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Due to exceptionally dry conditions, the Department of Wildlife Resources has implemented a complete ban on any open burning (e.g., campfires, grills) on all DWR properties west of Interstate 95, effective immediately and lasting until further notice.

Fish Citations

To view citations by species and body of water from 2020 to present day. Visit the Go Outdoors Virginia: Angler Recognition Program website. In the bottom left corner under “Trophy Catch Submissions” you can click to “view all” awarded citations.

Brown Trout

Date of CatchAnglerWaterbodyWeightLength
1/5/2015Justin Burke All Other Waters5 lbs., 3 oz.23
1/18/2015Jeremy Peters All Other Waters7 lbs., 10 oz.25
3/4/2015Chadin Miller All Other Waters6 lbs., 8 oz.23 1/2
3/4/2015S. Frank Showalter All Other Waters6 lbs., 8 oz.24 1/2
3/11/2015Jarrad HensleySouth River5 lbs., 6 oz.21 1/2
3/12/2015Matthew LittenMill Creek26
3/13/2015Kenley LohrStoney Creek6 lbs.21
3/13/2015Steven HarrisSouth River6 lbs., 6 oz.23 3/4
3/13/2015Roy KandillSouth River5 lbs., 4 oz.22 1/2
3/14/2015Charles GrantBullpasture River10 lbs., 5 oz.26 1/2
3/15/2015Preston DanielBullpasture River11 lbs., 3 oz.28 3/4
3/16/2015Daniel BarnettBullpasture River6 lbs., 15 oz.23
3/17/2015R. Wayne Collins, Sr. All Other Waters7 lbs., 13 oz.26 1/2
3/18/2015Bruce RitchiePassage Creek6 lbs., 4 oz.22 1/2
3/19/2015Steven HarrisSouth River6 lbs., 12 oz.20
3/21/2015Cecil MaupinJackson River26 1/4
3/21/2015Raegan Nicely All Other Waters5 lbs., 9 oz.23 1/2
3/22/2015Donald HarmanCowpasture River6 lbs., 2 oz.22
3/23/2015Jackie KandillStoney Creek8 lbs., 10 oz.25
3/23/2015Joseph AustinCowpasture River9 lbs., 3 oz.25
3/24/2015Henry KeisterMill Creek7 lbs.23 1/2
3/25/2015Julian Worley Jr.Jennings Creek8 lbs., 2 oz.24
3/26/2015James Dolly, Jr. All Other Waters6 lbs., 8 oz.
3/26/2015Randy Carter All Other Waters8 lbs.24
3/26/2015Christopher HuffmanPotts Creek7 lbs., 1 oz.25
3/27/2015Keith MongoldNorth Fork Shenandoah River6 lbs., 2 oz.24
3/27/2015S. Frank ShowalterNorth Fork Shenandoah River6 lbs., 8 oz.23
3/28/2015Joseph HickeyJennings Creek6 lbs., 12 oz.23 1/2
3/29/2015Kenley LohrNorth Fork Shenandoah River11 lbs., 4 oz.27
3/30/2015Charles Conner, JrSouth River10 lbs., 9 oz.26
3/31/2015Linwood McDanielJennings Creek6 lbs., 7 oz.
3/31/2015Richard BradleySmith River9 lbs., 7 oz.26
3/31/2015Neil KesterJackson River7 lbs., 9 oz.24
3/31/2015Neil KesterJackson River5 lbs., 6 oz.23 3/4
4/1/2015Daniel MorrisSouth River7 lbs., 15 oz.23 3/4
4/2/2015Brett ButlerJackson River6 lbs., 2 oz.23 1/4
4/3/2015Steven HarrisJackson River6 lbs., 3 oz.22 1/4
4/3/2015Theodore Falce, Jr. All Other Waters6 lbs.23
4/3/2015Robert Staton All Other Waters27
4/4/2015Rodney CrawfordJennings Creek8 lbs., 3 oz.28
4/4/2015Thomas WilhelmJennings Creek5 lbs., 12 oz.22
4/4/2015Charles GrantJennings Creek6 lbs., 6 oz.24
4/4/2015Don WilhelmJennings Creek8 lbs., 4 oz.25
4/4/2015Freddie DelbyCripple Creek10 lbs.30
4/4/2015Colton GrantJennings Creek7 lbs., 16 oz.26
4/4/2015James Baker IIIPotts Creek5 lbs., 14 oz.
4/4/2015James Baker IIIPotts Creek8 lbs., 14 oz.24
4/4/2015Cliff SongerJennings Creek9 lbs., 8 oz.25 1/2
4/6/2015Dale DodrillStoney Creek6 lbs., 7 oz.23 1/2
4/7/2015Kendell MittenJackson River7 lbs., 12 oz.25
4/8/2015Stephen TurnerNorth Fork Shenandoah River6 lbs.22
4/8/2015Stephen TurnerNorth Fork Shenandoah River9 lbs., 2 oz.25 1/2
4/8/2015David Strickler All Other Waters7 lbs., 4 oz.24
4/9/2015Demetri Rosado All Other Waters6 lbs., 8 oz.25
