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Pond Management: Fish Stocking Tables

Table 6. Evaluation of Pond Balance Using Seine Data

Type of Fish Caught Population Condition Recommendations
Small and medium-sized bluegill and young-of-year (YOY) bass Balanced fish populations No additional management necessary
Numerous 3 to 5 inch bluegill and few or no YOY bass Unbalanced populations with bluegill overcrowded Allow no bass harvest; stock 20-30 adult bass (greater than 12 inches) per acre
Few 3 to 5 inch bluegill; many recently hatched bluegill; YOY bass present Balanced, but bass crowded Increase harvest of bass less than 12 inches; stock 200 bluegill three to five inches per acre
No recent bluegill hatch; few medium-sized bluegill; numerous crappie, bullhead, green sunfish, carp, suckers, etc. Unbalanced populations; unwanted species competing with bluegill Rotenone and start over