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Due to exceptionally dry conditions, the Department of Wildlife Resources has implemented a complete ban on any open burning (e.g., campfires, grills) on all DWR properties west of Interstate 95, effective immediately and lasting until further notice.

Fish Citations

To view citations by species and body of water from 2020 to present day. Visit the Go Outdoors Virginia: Angler Recognition Program website. In the bottom left corner under “Trophy Catch Submissions” you can click to “view all” awarded citations.

Blue Catfish

Date of CatchAnglerWaterbodyWeightLength
1/1/2019Christopher WellsPotomac River49 lbs., 12 oz.45 1/2
1/1/2019Christopher WellsPotomac River39 1/2
1/1/2019Christopher WellsPotomac River38 lbs., 2 oz.42 1/2
1/2/2019Eddie BootheJames River31 lbs., 2 oz.38 1/2
1/3/2019Brody ReeseJames River38 lbs.43
1/5/2019Chris HaduckJames River32 lbs., 15 oz.
1/5/2019Robert WilliamsRappahannock River39 lbs.43
1/6/2019Camden SykoraJames River43 lbs.46
1/6/2019Camden SykoraJames River42 lbs.45
1/6/2019Anneli CovertRappahannock River40
1/6/2019Garrett CovertRappahannock River39 1/4
1/6/2019Shawn SykoraJames River32 lbs.42
1/12/2019James BootheJames River26 lbs.38 3/4
1/12/2019James BootheJames River28 lbs.39 1/2
1/12/2019Eddie BootheJames River31 lbs., 2 oz.38 1/2
1/12/2019Bryan MilesNorthwest River38 lbs., 3 oz.
1/12/2019Bryan MilesNorthwest River30 lbs., 14 oz.
1/12/2019Bryan MilesNorthwest River38 lbs., 2 oz.
1/15/2019Kenton BrundigePotomac River38 lbs.43
1/18/2019David HowardPotomac River34 lbs.38 1/2
1/18/2019David HowardPotomac River38 lbs.39
1/18/2019David HowardPotomac River34 lbs.39 1/2
1/18/2019David HowardPotomac River39 1/2
1/18/2019David HowardPotomac River44 lbs.44 1/2
1/18/2019David HowardPotomac River38
1/18/2019David HowardPotomac River42 lbs.42 1/2
1/18/2019David HowardPotomac River42 lbs.42
1/25/2019Joe Burwell, Sr.Smith Mountain Lake31 lbs., 4 oz.39
1/26/2019Albert RouseJames River65 lbs.
1/26/2019Jacob ReeseJames River32 lbs.40
1/31/2019Joe Burwell, Sr.Smith Mountain Lake30 lbs., 8 oz.40
2/3/2019Michael HinrichsJames River46 lbs.
2/5/2019Richard VaughanJames River57 lbs.57
2/7/2019John AndreNorth Landing River39 1/4
2/8/2019Brian WilsonJames River38 lbs.42
2/8/2019Brian WilsonJames River68 lbs.53
2/9/2019Michael MinnickJames River45 lbs.41
2/15/2019John AndreNorth Landing River39 3/4
2/17/2019Kyle ClockNorthwest River35 lbs.
2/18/2019Todd PickettChickahominy Lake35 lbs., 1 oz.42 1/2
2/26/2019Brian SutphinBuggs Island Lake97 lbs.56 3/4
2/28/2019Bryan Miles All Other Waters33 lbs., 8 oz.
3/2/2019Jack MozuchaJames River32 lbs.38
3/2/2019Eddie BootheStaunton River35 lbs.40 1/2
3/3/2019Joshua GriffinJames River33 lbs.
3/3/2019Joshua GriffinJames River31 lbs.
3/3/2019Forrest Byrd HughesJames River56 lbs.
3/3/2019Heath HuntleyJames River64 lbs.
3/8/2019Franklin BrannRappahannock River44 lbs., 6 oz.40 1/2
3/8/2019Robert WilliamsJames River35 lbs., 8 oz.38 1/2
3/9/2019Dalton KarnesJames River75 lbs.48
3/16/2019Stephen Miklandric All Other Waters44 lbs.45
3/16/2019Michael Plumb Sr.James River53 lbs.45
3/16/2019Michael Plumb Sr.James River41 lbs.41
3/17/2019Brooks NoblePotomac River43
3/17/2019Bryan MilesNorthwest River38 lbs., 4 oz.
