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Due to exceptionally dry conditions, the Department of Wildlife Resources has implemented a complete ban on any open burning (e.g., campfires, grills) on all DWR properties west of Interstate 95, effective immediately and lasting until further notice.

Fish Citations

To view citations by species and body of water from 2020 to present day. Visit the Go Outdoors Virginia: Angler Recognition Program website. In the bottom left corner under “Trophy Catch Submissions” you can click to “view all” awarded citations.

Channel Catfish

Date of CatchAnglerWaterbodyWeightLength
1/13/2005Dwayne DovelSouth Fork Shenandoah River16 lbs., 14 oz.32
3/17/2005Ricky SaxonShenandoah River14 lbs., 14 oz.32 1/2
3/18/2005Brooks NobleBurke Lake37
3/19/2005Walter Crouch, Jr.Private Pond16 lbs., 04 oz.34 1/2
3/24/2005William PappasPrivate Pond12 lbs., 05 oz.
4/6/2005Jesse ToddPamunkey River15 lbs.30
4/8/2005Daryl Ambrose Sr.Shenandoah River13 lbs.32 1/2
4/9/2005J. T. MyersChickahominy River12 lbs., 05 oz.32
4/15/2005Scott LeasBuggs Island Lake30 1/2
4/20/2005Nathan ConnaughtonPotomac River21 lbs., 05 oz.33 1/2
4/21/2005Albert BrowneChickahominy River25 lbs.36 1/2
4/22/2005Weldon ReidPrivate Pond12 lbs., 04 oz.
4/22/2005Carl QuastPrivate Pond18 lbs.34 3/4
4/22/2005Albert BrowneChickahominy River16 lbs., 02 oz.32 1/2
4/23/2005Jonathan MittelstadterSmith Mountain Lake12 lbs., 03 oz.31 1/4
4/25/2005Charles ClearJames River20 lbs., 11 oz.32 1/2
5/7/2005Vera CraigPotomac River21 lbs.32
5/13/2005Matthew PowersLake Curtis12 lbs., 07 oz.
5/14/2005Roger BryantNew River12 lbs.
5/14/2005Roger BryantNew River31
5/14/2005Matthew HughesBack Bay14 lbs., 04 oz.31
5/14/2005Donnie DeanNew River12 lbs., 14 oz.
5/14/2005Donnie DeanNew River24 1/2
5/14/2005Donnie DeanNew River31
5/15/2005Donnie DeanNew River12 lbs., 03 oz.
5/15/2005Louise DeanNew River30 1/4
5/15/2005Roger BryantNew River12 lbs.
5/17/2005Donnie DeanNew River12 lbs., 13 oz.32
5/21/2005Douglas Hawpe, Jr.Private Pond14 lbs., 12 oz.32
5/21/2005Joseph LoukHungry Mother Lake26 lbs., 15 oz.39
5/21/2005James BeagleJames River12 lbs., 08 oz.31 1/2
5/21/2005Jeffrey McCauley All Other Waters19 lbs., 07 oz.35
5/24/2005Donnie DeanNew River30
6/3/2005Michael ChaneySmith Mountain Lake31 1/4
6/3/2005Sarah ParkerPrivate Pond24 lbs.36 1/2
6/4/2005James RiceBuggs Island Lake15 lbs., 10 oz.
6/5/2005Wayne BowmanPrivate Pond30 1/2
6/9/2005Louise DeanNew River12 lbs., 03 oz.31
6/9/2005Michael Dean, Sr.New River30
6/12/2005Alan McDildaSmith Mountain Lake33 1/4
6/14/2005Michael LangfordJames River31 1/4
6/16/2005Jessie DanielPrivate Pond30
6/16/2005Mark NicholsPrivate Pond23 lbs., 01 oz.36
6/21/2005Jimmy EppleyPrivate Pond14 lbs., 07 oz.31 1/2
6/23/2005Matthew ThompsonNew River12 lbs., 14 oz.30 1/2
6/23/2005Chuck LeonLake Prince15 lbs., 06 oz.30 1/2
