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Richmond Falcon Cam

“Red” to be Reintroduced to the Nest Box on Wednesday, 5/29

  • May 27th, 2024
An image of Red resting on a towel within the Wildlife center of Virginia

Photo of Red, courtesy of the Wildlife Center of Virginia

We have been monitoring the progress of the chicks following their banding, and are pleased to report that they are all doing well and have received multiple meals during this initial period of adjustment to the pen.

We also have an update on “Red”, the fourth chick who was taken to the Wildlife Center of Virginia. Following the removal of a small (3 mm) mass from his lower left eyelid, he appears to be healing well, and has no sign of corneal ulcers or inflammation. DWR staff plan on returning the bird to the nest box on Wednesday (5/29) assuming the chick continues to progress as expected. At the time of his reintroduction, there will still be a very small suture on the chick’s eyelid, however this will require no removal as it will dissolve over time.

To learn more about our friends at the Wildlife Center of Virginia and the chick’s procedure, click here!