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Due to exceptionally dry conditions, the Department of Wildlife Resources has implemented a complete ban on any open burning (e.g., campfires, grills) on all DWR properties west of Interstate 95, effective immediately and lasting until further notice.

Fish Citations

To view citations by species and body of water from 2020 to present day. Visit the Go Outdoors Virginia: Angler Recognition Program website. In the bottom left corner under “Trophy Catch Submissions” you can click to “view all” awarded citations.

Brook Trout

Date of CatchAnglerWaterbodyWeightLength
1/8/2012Steven Harris All Other Waters2 lbs.16 1/2
1/8/2012Steven Harris All Other Waters3 lbs.19
1/10/2012Chad TownsendNorth River17
1/10/2012Steven HarrisNorth River2 lbs., 7 oz.17
1/10/2012Robert ClarkNorth River16 1/2
1/10/2012Robert ClarkNorth River16
1/10/2012Robert ClarkNorth River16 3/4
1/10/2012Robert ClarkNorth River17
1/10/2012Robert ClarkNorth River19
1/11/2012Michael StricklerNorth River3 lbs., 4 oz.17 1/2
1/12/2012Steven HarrisNorth River3 lbs., 8 oz.18 1/2
1/16/2012Jared WardCripple Creek16 1/4
1/16/2012Jared WardCripple Creek16
1/16/2012Stephen MiklandricCripple Creek16
1/21/2012Christopher HuffmanClifton Forge Reservoir2 lbs., 8 oz.18 1/4
1/24/2012Danny KlineElkhorn Lake2 lbs., 14 oz.18 3/4
1/24/2012Lewis RiddlebargerClifton Forge Reservoir2 lbs., 6 oz.17
1/26/2012Justin Pettit All Other Waters3 lbs.18 1/2
1/26/2012Eric ArmstrongBullpasture River16 1/4
1/28/2012Barry BattenBullpasture River2 lbs., 10 oz.20 1/2
2/2/2012David MarsicoRoanoke River16
2/3/2012Archie CaplingerShenandoah River3 lbs.18
2/3/2012Travis DoveShenandoah River3 lbs., 3 oz.18
2/3/2012Matthew RiceNorth Fork Shenandoah River2 lbs., 9 oz.17 3/4
2/4/2012Tim MoyerShenandoah River2 lbs., 8 oz.17
2/4/2012David Strickler All Other Waters4 lbs., 7 oz.19 3/4
2/4/2012Jeffrey Strickler All Other Waters3 lbs., 2 oz.18 1/2
2/4/2012Christopher WellsCripple Creek3 lbs.17 1/2
2/4/2012Christopher WellsCripple Creek16 1/4
2/4/2012Travis DoveShenandoah River3 lbs., 3 oz.18
2/4/2012Brandon LangShenandoah River3 lbs., 10 oz.20
2/4/2012Joseph Sisson All Other Waters3 lbs., 8 oz.19
2/6/2012Travis DoveShenandoah River2 lbs., 8 oz.18
2/6/2012Travis DoveShenandoah River2 lbs., 11 oz.18
2/7/2012Dwayne HensleyNorth Fork Shenandoah River3 lbs., 1 oz.18 3/4
2/7/2012Troy SiboldSouth River3 lbs., 5 oz.18 1/2
2/7/2012James Reid Jr.South River3 lbs., 8 oz.12 1/4
2/9/2012Hunter ShipeNorth Fork Shenandoah River3 lbs., 7 oz.19
2/10/2012Alan WrightJackson River3 lbs., 13 oz.19 1/2
2/11/2012Alvin GillespieRoanoke River17
2/11/2012Tyler HuffmanBullpasture River2 lbs., 10 oz.17 1/2
2/11/2012Cody GreenwoodSkidmore Lake18
2/17/2012Danny Kendall, Sr.Barbours Creek2 lbs., 15 oz.
