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Due to exceptionally dry conditions, the Department of Wildlife Resources has implemented a complete ban on any open burning (e.g., campfires, grills) on all DWR properties west of Interstate 95, effective immediately and lasting until further notice.

Fish Citations

To view citations by species and body of water from 2020 to present day. Visit the Go Outdoors Virginia: Angler Recognition Program website. In the bottom left corner under “Trophy Catch Submissions” you can click to “view all” awarded citations.


Date of CatchAnglerWaterbodyWeightLength
1/28/2002Thomas ElkinsWestern Branch Reservoir12 lbs.45
2/10/2002Kevin WashingtonPamunkey River19 lbs.50
2/23/2002James LoweNottoway River12 lbs., 11 oz.
3/2/2002Jerry SpruillNorthwest River11 lbs.
3/7/2002Robert Via, Sr.James River40 1/4
3/9/2002Leonard Almond Sr.Buggs Island Lake12 lbs., 06 oz.46 1/4
3/14/2002Jonathan BartleJames River16 lbs.50
3/14/2002Jonathan BartleJames River14 lbs., 05 oz.49
3/14/2002Christopher CarnesJames River15 lbs., 08 oz.52
3/26/2002John JensenChickahominy River40 1/2
3/30/2002Timothy HarveyLake Prince46 3/4
3/30/2002Jonathan BartleJames River10 lbs., 05 oz.46
3/30/2002Jonathan BartleJames River15 lbs., 05 oz.48
4/1/2002Justin HallJames River17 lbs., 08 oz.48
4/1/2002George MadisonNottoway River14 lbs., 03 oz.45
4/2/2002William JonesWestern Branch Reservoir10 lbs., 04 oz.44
4/10/2002Charles Lewis, Jr.Northwest River41
4/13/2002Steven PhillipsJames River11 lbs., 08 oz.44 1/2
4/14/2002Paul WrayNottoway River43
4/16/2002Buddy RoseDan River15 lbs.46
4/17/2002Paul WrayNottoway River47 1/2
4/19/2002Keith KeeterBlackwater River14 lbs., 06 oz.47
4/19/2002Christopher CarnesJames River16 lbs.46
4/19/2002Christopher CarnesJames River18 lbs., 12 oz.49
4/20/2002George LaFrance Jr.Chickahominy River12 lbs.46
4/20/2002Elton PowersMeherrin River43
4/28/2002Brandon SmithBlackwater River16 lbs., 08 oz.48
5/3/2002William BrandonChickahominy River12 lbs., 08 oz.45
5/3/2002Edward Jordan, Sr.Chickahominy River14 lbs.46
5/3/2002Edward Jordan, Sr.Chickahominy River10 lbs.42
5/7/2002Mark WilborneBuggs Island Lake48 3/4
5/11/2002Edward Jordan, Sr.Chickahominy River11 lbs.43 1/2
5/18/2002Nathan HargisJames River11 lbs., 04 oz.41
5/20/2002Charles TurnerBlackwater River14 lbs., 06 oz.46
5/24/2002Todd PickettChickahominy Lake14 lbs., 14 oz.47 3/4
5/25/2002Travis Crump All Other Waters12 lbs., 06 oz.43
5/26/2002Farley MennettiRappahannock River43
5/26/2002Robert ShaverChickahominy River15 lbs., 14 oz.48
5/26/2002Cecil SchaafDiascund Reservoir48
5/27/2002Steven Evans, Jr.Pamunkey River50 3/4
5/27/2002Paul Wray All Other Waters10 lbs.
5/27/2002Paul Wray All Other Waters11 lbs.
5/27/2002Erik HuefnerPamunkey River12 lbs., 06 oz.45
5/28/2002James Kerr Sr.James River12 lbs., 13 oz.45 1/4
5/28/2002Jason McKinneyBuggs Island Lake49
5/29/2002Chris HunterPrivate Pond41
5/31/2002Ashby CarterPamunkey River16 lbs., 08 oz.47
6/1/2002Philip CubbageJames River42
6/1/2002Lewis CorbinBuggs Island Lake46 1/4
6/2/2002James ClaybrookStaunton River13 lbs., 04 oz.48
6/4/2002Michael StaffordPamunkey River11 lbs., 04 oz.40 1/2
6/4/2002Lee OsborneBuggs Island Lake12 lbs., 08 oz.45
6/4/2002James HartmanBuggs Island Lake11 lbs., 08 oz.42 1/2
6/8/2002Mickey GrayDan River16 lbs.42 1/2
6/9/2002Ronald HedrickStaunton River41
6/13/2002Patsy VerserBuggs Island Lake13 lbs., 02 oz.48
6/14/2002Pamela BarbourChickahominy Lake16 lbs., 04 oz.48
6/15/2002R. Hunter Crosby, IIIPamunkey River41
6/15/2002Hunter CrosbyPamunkey River47
6/17/2002Leonard CorumRoanoke River22 lbs., 08 oz.51 1/2
