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Richmond Falcon Cam

2023 Falcon Cam Season has Ended

  • June 20th, 2023

Now that the four juveniles have not only fledged but also demonstrated competent flight and landing capabilities, we will be removing the Falcon Cam live stream from the website in the upcoming days. We want to extend a very sincere thanks to all of our viewers who stuck with us this year despite the assortment of camera-related technical difficulties we encountered. We look forward to bringing you the stream again early next spring, possibly through the lens of a new camera!

We are grateful to the property managers who graciously granted us access to their buildings, which gave us a much-needed bird’s-eye view of the downtown Richmond landscape. We also thank our partners at Comcast for their sponsorship and all of our viewers for diligently tuning in throughout the season!

And, if you still haven’t had your fill of the falcons, fear not…you can always make a trip downtown in the coming weeks to see if you can spot the birds yourself!