2/21/2012David Gibson All Other Waters2 lbs., 4 oz.17 1/2
2/23/2012Hunter Lambert All Other Waters2 lbs., 8 oz.16 1/2
2/24/2012Justin Showalter All Other Waters2 lbs.16 3/4
2/26/2012Cecil Miller, Jr. All Other Waters3 lbs., 2 oz.19 1/2
2/27/2012Christopher WadeMill Creek4 lbs., 2 oz.20 1/2
2/28/2012Robert Ritchie All Other Waters2 lbs., 9 oz.18 1/4
2/28/2012Justin PruittSmith River2 lbs., 4 oz.17
2/28/2012Justin PruittSmith River2 lbs., 7 oz.18
2/28/2012Dewey MarshallCowpasture River3 lbs., 4 oz.18
3/3/2012Vince Cooper IICripple Creek2 lbs., 13 oz.18 1/2
3/4/2012Roland Beery All Other Waters4 lbs.20 1/2
3/4/2012Brian Layman All Other Waters4 lbs., 2 oz.21 1/2
3/4/2012Brandon Layman All Other Waters3 lbs., 3 oz.18 1/4
3/6/2012Wesley Runion All Other Waters2 lbs., 4 oz.17 1/4
3/6/2012Ronald Baker All Other Waters3 lbs., 8 oz.19 1/2
3/6/2012Ronald Baker All Other Waters2 lbs., 8 oz.16 1/4
3/7/2012Terry Hines All Other Waters2 lbs., 14 oz.18 1/2
3/10/2012William MatthewsSmith River2 lbs., 2 oz.17
3/10/2012Roger Johnson All Other Waters2 lbs., 4 oz.16 1/4
3/11/2012William MatthewsSmith River2 lbs., 12 oz.18
3/12/2012Dustin Goff All Other Waters2 lbs., 6 oz.
3/12/2012James BroughmanNorth Creek2 lbs., 6 oz.15 1/2
3/12/2012Martin Miller, Jr. All Other Waters2 lbs., 5 oz.19
3/13/2012Martin Miller, Jr. All Other Waters3 lbs., 8 oz.20
3/14/2012Vince Cooper IISouth River2 lbs., 5 oz.18
3/14/2012Jeffrey WrightSmith River16
3/14/2012Lois PerdueSmith River2 lbs.17
3/14/2012Kenneth SowderRunnett Bag Creek2 lbs., 1 oz.17
3/15/2012Anthony LinkousSmith River2 lbs., 12 oz.18
3/15/2012Martin Miller, Jr. All Other Waters2 lbs., 10 oz.18 1/4
3/15/2012Vincent GalanteSmith River16 1/2
3/15/2012Vincent GalanteSmith River2 lbs.16 1/2
3/16/2012Gregory FloydNorth River3 lbs., 4 oz.18
3/17/2012Lois PerdueSmith River2 lbs., 8 oz.18
3/17/2012Stevie Knight, Sr. All Other Waters3 lbs., 4 oz.19
3/17/2012William MatthewsSmith River16
3/18/2012Russell SmithMaury River2 lbs., 9 oz.
3/18/2012Victor Ray, Jr.Smith River2 lbs., 12 oz.18 1/2
3/18/2012Silas MillerCraig Creek2 lbs., 5 oz.17 1/2
3/18/2012Marvin Dove All Other Waters2 lbs., 12 oz.18
3/18/2012Dean MarshallSmith River18
3/21/2012Emory EvansJennings Creek2 lbs., 1 oz.16 1/4
3/21/2012Emory EvansJennings Creek16 1/2
3/22/2012Kenneth HardeeSmith River2 lbs., 13 oz.19
3/23/2012Bruce MillsNorth Fork Shenandoah River2 lbs., 6 oz.18
3/24/2012Brian DavisJennings Creek17
3/26/2012Wesley RunionNorth River2 lbs., 7 oz.16 1/4
3/28/2012Kenneth HardeeSmith River2 lbs., 8 oz.18
3/30/2012Kevin Hocutt All Other Waters2 lbs., 14 oz.18
4/2/2012William CunninghamSmith River16 1/4
4/4/2012Jeffrey HundleySmith River17 1/4
4/4/2012Jeffrey HundleySmith River18 1/2
4/5/2012Jacob Purtlebaugh All Other Waters2 lbs., 8 oz.17
4/5/2012Jason Coffman All Other Waters2 lbs., 1 oz.17
4/7/2012Barry StatonJennings Creek3 lbs., 12 oz.19 1/2
4/7/2012Justin BeardJennings Creek16 3/4
4/7/2012Jordan CaldwellJennings Creek2 lbs., 3 oz.17 1/4
4/7/2012Dennis WilliamsJennings Creek17
4/7/2012Briana CundiffJennings Creek3 lbs., 6 oz.