3/17/2019David RiceJames River52 lbs.
3/18/2019Terry HowardPamunkey River46 lbs.43 1/2
3/28/2019Charles DmytryszynJames River34 lbs.38 1/2
3/28/2019David BalbackJames River44 lbs.41 1/2
3/28/2019Stephen BalbackJames River38 lbs.40 1/2
3/28/2019Russell WilloughbyJames River50 lbs.44
3/30/2019Thomas StewartJames River35 lbs.
3/31/2019Jackson NoiaBlackwater River38
4/1/2019Lee SmithJames River55 lbs., 8 oz.42
4/1/2019Jason ArnoldJames River38 lbs., 13 oz.45
4/4/2019Landon SchroederJames River33 lbs.40
4/5/2019Andrew BagwellJames River34 lbs.40
4/5/2019Andrew BagwellJames River40 lbs.45
4/6/2019Frank BishopLake Gaston85 lbs.54
4/6/2019Kevin DealNorthwest River31 lbs.36
4/7/2019Glenn HogelandJames River48 lbs.44
4/7/2019Brian HogelandJames River32 lbs.38
4/8/2019Craig AudetBuggs Island Lake33 lbs., 8 oz.40
4/8/2019Craig AudetBuggs Island Lake30 lbs., 8 oz.39
4/10/2019James WellsJames River48 lbs.42 1/4
4/10/2019Andrew BagwellJames River52 lbs.45
4/10/2019Andrew BagwellJames River32 lbs.39
4/10/2019Andrew BagwellJames River38 1/2
4/12/2019David HowardPotomac River37 lbs.39 1/4
4/13/2019Benjamin WhiteJames River43 lbs.41
4/13/2019Andrew WhiteJames River40 lbs.44
4/14/2019David GrantJames River35 lbs.40
4/14/2019Christopher BurrisDragon Run38
4/18/2019Paul TheimerJames River58 lbs.44
4/18/2019Kimberly RaglandBuggs Island Lake51 lbs.44 1/2
4/22/2019Kenneth LatimerMill Creek24 lbs., 2 oz.39 1/4
4/22/2019Willie CrowderLake Gaston32 lbs., 14 oz.
4/26/2019Robert Dunn IIILake Gaston34 lbs.38 3/4
4/27/2019James BootheBuggs Island Lake30 lbs.39
4/27/2019Charles Minor, IIIChickahominy Lake50 lbs., 15 oz.48
4/27/2019Russell KennedyBuggs Island Lake106 lbs., 8 oz.60 1/4
4/27/2019Russell KennedyBuggs Island Lake106 lbs., 8 oz.60 1/4
4/28/2019James BootheBuggs Island Lake75 lbs.54 1/2
4/30/2019Lisa GloverLake Gaston59 lbs., 3 oz.44 1/2
5/2/2019Willie CrowderLake Gaston31 lbs., 8 oz.
5/2/2019Kevin AdcockJames River43
5/4/2019James KyteJames River43
5/4/2019James Hunter KingRappahannock River31 lbs., 12 oz.37 1/2
5/9/2019Billy ClevingerBuggs Island Lake33 lbs.40 1/2
5/11/2019Brian GloverBuggs Island Lake81 lbs., 8 oz.48
5/15/2019Billy ClevingerBuggs Island Lake55 lbs.44 1/2
5/22/2019Paul HillStaunton River40 lbs., 10 oz.44 1/4
6/2/2019Penny HumphriesAppomattox River42 1/4
6/6/2019Brooks NoblePotomac River42
6/7/2019James Sauer All Other Waters46 lbs., 2 oz.47 1/2
6/7/2019James Sauer All Other Waters46 lbs.47 1/2
6/13/2019Jason PollickJames River55 lbs.42
6/13/2019Earl Crayton, IIIJames River60 lbs.45
6/15/2019Kerry KcragetBuggs Island Lake49
6/21/2019Mark BurroughsRappahannock River42 1/2
6/25/2019David HowardJames River30 lbs.39
6/25/2019David HowardJames River53 lbs.46
6/29/2019Lindy Roles, IIIAquia Creek52 lbs., 8 oz.45
7/1/2019Christopher GoldmanJames River40 lbs.42
7/1/2019Christopher GoldmanJames River40 lbs.42
7/2/2019Joe BenedettiDiascund Reservoir50 lbs.48
7/5/2019Penny HumphriesAppomattox River46
7/6/2019Jimmy SullivanPotomac River5 lbs., 8 oz.41
7/6/2019Danny Braddy, Jr.Chickahominy Lake38 1/2
7/7/2019Michael MierzwikNorthwest River31 lbs.