6/25/2005James SteeleClaytor Lake22 lbs.
6/28/2005Frankie Chandler All Other Waters30
7/1/2005Jeffrey CarneyJames River31
7/2/2005Michael DavisPrivate Pond12 lbs., 09 oz.30 1/4
7/3/2005Clyde FlannaganPrivate Pond13 lbs., 12 oz.30 1/2
7/7/2005Kevin PeddicordChickahominy Lake31
7/9/2005Taylor AdamsPrivate Pond16 lbs.33
7/10/2005Will LugarBack Bay15 lbs., 03 oz.34
7/15/2005Michael WentzelPrivate Pond13 lbs., 09 oz.30 3/4
7/16/2005James WilkinsonSouth Fork Shenandoah River30
7/16/2005Aaron ArmentroutDouthat Lake22 lbs., 08 oz.34
7/17/2005Jacob MooreJames River33
7/17/2005Grant CarpenterBack Bay12 lbs., 08 oz.
7/19/2005Corey MullinsJames River12 lbs., 09 oz.32
7/20/2005Charles WithrowPrivate Pond31 1/2
7/21/2005Richard HagstromLake Gaston22 lbs.36 1/2
7/22/2005Bryon SlaytonSandy River Reservoir30
7/29/2005Kenneth Runyon Sr. All Other Waters12 lbs.
7/30/2005Kevin ChildressBeaverdam Swamp Reservoir12 lbs., 04 oz.30
7/30/2005Tara LeatherwoodSandy River Reservoir30
8/6/2005James MichaelyBurke Lake22 lbs., 03 oz.36
8/6/2005Tracey RothgebShenandoah River31
8/10/2005Jerry MooreClaytor Lake13 lbs., 06 oz.37 1/4
8/12/2005Dennis McMillianClaytor Lake15 lbs.31
8/13/2005Stephen MiklandricBurnt Mills Lake12 lbs., 10 oz.32
8/13/2005Roger Maggi Jr.Private Pond30
8/18/2005Kevin CookNew River12 lbs., 02 oz.30 1/2
8/18/2005Brandol BoitnottCarvins Cove Lake16 lbs.30
8/24/2005Jeffrey ShellPrivate Pond30
8/28/2005Michael DavisStaunton River35
9/12/2005William WoodsLake Smith34
9/17/2005Richard Anderson, Sr.Buggs Island Lake16 lbs.35 1/2
9/25/2005Michael SielickiPotomac River12 lbs., 05 oz.31
9/30/2005Kayleigh WrightPrivate Pond31
10/3/2005Roger AdkinsStaunton River20 lbs., 02 oz.35
10/5/2005Randy DunbarLake Frederick12 lbs.
10/5/2005Randy DunbarLake Frederick12 lbs., 10 oz.
10/8/2005Clarence LawsonClaytor Lake12 lbs., 04 oz.30 1/2
10/12/2005Dwayne DovelShenandoah River14 lbs., 02 oz.31
10/12/2005George NealeyLake Smith19 lbs., 09 oz.35
10/14/2005Robert Brisson, Jr.Amelia Lake12 lbs., 04 oz.
10/15/2005Harry WilhelmPotomac River13 lbs., 08 oz.
10/16/2005Scott GordonClaytor Lake13 lbs.31 1/2
10/17/2005Andrew Bowles All Other Waters31 1/2
10/20/2005Dwayne DovelShenandoah River15 lbs., 05 oz.31 1/2
10/21/2005Dwayne DovelShenandoah River14 lbs., 08 oz.31 1/4
10/22/2005Joe Burwell, Sr.James River31 1/4
10/27/2005Shannon DavisJames River16 lbs.32
11/6/2005Dwayne DovelShenandoah River13 lbs., 03 oz.30 1/2
11/7/2005Edgar Wilson Jr.Potomac River31 1/2
11/8/2005Michael FletcherMattaponi River28 lbs.38
11/9/2005Perry SaulnierPrivate Pond33 1/2
11/11/2005Dylan SheffieldPotomac River15 lbs., 12 oz.35 1/2
12/29/2005Travis OsborneSouth Fork Shenandoah River12 lbs.32
12/29/2005Travis OsborneSouth Fork Shenandoah River31

Years Available

Note: posting of data for the current year is delayed by 3 months.