4/7/2012Ralph Manspile, Jr.Jennings Creek17 1/2
4/7/2012Emory EvansJennings Creek2 lbs., 5 oz.
4/8/2012Larry GoffJennings Creek2 lbs., 13 oz.17 1/2
4/8/2012Patrick Funkhouser All Other Waters2 lbs., 12 oz.18 1/4
4/9/2012Andrew Gwinn, Jr.Wilkins Lake17 1/2
4/9/2012Jacob Hall, Jr. All Other Waters18
4/10/2012Ryan McDonaldNorth Fork Shenandoah River3 lbs., 14 oz.20
4/12/2012Carl WymerNorth Creek2 lbs., 6 oz.17 1/2
4/12/2012Jonathan Lightner All Other Waters16 1/4
4/12/2012Zachary EarlyNorth Creek2 lbs., 3 oz.
4/12/2012Zachary EarlyNorth Creek2 lbs., 4 oz.
4/12/2012James BroughmanNorth Creek2 lbs., 9 oz.17
4/12/2012Dustin Goff All Other Waters3 lbs., 6 oz.21
4/13/2012Andrew Gwinn, Jr.Wilkins Lake18 1/4
4/13/2012Dennis Roach All Other Waters2 lbs., 9 oz.19
4/13/2012Dennis Roach All Other Waters2 lbs., 14 oz.18 1/2
4/13/2012Hunter ShepardDouthat Lake3 lbs., 11 oz.20
4/14/2012Trevor RubleMaury River16
4/14/2012William Hodges, Jr. All Other Waters2 lbs., 11 oz.18 1/2
4/20/2012Vincent GalanteSmith River2 lbs., 1 oz.18
4/20/2012Vincent GalanteSmith River2 lbs., 9 oz.18 1/2
4/20/2012William MatthewsSmith River2 lbs., 6 oz.17
4/21/2012Jessica HiseElkhorn Lake2 lbs., 1 oz.16
4/21/2012Colton HiseElkhorn Lake2 lbs., 7 oz.17
4/21/2012Michael HiseElkhorn Lake2 lbs., 6 oz.16
4/23/2012John Wright, Sr.Smith River16
4/24/2012Larry SmithJennings Creek2 lbs., 9 oz.17
4/24/2012Chayton BancroftSmith River2 lbs., 1 oz.16 1/4
4/24/2012Emily WilliamsonJennings Creek17
4/24/2012William Wood Jr.Jennings Creek3 lbs., 8 oz.18 1/2
4/25/2012Kenneth SowderSmith River2 lbs., 2 oz.17 1/4
4/26/2012Brian MartinSmith River2 lbs., 15 oz.17 1/2
4/27/2012Frank CampbellDouthat Lake3 lbs., 1 oz.19 1/2
4/28/2012Jacob Mulvin All Other Waters2 lbs.16
4/28/2012Christian Compton All Other Waters2 lbs., 5 oz.17
4/29/2012Melvin Manning, Jr.Smith River16
4/30/2012Diana CraigPrivate Pond2 lbs., 4 oz.16 1/4
5/1/2012Emory EvansNorth Creek2 lbs., 5 oz.17
5/2/2012John Hoke All Other Waters2 lbs., 9 oz.17
5/2/2012Wesley Runion All Other Waters2 lbs., 9 oz.18 1/4
5/3/2012Hubert Michael, Jr. All Other Waters4 lbs., 2 oz.21
5/3/2012Timothy WinesRoanoke River5 lbs., 5 oz.21 1/2
5/4/2012Thomas ShapcottMill Creek3 lbs.19
5/4/2012Kenneth HardeeSmith River2 lbs., 8 oz.18
5/4/2012Brooks ChristopherSmith River2 lbs., 7 oz.16 1/4
5/5/2012Joseph GreearBig Wilson Creek16 3/4
5/5/2012Matthew HarrisBig Wilson Creek16 1/2
5/5/2012Kenley MeredithBig Wilson Creek3 lbs.18 1/2
5/5/2012David MeadowsSmith River16 1/2
5/5/2012Wrangler GrahamBig Wilson Creek16
5/5/2012Kenneth HardeeSmith River2 lbs., 6 oz.17
5/5/2012Kenneth HardeeSmith River2 lbs., 6 oz.
