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Richmond Falcon Cam

Want to see activity from previous days? Click on the circular clock icon in the bottom navigation bar to select a different day to view. These time lapse videos are updated daily and made up of still images captured by the camera every 15 seconds.

What’s Happening at the Nest?

  • At this point, if a fifth egg was to be laid it would have happened by now which makes 2024 the fifth year in a row that 95/AK has laid a clutch of four eggs! Now that egg laying is complete, we can begin looking forward to the hatching of the chicks, which we estimate will begin sometime between April 24th and 26th.  Until that time, expect to see both male and female on camera nearly continuously as they incubate the eggs.

  • An image of the peregrine falcons performing an incubation exchange on the 22nd of March

    Falcon pair during an incubation exchange. The clutch of three eggs is visible behind the adult female (right) as she prepares to depart.

    First Egg: The first egg of 2024 was laid by the female (95/AK) sometime in the pre-sunrise hours of Monday, 3/18.

    Second Egg: The second egg was laid at approximately 9:37 AM on Wednesday, 3/20

    Third Egg: The third egg was laid at approximately 4:24 PM on Friday, 3/22

    Fourth Egg: The fourth egg was laid at 4:15 AM on Monday, 3/25

    Peregrine Falcon clutches average 3-4 eggs in size, but five-egg clutches are laid occasionally. If a fifth egg is to be laid, we can expect to see its arrival sometime between 3/27th and 3/28th. So, be sure to tune in then!

    During this time, viewers may notice that the eggs are periodically left uncovered. This behavior is normal for peregrine falcons as incubation often does not begin until the second to last egg is laid. By delaying the start of incubation, the eggs will hatch closer together resulting in the chicks developing at roughly the same pace.

    We will continue to update this post in the coming days with additional information as more eggs are laid.

  • An image of two peregrine falcons on their nesting box

    The female falcon sits perched on the ledge of the parapet while the male rests in the nest box. Photo taken on 2/26/24.

    The wait is over—the Richmond Falcon Cam is live for the 2024 season, and due to some technology updates, the stream is sure to be sharper than ever in 2024! The Falcon Cam comes to you thanks to our partners at Comcast Business, who have generously provided the internet connection that powers the camera since 2017.

    As you may recall, the previous camera malfunctioned last year after nearly 10 years of operation. During the off season, we replaced the old equipment with a brand new 4K camera, providing viewers with Ultra-High Definition video as well as infrared technology, which provides a clear look inside the nest box at night. A new microphone was also installed, allowing those tuning in to hear the birds as well as see them.

    We’re also happy to report that we’ve been seeing 95/AK (the resident female) and her mate, 59/BM (the resident male) on an almost daily basis throughout February. This pair is entering their fourth nesting season together, having successfully fledged four chicks at this site on an annual basis since 2021. We’ve been seeing lots of courtship behavior, including head bowing and energetic “ee-chipping” vocalizations from the male. Meanwhile, the female has been spending a lot of time perching near the nest box, a good indication that she is developing eggs! Last year, 95/AK laid her first egg of the season during the overnight hours of March 19. We expect her to follow a similar schedule this year, so we hope to see an egg laid sometime within the third week of March.

    As always, we invite you to follow along with us as we cover the events of what will hopefully be another successful season! And remember, if you want to receive falcon updates directly to your inbox, you can join our subscriber list on out our Falcon Cam homepage. This page also includes links to our FAQs as well as archived posts that outline the events of previous seasons.

The Outdoors Are Better Together
Comcast Business

Internet service to the Falcon Cam provided courtesy of Comcast Business.

The DWR Falcon Cam follows the breeding season of a peregrine falcon pair that nests in downtown Richmond, Virginia. The nest box is located atop the Riverfront Plaza building. If you’re in the area, look up! You may catch a glimpse of the famous birds! We hope each year that the pair will once again choose to nest at this site, so that our camera may provide an educational experience for all to enjoy.

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