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Richmond Falcon Cam

Hatching in Progress

  • April 25th, 2023
An image of an egg beneath the female raptor inside a nesting box visibly beginning to hatch

A pipping egg is visible beneath the female’s left wing.

A pip (a small hole in the eggshell which is made by a hatching chick) was spotted in one of the eggs just after noon today. Once a pip is observed on an egg, it means the chick inside has begun hatching and if all goes well, will be out of the egg within the next 12-48 hours. We will be watching the eggs closely and continuing to report on any updates related to hatching progress!

Update: As of 7:15 PM we can confirm that at least two eggs now have rather large pips. Be sure to turn your sound on as you can hear the chicks vocalizing from within the eggs.