5/5/2012Melvin Manning, Jr.Smith River2 lbs., 4 oz.17 1/2
5/5/2012Jacob PhippsBig Wilson Creek2 lbs.16 1/4
5/5/2012Leah Wood All Other Waters16 1/2
5/5/2012William CunninghamSmith River2 lbs., 7 oz.17 1/2
5/5/2012Alex TomlinsonBig Wilson Creek17
5/5/2012William CunninghamSmith River2 lbs., 6 oz.
5/5/2012Jack MeredithBig Wilson Creek17 1/4
5/7/2012Kenneth HardeeSmith River2 lbs., 1 oz.18
5/8/2012Neil KesterBack Creek2 lbs., 8 oz.17 1/2
5/10/2012Patrick HerndonCraig Creek18
5/10/2012Bobby JanneyCraig Creek2 lbs., 15 oz.18 1/4
5/10/2012John OenCraig Creek2 lbs., 5 oz.17 1/2
5/10/2012Eric MorrisBack Creek16 1/2
5/10/2012Philip BrennanJennings Creek2 lbs., 1 oz.
5/10/2012William MatthewsSmith River2 lbs., 8 oz.17
5/12/2012Jacob BradfordBarbours Creek2 lbs., 11 oz.17 1/2
5/12/2012Brayden FrangoBarbours Creek3 lbs., 8 oz.
5/12/2012Will HamiltonBarbours Creek17 1/2
5/12/2012Brannon SpickardBarbours Creek16
5/12/2012Isaac MeadowsBarbours Creek17
5/12/2012Mason GreenwayBarbours Creek2 lbs., 3 oz.18 1/2
5/12/2012Casey HutchinsonBarbours Creek2 lbs., 4 oz.18
5/12/2012Matthew NelsonBarbours Creek2 lbs., 12 oz.18 1/4
5/12/2012Brandon FisherBarbours Creek2 lbs., 2 oz.17 1/2
5/12/2012Halie WolfeBarbours Creek3 lbs., 12 oz.21
5/12/2012Hannah ClarkBarbours Creek16 1/2
5/12/2012Jayden FrangoBarbours Creek3 lbs., 3 oz.18
5/12/2012Noah NicholsBarbours Creek17 1/4
5/12/2012Anna Looney All Other Waters2 lbs.16
5/12/2012Lucas TaylorBarbours Creek16
5/12/2012Madison DunbarBarbours Creek2 lbs., 1 oz.16 1/2
5/12/2012Andrew WolfeBarbours Creek2 lbs., 10 oz.18 1/2
5/12/2012Dylan RichardsonBarbours Creek2 lbs., 8 oz.19
5/12/2012Michael DuddingBarbours Creek2 lbs., 6 oz.18 1/2
5/12/2012Hunter SmithBarbours Creek3 lbs., 12 oz.19
5/12/2012Brook WrightBarbours Creek2 lbs.16 1/2
5/12/2012Christian SimmonsBarbours Creek17 1/2
5/12/2012Johnny HutchinsonBarbours Creek16
5/12/2012Colton WilhelmBarbours Creek18 1/2
5/12/2012Amber BradleyBarbours Creek2 lbs., 10 oz.18 1/2
5/12/2012Matthew LucasBarbours Creek2 lbs.17 1/2
5/12/2012Jacob WolfeBarbours Creek2 lbs., 1 oz.17
5/12/2012Justin HallBarbours Creek2 lbs., 2 oz.