4/10/2015Kenneth HinesStoney Creek5 lbs., 2 oz.23
4/10/2015Brian HayslettLake Moomaw8 lbs., 11 oz.27
4/16/2015Alan HarringtonMiddle Fork Holston7 lbs., 10 oz.25 1/2
4/18/2015Terry KeisterNorth Fork Shenandoah River5 lbs., 14 oz.22 1/2
4/18/2015William Carr Jr.Stoney Creek6 lbs., 7 oz.23 1/2
4/19/2015Jacob CarrStoney Creek7 lbs., 9 oz.25
4/21/2015Larry Parsons, Jr.Runnett Bag Creek8 lbs.24
4/22/2015Fred ZimmermanBullpasture River7 lbs., 1 oz.23 1/4
4/29/2015Charles ConnerJennings Creek9 lbs., 8 oz.25
5/1/2015Michael MichieCowpasture River5 lbs., 12 oz.23
5/1/2015Rocky Thomas All Other Waters26 1/2
5/2/2015Karissa DofflemyerSouth River7 lbs., 4 oz.24 3/4
5/3/2015Phillip CritzerMaury River9 lbs.25 1/2
5/3/2015Arne PetersonLake Moomaw6 lbs., 8 oz.23
5/4/2015James SnyderLake Moomaw6 lbs., 2 oz.22 1/4
5/4/2015Daniel SnyderLake Moomaw7 lbs., 5 oz.24 1/4
5/6/2015James MarcumBullpasture River7 lbs., 2 oz.25 1/4
5/8/2015Windell DoyleRunnett Bag Creek6 lbs., 7 oz.23
5/8/2015Windell DoyleRunnett Bag Creek7 lbs., 12 oz.25
5/8/2015Thomas Dinwiddie, Sr. All Other Waters11 lbs., 5 oz.27 1/2
5/8/2015Hazel WallaceRunnett Bag Creek6 lbs.26 1/4
5/9/2015Joshua BaileySouth River8 lbs.26
5/9/2015Eric FitzgeraldBullpasture River7 lbs., 7 oz.23 1/2
5/9/2015Charles GrantBullpasture River6 lbs., 12 oz.22 1/2
5/11/2015Parke Rouse, IIILake Moomaw6 lbs., 10 oz.21 1/4
5/11/2015Parke Rouse, IIILake Moomaw5 lbs., 12 oz.21 1/4
5/13/2015Arne PetersonLake Moomaw6 lbs., 1 oz.
5/18/2015Michael JacksonPotts Creek7 lbs., 2 oz.26
5/18/2015Cindy MartinLake Moomaw5 lbs., 10 oz.
5/18/2015Cindy MartinLake Moomaw6 lbs., 15 oz.
5/18/2015Grayson SainatoPotts Creek9 lbs., 14 oz.27
5/19/2015James Cowan, Jr.Elkhorn Lake5 lbs.19 1/2
5/19/2015Matthew KellyJennings Creek5 lbs., 8 oz.25 1/2
5/19/2015Samuel McConville Jr.Jennings Creek6 lbs., 15 oz.23 1/2
5/20/2015Mark PowellJennings Creek7 lbs., 5 oz.26
5/20/2015Mark PowellJennings Creek6 lbs., 1 oz.23
5/20/2015Troy MitcherJennings Creek9 lbs., 15 oz.25
5/24/2015Samuel McConville Jr.Jennings Creek6 lbs., 15 oz.24
5/27/2015Angelia AthearnTye River9 lbs., 8 oz.24 1/2
5/28/2015Mark PowellTye River6 lbs., 1 oz.22
5/29/2015Albert Nichols, Jr.Tye River8 lbs., 4 oz.25
6/4/2015Bruce HildebrandJackson River9 lbs., 7 oz.26 1/4
6/4/2015John HokeLake Moomaw5 lbs., 4 oz.22 1/2
6/16/2015Dalton TaylorNorth Fork Shenandoah River7 lbs., 2 oz.25
6/22/2015Joseph MartinLake Moomaw5 lbs., 14 oz.24 3/4
6/23/2015Joseph MartinLake Moomaw5 lbs., 12 oz.23 1/4
6/23/2015Joseph MartinLake Moomaw5 lbs., 2 oz.22
6/24/2015Randy Lee ElmoreLake Moomaw5 lbs., 10 oz.22
6/25/2015Jessie FitzgeraldLake Moomaw5 lbs., 14 oz.24
6/25/2015Ceejay ConnerLake Moomaw5 lbs., 7 oz.23
6/30/2015Ernie SmithCrooked Creek8 lbs., 1 oz.25
7/1/2015Michael CecilCrooked Creek7 lbs., 6 oz.
7/4/2015Jimmy RingCrooked Creek7 lbs., 13 oz.24 1/4
7/4/2015Freddie BoggsBig Tumbling Creek6 lbs.
7/5/2015Elijah EdwardsCrooked Creek9 lbs., 10 oz.26
7/5/2015Elijah EdwardsCrooked Creek7 lbs., 1 oz.24 1/2
7/7/2015Daniel BrannockCrooked Creek8 lbs., 14 oz.27 1/4
8/7/2015Earnest Adkins All Other Waters5 lbs., 4 oz.
8/25/2015Phillip HudsonMossy Creek26
8/29/2015Billy BocockSmith River12 lbs., 14 oz.30 1/2
9/11/2015Michael DunawayCrooked Creek5 lbs., 10 oz.23
9/19/2015Kenley LohrCripple Creek7 lbs.25 1/4
10/16/2015Wesley GibsonBullpasture River6 lbs., 11 oz.
11/14/2015Troy SiboldBullpasture River5 lbs.23
12/7/2015Wesley GriffinSouth River5 lbs., 3 oz.24
12/18/2015Thomas ShapcottJackson River27 1/2

Years Available

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