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Richmond Falcon Cam

Back in Action with Four Chicks to Follow!

  • May 11th, 2023

We are happy to report that not only is the Falcon Cam up and running again, but that we have four peregrine chicks in Richmond for the third year in a row! We were able to access the ledge and secure the chicks yesterday (5/10) afternoon which allowed us to troubleshoot the exterior equipment. We identified two failure points with the setup and ultimately needed to bypass the external microphone to get the camera back online. While this bypass gave us the ability to get power back to the camera, it also means we will be without sound for the rest of the season.

The chicks were out of the nest box for approximately two hours and as evidenced by their crop size, had been fed shortly before our arrival. The adults remained on site and visible to us for the duration of our time on the ledge and returned to the nest box within minutes following the chicks return. Since that time, we have documented multiple feedings from the adults.