5/12/2012Kenneth SwainBarbours Creek2 lbs., 11 oz.
5/13/2012Chen-Chi Shing All Other Waters16
5/14/2012James SheltonSmith River16 3/4
5/14/2012Philip BrennanJennings Creek3 lbs., 5 oz.18
5/15/2012Philip BrennanJennings Creek4 lbs., 2 oz.20
5/15/2012James GibsonSouth River17 1/2
5/15/2012Aaron BrennanJennings Creek2 lbs., 5 oz.
5/16/2012Allen VandergriftTinker Creek2 lbs., 3 oz.18 1/2
5/16/2012Bobby Bowman Jr.Tinker Creek2 lbs., 7 oz.18
5/18/2012William Rose Jr.Smith River2 lbs., 14 oz.17 1/2
5/19/2012Michael HammerCrooked Creek3 lbs., 3 oz.19 1/2
5/19/2012Jerry ClarkSmith River2 lbs., 2 oz.18
5/19/2012Ralph Manspile, Jr.Tinker Creek17
5/20/2012Trena HammerCrooked Creek3 lbs., 4 oz.20
5/20/2012David DunnTinker Creek2 lbs., 4 oz.16 1/4
5/22/2012Emory EvansJennings Creek2 lbs., 6 oz.17
5/22/2012Emory EvansJennings Creek3 lbs., 6 oz.19
5/22/2012James BroughmanJennings Creek2 lbs.16
5/22/2012Matthew KellyJennings Creek4 lbs., 4 oz.19
5/23/2012Gloria Wood All Other Waters2 lbs., 15 oz.17 1/2
5/23/2012Dennis WilliamsJennings Creek17
5/23/2012Emory EvansJennings Creek2 lbs., 13 oz.17 1/4
5/23/2012Fritz WeissSmith River2 lbs., 9 oz.17 1/2
5/24/2012Tyler Huffman All Other Waters2 lbs., 6 oz.16 1/2
5/24/2012Tyler Huffman All Other Waters3 lbs., 4 oz.18 1/4
5/25/2012Bryce NicelyBarbours Creek19 3/4
5/25/2012Riley WoodDouthat Lake2 lbs., 5 oz.18
5/25/2012Jackie KandillStoney Creek2 lbs., 9 oz.18 1/2
5/25/2012Robert Delano Sr.Douthat Lake3 lbs., 10 oz.19
5/25/2012Jack WrightBig Wilson Creek16
5/25/2012Jack WrightBig Wilson Creek17
5/25/2012Christopher Huffman All Other Waters3 lbs., 8 oz.19
5/26/2012Kenneth HardeeSmith River2 lbs., 1 oz.15
5/28/2012Carter HellerPrivate Pond3 lbs.17 1/2
5/31/2012Dennis WoodelCripple Creek3 lbs., 10 oz.20 1/2
6/1/2012George Shaver, Jr.Passage Creek17
6/1/2012Devin HodgesSmith River2 lbs., 5 oz.17
6/2/2012Hunter HowardDouthat Lake2 lbs., 12 oz.19
6/2/2012William Hodges, Jr. All Other Waters16 1/2
6/3/2012Roger SimmonsTinker Creek16 1/4
6/3/2012Roger SimmonsTinker Creek17
6/3/2012Roger SimmonsTinker Creek19
6/3/2012James Hudgins, Jr.Douthat Lake16 1/4
6/4/2012Joe BassCrooked Creek2 lbs., 6 oz.18
6/7/2012David DunnTinker Creek2 lbs., 10 oz.17 1/2
6/7/2012David DunnTinker Creek3 lbs., 3 oz.19
6/10/2012Melvin Manning, Jr.Smith River2 lbs., 1 oz.18
6/10/2012Larry Nester Jr.Smith River16 1/2
6/12/2012Barry KidwellDouthat Lake2 lbs., 8 oz.17 1/2
6/12/2012Lester Alfred, Jr.Douthat Lake2 lbs., 13 oz.19
6/18/2012Darlene SimmonsPrivate Pond5 lbs., 9 oz.
