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Pond Management: Fish Stocking Tables

Table 5. Evaluation of Pond Balance Using Angler Catch Data

Type of Fish Caught Population Condition Recommendations
Bass and bluegills of all size Balanced fish populations No additional management necessary
Bluegills small (3 to 5 inches); few bass caught, bass average 2 pounds and larger Unbalanced populations with bluegill overcrowded Allow no bass harvest; stock 20-30 adult bass (greater than 12 inches) per acre
Numerous bass less than 1 pound average; few bluegill, bluegill average 1/3 pounds or more Unbalanced populations with bass overcrowded Increase harvest of bass less than 12 inches; stock 200 bluegill 3 to 5 inch per acre
Few adult bluegill; numerous crappie, bullhead, green sunfish, carp, suckers, etc. Unbalanced populations; unwanted species competing with bluegill Rotenone and start over