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Private Consultants for Pond/Lake Management

Angler Environmental

Ethan Cassee
5367 Telephone Road
Warrenton, VA 20187
(703) 209-1972

Services: Water quality sampling/analysis, algae/weed id & control, fish stocking & management, wildlife & habitat enhancement, fish assessment & diversity, pond design & aeration systems, dredging, storm water inspections, retention & drainage, erosion control.

Aqua Services, Inc.

23360 Highway 431
Guntersville, AL 35976
Phone: 1-888-669-3337

Services: Vegetation control, electro-fishing surveys, liming & fertilizing, water quality analysis, fish stocking, lake & pond design, yearly maintenance.

Aquatic Biological Monitoring Services

T. P. Gunter, Jr.
10237 Sliding Rock Drive
Mechanicsville, VA 23116
Phone: (804) 402-9005

Services: Electrofishing for fish abundance, balance & species. Fish stocking, water quality monitoring & analysis, aquatic weed/algae id, habitat improvement, pond/lake maintenance & aeration/fountain systems.

Blue Ridge Wildlife Management, LLC

Jason Reger – Wildlife & Fisheries Biologist
P.O. Box 21208
Roanoke, VA 24018
Phone: (toll free) 1-855-WILDPRO

Services: Aquatic weed id/removal treatments; fish stocking; pond management plans, consulting & evaluations; install fountains, aeration & water circulating systems; pond maintenance programs; triploid grass carp permitting & stocking; muskrat, otter, beaver removal.

Clarke Aquatic Services

Kevin C. McCurley
1725 Arlington Road, Suite A
Richmond , VA 23230
Cell: (804) 467-4574

Services: A Global Products and Services Company offering Lake management, floating fountains and subsurface aeration, bioaugmentation, fish stocking, sustainable aquatic weed and algae control (“Conserve” TM System), mosquito control products and services, bathymetric surveys, water quality testing, education.

Clean Streams, Rivers and Lakes

Matt Rainoff
3905 Railroad Ave, Ste. LL103
Fairfax, VA 22030
Phone: (571) 436-6327

Services: Proper water fertilization and treatments using non chemical diatom promotor; Water clarification systems, using proprietary ceramic discs with special blends of safe and healthy bacteria that clarify, reduce algae and muck. Inexpensive, safe, easy to manage, natural approaches to water quality management. Water circulation systems. Our solutions increase water clarity, control algae, reduce odor & improve dissolved oxygen. NO chemicals.

Commonwealth Environmental Inc.

1121 W. High Street
South Hill, VA 23970
Phone: (434) 774-6778

Services: Electrofishing surveys, fisheries management, sportfish and grass carp stocking, aquatic weed/algae control, fish feeders, habitat enhancement, pond/lake maintenance, aeration/fountain systems sales and service.

DSC Aquatic Solutions, Inc.
7900 Brompton Street
Springfield, VA 22152
Phone: (703) 451-1823
Cell: (703) 635-8646

Services: Weed identification, aquatic weed/algae control, dredging, bio-dredging, fountain/aeration systems, shoreline & erosion control, dam repair, assessments & engineering, overflow & outfall pipe inspection & repair.

Environmental Systems Services

Mr. Don Hearl
218 N. Main Street
Culpeper, VA 22701
Phone: (540) 825-6660

Services: Fish kill investigations, sediment analysis, macroinvertebrate studies, water quality analysis, grass carp permitting and stocking. Water/stream quality testing & assessment, nutrients management.

EnviroScience, Inc.

Cory Fox
1100 Athens Ave, Ste F
Richmond, VA 23227
Phone: (540) 244-6992

Services: Fishery evaluation and management, nuisance species management, bathymetric surveys, habitat evaluation, pond design, comprehensive water quality sampling and lake diagnostics, qualitative and quantitative analysis of zooplankton, phytoplankton, and ichthyoplankton.

