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Angler of the Month & Year Awards

Simply registering a trophy-size freshwater fish that includes a certified weight (see trophy fish chart) with the Virginia Angler Recognition Program will put you in contention for recognition as an Angler of the Month and Angler of the Year. Anglers who register the largest trophy of each species on the trophy fish chart, by certified weight, each month are recognized as anglers of the year and are given an Angler of the Year pin.

There are no special application procedures for these two awards. All anglers who register trophy fish by certified weight, are automatically placed into contention (provided that your trophy fish award application is received within sixty days after the last day of the month). The list of recipients is updated monthly here on the Web.

(Please note: there is a sixty day lag period between the end of each month to the announcement of the winners due to the amount of time provided to anglers for submission of trophy fish applications).