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Due to exceptionally dry conditions, the Department of Wildlife Resources has implemented a complete ban on any open burning (e.g., campfires, grills) on all DWR properties west of Interstate 95, effective immediately and lasting until further notice.

Fish Citations

To view citations by species and body of water from 2020 to present day. Visit the Go Outdoors Virginia: Angler Recognition Program website. In the bottom left corner under “Trophy Catch Submissions” you can click to “view all” awarded citations.

Channel Catfish

Date of CatchAnglerWaterbodyWeightLength
1/10/2001Casey GriggsPrivate Pond34 1/2
1/11/2001Patrick AshleyJames River25 lbs.36 3/4
2/4/2001John SmithJames River26 lbs.35
2/10/2001Tim DelveauxHells Point Creek13 lbs., 13 oz.
2/14/2001Brian JoynerBlackwater River12 lbs., 04 oz.
2/21/2001William BrandonChickahominy Lake12 lbs., 04 oz.30
2/21/2001Roy Cook, Sr.Chickahominy Lake18 lbs., 08 oz.33
2/21/2001Clyde NicholsonSouth Fork Shenandoah River12 lbs., 08 oz.30
2/23/2001Charles Temple Jr.James River26 lbs., 04 oz.38
2/23/2001David PrewittLake Smith12 lbs., 09 oz.
2/26/2001William BrandonChickahominy Lake18 lbs.30
3/1/2001Clyde NicholsonSouth Fork Shenandoah River13 lbs., 12 oz.30 1/4
3/3/2001Demetrius RobinsonBurke Lake20 lbs.34
3/5/2001Aubrey HowertonPrivate Pond13 lbs., 07 oz.33 1/4
3/11/2001Brian JoynerNottoway River17 lbs., 10 oz.
3/12/2001James Ryder Jr.Lake Anna24 lbs., 15 oz.38 1/2
3/17/2001Michael ShifflettSouth Fork Shenandoah River14 lbs., 10 oz.32
3/17/2001Timothy JarrellPrivate Pond13 lbs., 06 oz.37 1/2
3/17/2001Justin GriffithsPrivate Pond31
3/18/2001Michael ShifflettSouth Fork Shenandoah River31
3/21/2001Don EhlersSouth Fork Shenandoah River30 1/4
3/22/2001Clyde NicholsonSouth Fork Shenandoah River12 lbs., 10 oz.30
3/24/2001Gwen ChristianPrivate Pond17 lbs.31
3/24/2001Allen RobertsPotomac River16 lbs., 08 oz.
3/30/2001Richard Montgomery All Other Waters12 lbs., 12 oz.30 1/2
3/30/2001Richard Montgomery All Other Waters12 lbs., 02 oz.31 1/2
3/30/2001Richard Montgomery All Other Waters12 lbs., 09 oz.30 1/2
3/30/2001Frank Wright Jr.Lake Gaston22 lbs., 04 oz.34
3/30/2001John Harper, Jr.Lake Gaston14 lbs.30 1/2
3/31/2001Christopher CasserlyJames River16 lbs.34
3/31/2001Thomas TerryPotomac River12 lbs., 02 oz.
3/31/2001James DunnivanPotomac River13 lbs., 12 oz.31 1/2
4/5/2001Peter SweeneyChickahominy River17 lbs.34
4/7/2001Donald Shinn Jr.James River19 lbs.
4/8/2001Michael KinnettPotomac River12 lbs., 14 oz.32 1/4
4/12/2001Charles Temple Jr.James River25 lbs., 14 oz.36
4/12/2001Jeffrey GilleoJames River19 lbs., 04 oz.
4/13/2001Kenneth Herring, Jr.Mattaponi River16 lbs., 10 oz.34
4/13/2001Ronald ClarkeJames River30 3/4
4/14/2001Allen RobertsPotomac River12 lbs., 10 oz.
4/14/2001Allen RobertsPotomac River14 lbs., 02 oz.
4/14/2001Thomas TerryPotomac River12 lbs., 03 oz.
4/14/2001Robert McIvorMill Creek30 1/2
4/15/2001Gregory SaundersNew River30
4/19/2001Michael DolphRural Retreat Lake13 lbs., 12 oz.32
4/21/2001Donald VardsveenPrivate Pond25 1/2
4/21/2001Donald NewboldJames River17 lbs., 08 oz.
