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Richmond Falcon Cam

Egg Laying has Begun — Will there be a Fifth Egg?

  • March 18th, 2024
An image of the peregrine falcons performing an incubation exchange on the 22nd of March

Falcon pair during an incubation exchange. The clutch of three eggs is visible behind the adult female (right) as she prepares to depart.

First Egg: The first egg of 2024 was laid by the female (95/AK) sometime in the pre-sunrise hours of Monday, 3/18.

Second Egg: The second egg was laid at approximately 9:37 AM on Wednesday, 3/20

Third Egg: The third egg was laid at approximately 4:24 PM on Friday, 3/22

Fourth Egg: The fourth egg was laid at 4:15 AM on Monday, 3/25

Peregrine Falcon clutches average 3-4 eggs in size, but five-egg clutches are laid occasionally. If a fifth egg is to be laid, we can expect to see its arrival sometime between 3/27th and 3/28th. So, be sure to tune in then!

During this time, viewers may notice that the eggs are periodically left uncovered. This behavior is normal for peregrine falcons as incubation often does not begin until the second to last egg is laid. By delaying the start of incubation, the eggs will hatch closer together resulting in the chicks developing at roughly the same pace.

We will continue to update this post in the coming days with additional information as more eggs are laid.