Farm Pond Management Services

Scott Newton, PhD
151 Duncan Store Road Columbia, VA 23038
Phone: (804) 370-9767

Services: Over 50 years of direct pond management experience, including 35 years of aquaculture/fisheries published research studies at 3 Land Grant Universities. Vegetation management by biological methods and approved aquatic herbicide recommendations with directions. Alternative fish stocking techniques for improving fish populations. Recommendations for improving commercial fish production and recreational farm pond uses. Caged fish culture and water quality assessments. Consult rates are on a per project basis starting with an initial pond site inspection and overview discussion. Time-based charges also will apply to development of management plans, follow-up pond visits, written reports, and phone consultations.

Fish and Wildlife Solutions, LLC

Matthew Knupp
2611 Stonewall Jackson Hwy
Bentonville, VA 22610
Phone: (540) 305-6393

Services: Lake and pond management, nuisance vegetation control, fish stocking, predator removal, pond dye treatment, fish survey, and water testing.

John Kauffman LLC

P. O. Box 66
Free Union, VA 22940
Phone: (434) 973-6588
Cell: (434) 953-3634

Services: Water quality monitoring & analysis, aquatic plant ID & lake management, fish population assessment & stocking, fertilization & liming, habitat improvement, grass carp permitting & stocking.


Mr. Chad Smith
7200 Glen Forest Drive, Suite 303
Richmond, VA 23226
Phone: (804) 560-7600

Services: Watershed analysis, wetland & stream assessments, delineations & restoration, lake mapping & bathymetry, lake/pond management, fish population management, aquatic habitat improvements.

Pajic Enterprises, LLC

T/A Pajic Construction
Joe Pajic
14488 McBryant Road
Ruther Glen, VA 22546
Phone: (804) 314-7990

Services: Class A contractor pond/lake services – Hydraulic dredging, construction, renovations, erosion control, dam structure & piping repairs, sediment forebay and siphon system installations.

Pond and Property, LLC

Ms. Michelle Klopfer
P.O. Box 208
Newport, VA 24128
Toll-free phone and fax: 1-888-567-9533

Services: Aquatic weed identification and treatment plans; Fish population assessments; Fish management plans; New pond stocking plans; Water quality analysis. Full-service or do-it-yourself options available.

REI Consultants, Inc.

Mr. Ed Kirk
1254 Dry Hollow Road
Rockbridge Baths, VA. 24473
Phone: (540) 348-3149

Services: Benthic macroinvertebrate studies, fisheries studies, wetland & stream delineations, construtions & restoration, and a full-service analytical laboratory.

Resource Management Solutions VA

Steve Lucas
14893 Louisa Rd
Louisa, VA 23093
Phone: (540) 967-1029

Services: Pond Site Evaluations, Pond Condition/ Recommendation Reports, Pond Management Plans, Pond Renovation/Repair Plans, Pond Designs

Solitude Lake Management

P.0. Box 969
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Phone: 1-888-480-5253

Services: Water quality restoration, algae and nuisance aquatic weed control, fountain and aeration installation and service, fisheries consulting and management, wildlife management, biological augmentation, aquatic planting, lake mapping and bathymetric studies.

VA Waters & Wetlands, Inc.

Dr. Joe Ivers
6799 Kennedy Road, Suite A
Warrenton, VA 20187
Phone: (540) 349-1522

Services: Pond management, pond repairs, pond construction, adult & juvenile fish stocking, pond evaluations, dam inspections, fish kill investigations, geese / mosquito control, beaver control, fountains.


Brian Breissinger
Environmental Scientist
2108 W Laburnum Ave, Ste 200 Richmond, VA 23227
Mobile: (804) 839-2645

Services: Watershed analysis, water quality assessment, nuisance species control, habitat enhancement, fisheries management, pond design, maintenance & management, dam inspection, dredging.

The compilation of this list by the Department of Wildlife Resources does not imply an endorsement of the services of these companies.