7/9/2019David HowardPotomac River46 lbs.43
7/9/2019David HowardPotomac River38 lbs.40
7/10/2019David HowardPotomac River38
7/12/2019Jack AndrewsAppomattox River56 lbs.45 3/4
7/13/2019Michael MingeeChickahominy Lake32 lbs., 7 oz.44 1/4
7/13/2019William HeathJames River37 lbs., 11 oz.42 1/2
7/14/2019Kerry KcragetBuggs Island Lake41
7/17/2019Howard GrayRappahannock River32 lbs., 13 oz.41
7/18/2019William CharlesChickahominy Lake50 lbs.33
7/19/2019Jimmy SullivanPotomac River39 1/2
7/20/2019Stephen HawkinsSwift Creek Reservoir39 lbs., 4 oz.
7/21/2019Vance WadeBuggs Island Lake30 lbs., 5 oz.42 1/2
7/21/2019Mercedes CarrascoBuggs Island Lake67 lbs., 3 oz.53 1/2
7/23/2019Wynton DavisNottoway River35 lbs., 8 oz.42
7/25/2019Zeke O'QuinnPotomac River48 lbs.46 3/4
7/25/2019Zeke O'QuinnPotomac River50 lbs.48 1/4
8/2/2019Brittney CarawanBlackwater River39 lbs.38
8/2/2019Johnny BrownJames River55 lbs.
8/8/2019Meghan LunsfordJames River39
8/10/2019Joseph MorganPotomac River46 lbs.46 3/4
8/10/2019Tony ChildressPamunkey River30 lbs., 2 oz.39 1/4
8/11/2019Kimberly AhearnJames River30 lbs.38
8/12/2019Thomas WeeksNorthwest River30 lbs., 4 oz.39
8/15/2019Hunter Reed SmithJames River76 lbs., 4 oz.44 1/2
8/18/2019Charles HallPamunkey River34 lbs., 10 oz.40
8/18/2019Eddie BootheBuggs Island Lake23 lbs.38 1/2
8/18/2019James BootheBuggs Island Lake44 lbs.43
8/20/2019Kevin AdcockJames River38 lbs.43 3/4
8/31/2019Julian Blanton, IIIMattaponi River68 lbs.48
9/2/2019Joshua CoffeyJames River40 lbs.39 1/2
9/2/2019Ryon Wilder Jr.Buggs Island Lake34 lbs.
9/7/2019Brandon ViarsDan River55 lbs.50
9/14/2019Bruce KenimerJames River47 lbs.45
9/15/2019John Glenn TrestJames River51 lbs., 7 oz.45 3/4
9/15/2019John Glenn TrestJames River30 lbs.40
9/20/2019David Lee SmithBuggs Island Lake34 lbs.
