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Richmond Falcon Cam

Hatching is Underway!

  • April 24th, 2024

As evidenced by the presence of eggshells in the nest box, we can confirm that the first chicks have hatched. Pipping (the formation of hatching-related cracks on the eggshell) started on 4/23, with the first chick hatching at approximately 7:34 AM on 4/24. This chick was soon followed by a sibling who emerged from its egg roughly two hours later at 9:37 AM. Newly hatched falcon chicks weigh approximately 30–40 grams (1.25 ounces) and are unable to fully thermoregulate (maintain core body temperature) for the first two weeks of life. This means the parents will continue to spend time on the nest “brooding” the chicks after they hatch.

4/25 update: The third chick hatched at approximately 3:45 AM on 4/25. Since then, the chicks have received multiple feedings and the fourth egg appears to be pipping which indicates we are likely to see a fourth chick within the next 24 hours.

4/26 update: The three hatched chicks continue to receive regular care from both adults. We are continuing to monitor the fourth egg. At this point we would have expected it to have hatched as the eggs in a Peregrine Falcon clutch typically hatch within 48 hours following the first chick’s hatch. However, rare instances of hatching occurring beyond that 48 hour time interval have been documented in the past and as such we will continue to monitor the nest throughout the weekend.

The mother peregrine falcon feeding her two chicks following their hatching

The female feeds the two currently hatched chicks.


The first chick of the season! this little fella was only seen for a few seconds before the female readjusted her position

The first chick to hatch, seen for a few seconds, prior to being re-positioned back under the brooding female.