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Due to exceptionally dry conditions, the Department of Wildlife Resources has implemented a complete ban on any open burning (e.g., campfires, grills) on all DWR properties west of Interstate 95, effective immediately and lasting until further notice.

Fish Citations

To view citations by species and body of water from 2020 to present day. Visit the Go Outdoors Virginia: Angler Recognition Program website. In the bottom left corner under “Trophy Catch Submissions” you can click to “view all” awarded citations.

Channel Catfish

Date of CatchAnglerWaterbodyWeightLength
2/19/2012Benjamin JonesPrivate Pond17 lbs., 8 oz.34
2/26/2012Keith KeeterBlackwater River12 lbs., 7 oz.30 3/4
3/4/2012Keith KeeterBlackwater River15 lbs., 7 oz.32
3/10/2012Keith KeeterBlackwater River25 lbs., 9 oz.37
3/10/2012Keith KeeterBlackwater River28 lbs., 8 oz.37 1/2
3/15/2012Melanie BayfordPiankatank River37
3/19/2012Allen GibsonNew River12 lbs., 8 oz.31 3/4
3/31/2012Stuart RoddaPrivate Pond12 lbs.33
4/1/2012Rudolph Modelfino, Jr.James River40
4/1/2012Cooper MartinPrivate Pond30 1/4
4/1/2012Jeramy EllisPotomac River31
4/3/2012Stephen BrownMattaponi River22 lbs.
4/7/2012Randall GrovePrivate Pond30
4/8/2012Thomas CraftPrivate Pond31 1/4
4/8/2012Hunter BeagleWestern Branch Reservoir31
4/8/2012Hunter BeagleWestern Branch Reservoir31 1/2
4/10/2012Keith KeeterBlackwater River12 lbs., 3 oz.30 1/4
4/12/2012Keith KeeterBlackwater River14 lbs., 8 oz.32 1/4
4/14/2012Timothy ThomasNorth Fork Shenandoah River32 1/2
4/14/2012David VisockyWestern Branch Reservoir30
4/15/2012Chris WilliamsPamunkey River24 lbs., 8 oz.
4/15/2012Dylan GrayWestern Branch Reservoir31 1/2
4/15/2012Brendyn AltmanWestern Branch Reservoir30 3/4
4/15/2012Kyle CoxWestern Branch Reservoir30 1/2
4/20/2012Richard WyantShenandoah River17 lbs., 2 oz.33
4/21/2012Riley TerrettChickahominy Lake26 lbs.35
4/28/2012Kyle CoxWestern Branch Reservoir12 lbs., 3 oz.30
4/28/2012David VisockyWestern Branch Reservoir30 1/2
5/3/2012Willard MogerWestern Branch Reservoir30
5/3/2012Willard MogerWestern Branch Reservoir30
5/4/2012Willard MogerWestern Branch Reservoir31 3/4
5/4/2012Willard MogerWestern Branch Reservoir31
5/4/2012Willard MogerWestern Branch Reservoir30
5/5/2012Jacob HinesClaytor Lake32 1/2
5/5/2012Kindal EdwardsClaytor Lake31
5/6/2012Hailey SmokerPrivate Pond33
5/6/2012Teri ChildressPrivate Pond33
5/8/2012Willard MogerWestern Branch Reservoir30
5/12/2012Kyle CoxWestern Branch Reservoir12 lbs., 8 oz.31
5/12/2012Timothy MansfieldWestern Branch Reservoir30 1/4
5/19/2012Cody TinkhamNorthwest River16 lbs., 8 oz.
5/19/2012Edward BaxleyNew River12 lbs.30 1/2
5/22/2012Willard MogerWestern Branch Reservoir30
5/24/2012Geoffrey AyersPrivate Pond24 lbs.41 1/4
5/28/2012Kyle CoxWestern Branch Reservoir30
5/29/2012Mark LanePrivate Pond14 lbs.33 1/2
6/2/2012Geoffrey AyersPrivate Pond15 lbs.32 1/2
6/2/2012Jonathan LinensDan River12 lbs., 3 oz.
6/2/2012Erick BendleJames River22 lbs., 10 oz.37 1/4
6/4/2012Christopher PierceSouth Fork Shenandoah River30 1/2
6/4/2012Willard MogerWestern Branch Reservoir31 1/2
6/4/2012Willard MogerWestern Branch Reservoir31
6/4/2012Willard MogerWestern Branch Reservoir30 1/4