9/22/2019Lamont HayesJames River46 lbs.44
9/28/2019Tucker FoxLake Manassas33 lbs.38 1/4
10/5/2019Jeffrey Scott MorrisJames River86 lbs., 9 oz.54
10/6/2019Jackson DavisJames River38 lbs.40
10/15/2019John AndreNorth Landing River41
10/15/2019Michael MinnickJames River35 lbs., 04 oz.41
10/15/2019Deanna GrayChickahominy Lake36 lbs.37
10/16/2019Iriving DovePotomac River40 lbs., 3 oz.41
10/24/2019John AndreNorth Landing River38 1/2
10/24/2019William Maust, Sr.James River52 lbs.48
10/24/2019William Maust, Sr.James River49 lbs., 8 oz.46
10/25/2019Tony BillerOccoquan Creek27 lbs.38 1/4
10/25/2019William CharlesChickahominy Lake46 lbs., 4 oz.38 1/2
10/25/2019William SmithJames River31 lbs.39 1/2
10/25/2019William SmithJames River61 lbs.48
10/26/2019David LawsonRappahannock River40
10/26/2019Wesley Alexander BaileyNorthwest River31 lbs., 8 oz.38 1/2
10/26/2019Stephanie HaskinsJames River35 lbs.40
10/26/2019Thomas McCoyJames River38 lbs.43
10/26/2019Thomas Coley, JrJames River33 lbs., 08 oz.40
10/27/2019William SmithJames River30 lbs.38 1/2
10/29/2019David HowardPotomac River38 lbs.41 1/2
10/29/2019David HowardPotomac River38
10/29/2019David HowardPotomac River32 lbs.39
10/29/2019David HowardPotomac River36 lbs.40
11/2/2019Christopher WellsPotomac River38 lbs., 8 oz.40
11/2/2019Christopher WellsPotomac River51 lbs., 4 oz.43
11/2/2019Mark SmithPotomac River39 lbs., 4 oz.41
11/3/2019Mark NelsonJames River79 lbs.45
11/9/2019James Dennison, Jr.Appomattox River36 lbs.38 1/4
11/11/2019Megan FuscoJames River58 lbs., 10 oz.
11/14/2019Caitlin RowanJames River52 lbs.44
11/14/2019Ryan SmeltzerJames River31 lbs.41
11/19/2019Mel Jellison Jr.Potomac River57 lbs., 03 oz.48
11/19/2019Mel Jellison Jr.Potomac River53 lbs., 10 oz.44 1/4
11/19/2019Mel Jellison Jr.Potomac River50 lbs.44
11/19/2019Mel Jellison Jr.Potomac River43 lbs., 06 oz.42 1/2
11/19/2019Mel Jellison Jr.Potomac River40 lbs., 10 oz.41 1/4
11/19/2019Mel Jellison Jr.Potomac River38 lbs., 08 oz.40 3/4
11/22/2019Bret LewisJames River42 lbs.41 1/2
11/26/2019Mark KarnesJames River54 lbs.46
11/28/2019Gregory ArmisteadPiankatank River42 lbs., 12 oz.42
11/30/2019Camden Andrew HubbardJames River46 lbs.41
12/12/2019James Pearson, Jr.James River48 lbs.45
12/13/2019Jayson Andrew HubbardJames River58 lbs.45 1/4
12/14/2019Stephen MiklandricJames River43 lbs., 6 oz.44
12/14/2019Stephen MiklandricJames River48 lbs., 7 oz.45
12/14/2019Stephen MiklandricJames River39 lbs., 12 oz.40
12/15/2019Axel Martin SaavedraJames River33 lbs.39
12/15/2019Stephen MiklandricJames River49 lbs., 8 oz.46 1/2
12/15/2019Stephen MiklandricJames River61 lbs., 8 oz.48
12/17/2019Jayson Andrew HubbardJames River64 lbs., 13 oz.47
12/17/2019Jayson Andrew HubbardJames River52 lbs., 13 oz.43
12/21/2019Stephen MiklandricJames River47 lbs., 12 oz.45
12/21/2019Stephen MiklandricJames River79 lbs., 8 oz.50
12/22/2019Erich J. P. FaberJames River36 lbs., 8 oz.42 1/4
12/22/2019Peter FaberJames River62 lbs., 4 oz.49 3/4
12/22/2019Camden Andrew HubbardJames River41 lbs., 8 oz.41 1/2
12/26/2019Bret VaughanNottoway River40 lbs., 13 oz.43 1/4
12/27/2019Camden Andrew HubbardJames River57 lbs., 6 oz.46 1/2
12/28/2019Jarrod SowellJames River38 lbs., 9 oz.37
12/31/2019Amos Lee DrakeJames River56 lbs.52

Years Available

Note: posting of data for the current year is delayed by 3 months.