw another falcon, an adult, flying behind the towers. He then spotted what appeared to be the carcass of a medium-sized bird on the fourth floor roof of the Riverfront Plaza’s breezeway that connects the building’s east and west towers.  Our biologist gained access to the roof of the breezeway, and unfortunately, discovered that this dead bird was the female juvenile falcon. He retrieved the falcon and brought it to DWR’s veterinarian to determine the details of the bird’s death. We will provide an update after our veterinarian has examined the bird.

In the meantime, the juvenile male falcon appears to be flying and landing well and we remain optimistic that he will continue to do so.