6/4/2012Willard MogerWestern Branch Reservoir30 1/4
6/5/2012Gregory HedrickLake Burton12 lbs.30
6/6/2012Willard MogerWestern Branch Reservoir30
6/8/2012Willard MogerPrivate Pond30
6/8/2012Guy WoodsPrivate Pond31
6/8/2012John WoodsPrivate Pond32
6/9/2012Laurie SageWestern Branch Reservoir30
6/9/2012David VisockyWestern Branch Reservoir31
6/10/2012Teri ChildressPrivate Pond32
6/11/2012Christopher WolfordNew River30 1/2
6/15/2012Willard MogerWestern Branch Reservoir31 1/4
6/15/2012Ty MogerWestern Branch Reservoir30 3/4
6/19/2012Willard MogerWestern Branch Reservoir30
6/19/2012Willard MogerWestern Branch Reservoir30 3/4
6/19/2012Willard MogerWestern Branch Reservoir30
6/19/2012Willard MogerWestern Branch Reservoir30
6/22/2012Willard MogerWestern Branch Reservoir30 1/4
6/22/2012Willard MogerWestern Branch Reservoir30
6/24/2012Kenneth Smoker, Jr.Private Pond35
6/25/2012James Pearman Jr.Claytor Lake30 1/2
6/25/2012Stephen MiklandricLake Meade15 lbs., 14 oz.32
7/3/2012Melanie BayfordPiankatank River30
7/8/2012Geoffrey AyersPrivate Pond19 lbs.36
7/12/2012Cheryl VaughanPrivate Pond12 lbs.
7/13/2012Willard MogerLake Prince30 1/4
7/13/2012Joseph DeLaigleChickahominy River20 lbs.36
7/13/2012Shannon FrazierLake Arrowhead20 lbs.32 1/2
7/19/2012John SuleskiPotomac River31
7/25/2012Stephen Helvin All Other Waters30
7/25/2012Stephen MiklandricWestern Branch Reservoir30
7/28/2012Tyler HensleyPrivate Pond31 1/2
7/29/2012Christopher HensleyPrivate Pond31 1/4
8/6/2012Stephen Helvin All Other Waters30
8/12/2012Viet Quoc Tran DangPrivate Pond12 lbs.30 1/4
8/12/2012Joel Parcell Sr.Private Pond30 1/2
8/14/2012Joel Parcell, Jr.Private Pond30 1/2
8/15/2012Robert WilliamsSwift Creek Reservoir15 lbs.33
8/21/2012Jim HancockClaytor Lake31
8/21/2012Robert WilliamsSwift Creek Reservoir12 lbs.31
8/24/2012Zachary RosenbergerNorth Fork Shenandoah River10 lbs., 10 oz.30
8/26/2012Erin O'ConnorPrivate Pond30 1/2
8/28/2012Richard LeighBeaver Dam Creek Reservoir30
8/28/2012Kyle ProffittJames River31 3/4
9/6/2012Bryan McKennaJames River30
9/7/2012Randy Trail, Jr.Claytor Lake9 lbs.30
9/9/2012Joel Parcell Sr.Private Pond16 lbs., 8 oz.36 3/4
9/13/2012Christopher LantzPrivate Pond30 1/4
9/14/2012Kyle ProffittJames River30 1/2
9/14/2012Kyle ProffittJames River30
9/15/2012Laura LanePrivate Pond35
9/16/2012Christian BarnardPrivate Pond14 lbs., 8 oz.30 1/4
9/16/2012Logan LantzPrivate Pond30 3/4
9/16/2012Cameron ZelloPrivate Pond31
9/21/2012Cathy YarberPrivate Pond32
9/26/2012Kodi ShackelfordPiankatank River33
9/29/2012Jared "Logan" SmithClaytor Lake28 lbs.37
10/13/2012E. Carroll Cooke Jr.North Landing River30 1/2
10/16/2012John CubbageSouth Fork Shenandoah River31
10/21/2012Stephen MiklandricWestern Branch Reservoir30 1/4
10/21/2012Stephen MiklandricWestern Branch Reservoir30
10/23/2012Donald BayfordPiankatank River33
10/25/2012Bernard HarveyBuggs Island Lake35 1/2
10/25/2012Ben BarnesJames River32
10/27/2012John CubbageSouth Fork Shenandoah River30 1/4
10/27/2012Dyllan DavisJames River35
11/11/2012Gary HarmonWestern Branch Reservoir30
11/30/2012Gary HarmonClaytor Lake30 1/4
12/22/2012Eldridge Motley, IVPrivate Pond27 lbs., 3 oz.37

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