6/20/2012Jeremy QuesinberryCrooked Creek16
6/27/2012Steven PotterCripple Creek16 1/2
6/28/2012Larry Nester Jr.Smith River17
7/2/2012Dustin RobinsonCrooked Creek2 lbs., 15 oz.16 1/2
7/4/2012Christopher HarbourSmith River3 lbs., 2 oz.20
7/29/2012Melvin Manning, Jr.Smith River16 1/4
8/12/2012Will HelmickPrivate Pond2 lbs., 12 oz.16 1/2
8/31/2012Gladys Absher All Other Waters17
10/11/2012James ArmentroutJackson River17 1/2
10/11/2012James ArmentroutJackson River16 1/4
10/12/2012James ArmentroutJackson River17 3/4
10/13/2012Richard Thrasher, Jr. All Other Waters17
10/14/2012Victor Ray, Jr.Smith River2 lbs., 8 oz.18
10/17/2012Thomas WoodsJackson River2 lbs., 10 oz.16 1/2
10/22/2012Ricky AppersonJackson River18 3/4
10/24/2012Emory EvansJennings Creek3 lbs., 13 oz.19
10/24/2012Dustin GoffJennings Creek3 lbs., 12 oz.18 1/2
10/24/2012Dustin GoffJennings Creek3 lbs., 2 oz.19
10/24/2012Dustin GoffJennings Creek2 lbs., 14 oz.17
10/25/2012James BroughmanJennings Creek3 lbs., 12 oz.19 1/2
10/25/2012Dustin GoffJennings Creek3 lbs., 1 oz.19
11/2/2012Kenneth HardeeSmith River2 lbs., 1 oz.17
11/2/2012Billy MizeSmith River2 lbs., 8 oz.17
11/3/2012Kenneth HardeeSmith River2 lbs., 10 oz.19
11/9/2012Kenneth HardeeSmith River2 lbs., 7 oz.18
11/9/2012Kenneth HardeeSmith River2 lbs., 10 oz.19
11/9/2012Kenneth HardeeSmith River2 lbs., 9 oz.18
11/14/2012Sam NobleCraig Creek17 1/2
11/15/2012James BroughmanNorth Creek3 lbs., 9 oz.20
11/15/2012James BroughmanNorth Creek3 lbs., 1 oz.19
11/15/2012James BroughmanNorth Creek3 lbs., 4 oz.20
11/16/2012Okie CahillCraig Creek3 lbs., 4 oz.
11/16/2012James Carver, Jr.Glade Creek3 lbs., 6 oz.19
11/17/2012Andrew AgeeTinker Creek3 lbs., 11 oz.19 1/2
11/17/2012Scottie MyersTinker Creek18
11/17/2012Joe Burwell, Sr.Tinker Creek2 lbs.17 1/4
11/17/2012Jacob HodgesGlade Creek3 lbs., 2 oz.19
11/18/2012Gilbert CaseyTinker Creek2 lbs.17
11/20/2012Gilbert CaseyTinker Creek2 lbs., 4 oz.18
11/20/2012Joe Burwell, Sr.Tinker Creek2 lbs.17
11/25/2012Joe Burwell, Sr.Roanoke River2 lbs.17 1/2
11/26/2012Ernest Schirmer Jr.Cripple Creek16
11/27/2012James Hudgins, Jr.Pandapas Pond2 lbs., 5 oz.16
11/28/2012Chen-Chi ShingPandapas Pond17 1/2
11/30/2012James Hudgins, Jr.Pandapas Pond2 lbs., 10 oz.18
12/6/2012Mack BelcherGoose Creek2 lbs., 10 oz.19
12/12/2012Phillip Arrington All Other Waters2 lbs., 9 oz.18
12/13/2012Okie Cahill All Other Waters3 lbs., 2 oz.18 1/2
12/18/2012Emory EvansJennings Creek2 lbs., 14 oz.19
12/20/2012Scottie MyersJennings Creek18
12/23/2012Brandon WardJackson River16 1/2

Years Available

Note: posting of data for the current year is delayed by 3 months.