4/21/2001Shane CanestraPotomac River15 lbs., 14 oz.33 3/4
4/22/2001Gene BrockwellJames River19 lbs.
4/22/2001Everette McKenneyJames River12 lbs., 08 oz.
4/25/2001Zachary HumphreyBack Bay31
4/27/2001Robert Shenk, Jr.Shenandoah River13 lbs.
4/27/2001Lloyd SeelyPrivate Pond12 lbs., 02 oz.
4/27/2001Brian Sexton, Sr.New River13 lbs., 08 oz.32 1/2
4/28/2001Vivian White, IIPrivate Pond30 1/2
5/2/2001Matthew LyallShenandoah River30 1/2
5/2/2001Jason HortonPotomac River12 lbs., 05 oz.
5/4/2001Jonathan WillisJackson River31
5/4/2001Bobby RosenbaumClaytor Lake13 lbs.30
5/4/2001Larry HigginsShenandoah River14 lbs., 05 oz.31 1/2
5/5/2001Joseph DamatoPotomac River30
5/5/2001Harvey HazelgroveMattaponi River12 lbs., 02 oz.30 1/4
5/5/2001Joseph Gormley All Other Waters13 lbs., 08 oz.32
5/6/2001Thomas Thompson, Sr.Pamunkey River19 lbs., 08 oz.37
5/6/2001William CoxJames River22 lbs., 04 oz.34 1/2
5/7/2001Thomas Barden, Jr.Private Pond13 lbs., 12 oz.
5/10/2001Bruce Warf, Jr.Douthat Lake15 lbs., 04 oz.31 1/4
5/11/2001Carroll AdkinsBuggs Island Lake21 lbs.34
5/12/2001Austin BaileyPrivate Pond12 lbs.
5/12/2001James JohnsonClaytor Lake13 lbs., 04 oz.30 1/2
5/15/2001Chad BallMiddle Fork Holston12 lbs.31
5/15/2001Charles BlumBeaverdam Swamp Reservoir12 lbs.30
5/15/2001Charles BlumBeaverdam Swamp Reservoir12 lbs.29
5/19/2001Robert WatkinsClaytor Lake14 lbs., 10 oz.29 1/2
5/25/2001Dino Hallmark, Sr.Hells Point Creek35 1/2
5/25/2001Dino Hallmark, Sr.Hells Point Creek34 3/4
5/25/2001James Hall Jr. All Other Waters30 1/4
5/26/2001James Publicover All Other Waters14 lbs., 08 oz.37 1/2
5/26/2001Daryl Ambrose Sr.Private Pond31 1/4
5/26/2001Edward HowardLake Moomaw13 lbs., 01 oz.30 1/2
5/26/2001Vance WillisPrivate Pond12 lbs.31 1/2
5/26/2001Louise DeanNew River13 lbs., 08 oz.31
5/27/2001Michael MillerShenandoah River13 lbs.31 1/2
5/28/2001Al ScottPrivate Pond18 lbs., 06 oz.30 1/2
5/29/2001Edward DeckerPrivate Pond32
6/1/2001David JohnsonClaytor Lake15 lbs., 12 oz.29 1/2
6/1/2001Matthew BuikemaPrivate Pond31
6/2/2001Chad StrayerPrivate Pond31
6/4/2001Jerry JohnsonLake Gaston13 lbs., 07 oz.31 1/2
6/4/2001Jerry JohnsonLake Gaston13 lbs., 04 oz.31
6/4/2001Kevin CookNew River14 lbs., 01 oz.31 1/2
6/6/2001Robert Daniel Jr.Douthat Lake20 lbs., 02 oz.33 1/4
6/11/2001Jerry CoggeshallJames River31
6/13/2001Clabron Roberts, Jr.James River15 lbs.36
6/16/2001Henry Roadcap All Other Waters40 1/4
6/16/2001Timmy WorrellClaytor Lake13 lbs., 03 oz.31
6/17/2001Michelle DonivanLake Frederick13 lbs., 07 oz.30
6/17/2001Fredrick PayneSmith Mountain Lake14 lbs., 03 oz.30 3/4
6/19/2001Kenneth Brockway Sr.Sandy River Reservoir13 lbs.30
6/19/2001William AllenChickahominy Lake14 lbs., 05 oz.43
6/20/2001John BelcherPrivate Pond13 lbs., 15 oz.30 3/4
6/20/2001Doug DellingerPrivate Pond16 lbs., 12 oz.31
6/22/2001Matthew MassaroPrivate Pond13 lbs.
