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Richmond Falcon Cam

Two’s Company…

  • March 24th, 2022

We are happy to report that we have spotted a 2nd egg in the nest box! This new egg was laid at approximately 6:06 pm, on a warm but rainy evening in Richmond on 3/24. This new egg can be identified by its brighter coloration and sheen relative to the first egg which is duller in appearance.  It’s likely that we may see a third egg laid this weekend so be sure to tune in then. And, if you want to see the moment the second egg was revealed, check out our video below!

A female peregrine falcon and two eggs in a nesting box

The female falcon just after the second egg was laid.

A female peregrine falcon standing on the ridge of a nesting box with two eggs visible behind her

The female perches on the edge of the box with two eggs visible behind her.