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Richmond Falcon Cam

Fourth Egg is Pipping

  • April 30th, 2022

It appears we may have another four chick season this year as the fourth egg is now pipping! If you didn’t get the chance to watch the hatch on Friday, be sure to keep a close watch over the next several hours as we may be lucky enough to see the final egg hatch on camera. Hatching takes a lot of energy and lasts for several hours as chicks attempt to break out of the eggshell. Assuming there are no issues with hatching, it is likely we will see the fourth chick later this evening orĀ  tomorrow (5/1).

An image of the peregrine falcon and her three hatched chicks; the fourth egg has started to hatch

The fourth and final egg is pipping! The pip can be identified by the small crack that is visible on the top, left portion of the egg.