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Richmond Falcon Cam

Two Week Update

  • May 7th, 2024

This week marks two weeks post-hatch for the falcon four in downtown Richmond. As viewers have likely noticed by now, these boisterous little chicks grow up quickly and have already doubled in size relative to when they hatched.

At two weeks old, the chicks are less dependent on the adults for temperature regulation and as such, the parents will spend less time in the nest box brooding their offspring. Pin feathers will begin to emerge at the wing tips and tail and should soon be visible among their fluffy, white down. The chicks are also becoming mobile and will be seen moving about the nest box in between sleeping and meal time. It is very likely that they will venture outside of the nest box and start exploring the surrounding ledge around three weeks of age.

Can you spot the final chick to hatch? Because it hatched a few days after its siblings, it is a little smaller than the others and will also be a day or two behind in feather development. Despite the difference in size, this chick is still receiving regular meals and appears to be developing normally.