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Richmond Falcon Cam

Update on Deceased Juvenile and Falcon Cam 2017 Wrap Up

  • July 7th, 2017

The deceased juvenile female falcon was examined by DWR’s veterinarian this morning. The young falcon’s injuries suggest that the bird had crashed into something, most likely a building, which is not uncommon for young falcons learning to fly in an urban environment. She also noted that it appeared the bird had been dead for at least two days prior to when it was discovered and retrieved.

As of this writing, as far as we know, the juvenile male is still alive and well. Should we receive any reports of additional sightings or status changes on the juvenile male we will provide an update. Otherwise, this will be the last update of the 2017 Falcon Cam season and the camera will soon be shut down until next year.

Only one of the three hatched birds from this year’s nest remains and that is not the outcome we had hoped for. However, this year saw the pairing of the adult male with not one, but two new females, and a late start to egg-laying as a result. Given these transitions, it is encouraging that the resulting peregrine pair nested successfully.¬†We look forward to next year’s breeding season when we hope for a further increase in nesting success.