6/23/2001Dean Clark All Other Waters12 lbs., 03 oz.31
6/23/2001Eugene Keene, Sr.New River13 lbs., 04 oz.33
6/24/2001Rodney SnappShenandoah River32
6/24/2001Logan Joseph All Other Waters14 lbs., 08 oz.31 1/2
6/25/2001Eugene Keene, Sr.New River13 lbs., 07 oz.33 1/4
6/26/2001Charles BlumBeaverdam Swamp Reservoir17 lbs., 15 oz.33
6/26/2001Jacob LewanskiPrivate Pond31 1/4
6/28/2001Louise DeanNew River12 lbs.31 1/2
6/28/2001Manuel AdamsBuggs Island Lake16 lbs., 08 oz.33
6/30/2001Henry Roadcap All Other Waters32
7/1/2001Christopher ChampionJames River28 lbs., 08 oz.
7/2/2001Claude Monger Jr.Private Pond30
7/3/2001Curtis Waller, VAppomattox River17 lbs., 08 oz.36 1/2
7/5/2001Brandon WatersShenandoah River16 lbs., 08 oz.32 1/2
7/7/2001Alan McDildaClaytor Lake30 1/4
7/12/2001Steve SmithPotomac River12 lbs., 04 oz.
7/13/2001Matthew White All Other Waters31
7/13/2001James WilsonBuggs Island Lake16 lbs.31
7/15/2001John CarnealPamunkey River23 lbs., 15 oz.35 1/2
7/15/2001Edward SmithPamunkey River15 lbs., 15 oz.32
7/18/2001Jason ClaytonJames River35 1/4
7/18/2001Jason ClaytonJames River32 1/2
7/18/2001Jason ClaytonJames River38 3/4
7/18/2001Bruce BurksClaytor Lake12 lbs., 12 oz.31
7/20/2001Ronald LawsonSouth Fork Shenandoah River32
7/21/2001Christopher Stanley Sr.Lake Pelham12 lbs.31
7/21/2001Lawrence ParkerSouth Fork Shenandoah River14 lbs., 08 oz.32
7/22/2001Larry ShamburgBurke Lake20 lbs.35 1/2
7/24/2001Terry WardChickahominy River15 lbs., 08 oz.35 1/4
7/25/2001Sal CannellaChickahominy Lake27 lbs.30
7/25/2001Adam ArgenbrightMill Creek15 lbs.32
7/27/2001Lawrence ParkerSouth Fork Shenandoah River30 1/2
7/27/2001James Thompson, Jr.Shenandoah River12 lbs., 03 oz.
7/28/2001Larry Swisher Jr.Sherando Lake30
7/29/2001John PayneLake Smith30 1/2
7/29/2001Andrew BowerChickahominy River14 lbs., 08 oz.33
7/30/2001Jeffrey SomersPrivate Pond13 lbs.31
7/31/2001Dexter HarrisClaytor Lake30 1/2
8/2/2001James BernardBuggs Island Lake31
8/3/2001Cynthia JacksonMattaponi River31
8/4/2001Matthew SalePrivate Pond24 lbs., 01 oz.32
8/5/2001John PayneLake Smith13 lbs., 12 oz.34
8/6/2001Nathan StreetClaytor Lake32 1/2
8/7/2001Tommy PottsShenandoah River30 1/2
8/11/2001Ty Travis DonaldRappahannock River21 lbs.37
8/12/2001David FoutzJames River31
8/12/2001Michael Campbell All Other Waters15 lbs., 04 oz.35
8/13/2001Joseph FowlerClaytor Lake30
8/13/2001David WilliamsShenandoah River14 lbs., 08 oz.32
8/13/2001Dexter HarrisClaytor Lake31
8/13/2001Harry RixeyJames River31 1/2
8/15/2001Cabell Powell, IIIPrivate Pond16 lbs.30 1/4
8/18/2001Michael TilleyMattaponi River16 lbs.31 1/4
8/18/2001Tony BakerNorth River13 lbs.30 1/4
8/18/2001Thomas HeishmanRappahannock River21 lbs., 01 oz.38 1/2
8/18/2001Joseph FowlerClaytor Lake30 1/2
8/19/2001Zachary SmithDouthat Lake13 lbs., 04 oz.31
8/19/2001William CharlesChickahominy Lake18 lbs., 03 oz.33
8/23/2001Austin MartinPrivate Pond33 3/4
8/25/2001Kaleb JesseePrivate Pond30
8/25/2001Gregory GallihughChickahominy River31
8/25/2001Dexter HarrisClaytor Lake30 1/4
8/26/2001Danny Towe, Sr. All Other Waters12 lbs., 03 oz.33 1/4
8/28/2001Randy Ritter All Other Waters13 lbs.30
8/28/2001Charles BlumBeaverdam Swamp Reservoir13 lbs., 09 oz.30
8/30/2001David Hiner Jr.Staunton River23 lbs., 08 oz.39 3/4
9/1/2001William CharlesChickahominy Lake18 lbs., 01 oz.33 1/2
9/1/2001Richard FlinnPotomac River12 lbs., 08 oz.
