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Richmond Falcon Cam

Falcon Chick Update and Livestream Ending

  • July 10th, 2020

Rehabilitators at the Wildlife Center of Virginia (WCV) have informed us that the chick is continuing to improve its flight capabilities. Staff at the center will begin creancing (learn more on this technique by clicking HERE) the bird next week to better prepare it for release. Currently the WCV staff estimates the chick will be ready for release in approximately two weeks.

Now that this year’s breeding season has concluded, the livestream will be shut down on Monday, July 13th. We will continue to post updates on the chick’s status, including our release plans, once we receive confirmation that the chick is competently flying. You can also receive Falcon Cam updates directly to your email by subscribing HERE. Thanks to everyone who tuned in this year, and be on the lookout next spring for another nesting event!