9/1/2001Thomas Drummond, Sr.Lake Moomaw31
9/1/2001James Funkhouser Jr.Shenandoah River30 1/4
9/3/2001Jason ArtripClaytor Lake13 lbs., 08 oz.31
9/5/2001Andrew CarrollPrivate Pond30 1/2
9/6/2001Bobby RosenbaumClaytor Lake12 lbs., 12 oz.
9/6/2001Lorraine PaceNew River16 lbs., 15 oz.32
9/8/2001David Hiner Jr. All Other Waters22 lbs., 04 oz.38
9/8/2001Dino Hallmark, Sr.Hells Point Creek35 1/2
9/8/2001Dino Hallmark, Sr.Hells Point Creek32
9/15/2001Chris DahlemJames River31
9/16/2001Ranel JohnsonBeaverdam Swamp Reservoir14 lbs., 05 oz.30
9/16/2001Woodrow CosbyBeaverdam Swamp Reservoir30
9/17/2001Gerry DooleyMill Creek Reservoir16 lbs., 12 oz.32
9/19/2001Charles BlumBeaverdam Swamp Reservoir30
9/21/2001James Funkhouser Jr.South Fork Shenandoah River30 1/2
9/22/2001Wade HughLake Brittle18 lbs., 12 oz.34 1/4
9/29/2001Michael ShifflettSouth Fork Shenandoah River12 lbs., 10 oz.30
10/1/2001Robert Hummer Jr.Briery Creek Lake13 lbs., 08 oz.32 1/4
10/4/2001Jason HortonPotomac River30 1/2
10/6/2001David JohnsonClaytor Lake14 lbs., 12 oz.31
10/7/2001Robert JenningsBack Bay12 lbs., 08 oz.31
10/8/2001David Fagg, Jr.Claytor Lake18 lbs., 08 oz.32
10/11/2001John Cook Sr.Chickahominy Lake14 lbs., 05 oz.31 1/4
10/11/2001Ryan ThomasPamunkey River12 lbs.30 1/4
10/20/2001Lawrence ParkerSouth Fork Shenandoah River12 lbs., 04 oz.30 3/4
10/20/2001Dean ClarkPrivate Pond13 lbs., 08 oz.36
10/21/2001Richard BrewerChickahominy Lake12 lbs.30
10/23/2001Clyde NicholsonSouth Fork Shenandoah River13 lbs., 08 oz.30
11/2/2001Charles BlumBeaverdam Swamp Reservoir30
11/2/2001Lawrence ParkerSouth Fork Shenandoah River30 1/2
11/4/2001Troy BarnesJames River38
11/10/2001Jesse ToddPamunkey River31
11/15/2001Charles Benfield, Jr.James River19 lbs.32
11/16/2001Karl MillsapChickahominy Lake12 lbs., 08 oz.32
11/17/2001James Funkhouser Jr.Shenandoah River12 lbs., 08 oz.31
11/17/2001Lawrence ParkerSouth Fork Shenandoah River30
11/20/2001William CharlesJames River29 lbs., 04 oz.34 3/4
11/24/2001Brian JoynerNottoway River13 lbs.
12/2/2001Paula CobbJames River22 lbs.37
12/2/2001Paula CobbJames River30 lbs.41
12/17/2001Charles MarkleySmith Mountain Lake12 lbs., 08 oz.31
12/22/2001Steve RiceChickahominy Lake32
12/23/2001Robert Koch Jr.Chickahominy River17 lbs., 04 oz.34
12/28/2001Charles Temple Jr.James River18 lbs., 01 oz.32

Years Available

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