6/21/2002Howard FreemanStaunton River41 3/4
6/22/2002Gary PuffenbargerPamunkey River42
6/22/2002Lynn Wilhoit, Jr.Pamunkey River43 1/2
6/23/2002John HaileyDiascund Reservoir42
6/23/2002Leonard CorumLake Gaston15 lbs., 08 oz.48 1/2
6/23/2002Travis DennisLake Prince13 lbs., 08 oz.51 3/4
6/29/2002David VisockyLake Prince52
6/29/2002Steven BeagleLake Prince10 lbs., 09 oz.45 1/2
6/30/2002Wade Brooks All Other Waters41
7/1/2002Erik HeasterChickahominy River40 1/2
7/1/2002Robert Jimerson IIIChickahominy River12 lbs., 08 oz.46 1/2
7/2/2002Christopher NapierJames River10 lbs.46 3/4
7/3/2002Mark WoodwardBuggs Island Lake40
7/4/2002John CubbageJames River43
7/5/2002Douglas FallsBlackwater River56
7/6/2002Jacob HutsonChickahominy River45
7/6/2002Roy Jordan, IIIJames River18 lbs., 08 oz.
7/6/2002Keith KennonBuggs Island Lake15 lbs.48
7/6/2002Darren BrownLake Gaston14 lbs., 09 oz.
7/6/2002Michael HatcherBuggs Island Lake42 1/4
7/6/2002Matthew GrayJames River12 lbs., 04 oz.51
7/7/2002Stephen BatchelderLake Prince11 lbs., 02 oz.44 3/4
7/7/2002James BetheaLake Prince14 lbs., 14 oz.50 1/4
7/8/2002Jeffery BeardLake Prince43
7/8/2002Jeffery BeardLake Prince41 1/2
7/9/2002David ShakespeareJames River42
7/11/2002W. Richmond McDanielPamunkey River42
7/13/2002Darren BrownLake Gaston12 lbs., 11 oz.
7/13/2002Leonard CorumRoanoke River16 lbs., 01 oz.49
7/13/2002Leonard CorumRoanoke River12 lbs., 04 oz.46
7/13/2002Jeffery BeardLake Prince15 lbs., 02 oz.49 1/2
7/13/2002Jeffery BeardLake Prince11 lbs., 01 oz.41 1/2
7/13/2002Paul Harless Sr.Mattaponi River11 lbs.41 1/2
7/15/2002Elwood Yates Jr.Chickahominy River18 lbs.47
7/16/2002Justin ScottBlackwater River13 lbs., 10 oz.48
7/19/2002Mark WoodwardBuggs Island Lake12 lbs., 01 oz.45
7/20/2002Lorrie BoykinBuggs Island Lake11 lbs.41
7/21/2002Jeffrey CarneyJames River41 1/2
7/21/2002Karen DanielJames River12 lbs., 01 oz.43
7/22/2002Glenn SmithJames River16 lbs.46
7/22/2002Casey DardenChickahominy River43
7/24/2002Robert EadesStaunton River10 lbs., 08 oz.45 1/4
7/24/2002Noah HoneycuttWestern Branch Reservoir42
7/27/2002Gregory HicksLake Prince42
7/28/2002Jesse Dudley Jr.Lake Prince16 lbs., 08 oz.52
8/3/2002Deborah PrattLake Prince16 lbs., 02 oz.50
8/3/2002Gary SchoolsLake Whitehurst40
8/3/2002David KnicelyChickahominy Lake11 lbs., 14 oz.46
8/5/2002Sidney HeasterChickahominy River13 lbs., 08 oz.45 1/4
8/10/2002Delaney CarolineJames River14 lbs.45
8/10/2002Philip CubbageJames River44
8/11/2002John Overton Jr.Western Branch Reservoir12 lbs., 10 oz.48
8/11/2002John Overton Jr.Western Branch Reservoir12 lbs., 13 oz.49 1/2
8/16/2002Matthew AllenChickahominy River40 1/4
8/17/2002Landon MasonBuggs Island Lake13 lbs.48
8/17/2002John Overton Jr.Lake Prince18 lbs., 08 oz.49 1/2
8/18/2002Gary HarmonJames River46
8/18/2002Gary HarmonJames River46 1/2
8/19/2002Christopher RhodesJames River40 1/4
8/21/2002Jeffery BeardWestern Branch Reservoir42 1/4
8/24/2002Jonathan OvertonLake Prince11 lbs., 12 oz.46
8/25/2002Stan RickmanBuggs Island Lake40 1/2
8/25/2002Billie OvertonLake Prince13 lbs., 05 oz.46 1/2
8/25/2002Jerry ThorntonDan River15 lbs.42 1/4
8/25/2002John Overton Jr.Lake Prince16 lbs.47
8/26/2002William Morris, IIIPamunkey River16 lbs.50
9/1/2002John Overton Jr.Western Branch Reservoir11 lbs., 13 oz.46
9/1/2002Tony PotterCat Point Creek44 1/2
9/1/2002Tony PotterCat Point Creek40 1/2
9/4/2002Bonita KelleyChickahominy River13 lbs., 13 oz.46
9/10/2002Robert Morris, Jr.Mattaponi River15 lbs., 09 oz.44
9/12/2002Louis Williams Sr.James River41 1/2
9/19/2002Eddy JohnstonJames River14 lbs.42
9/19/2002Louis Williams Sr.James River43
9/19/2002Irvin Abbott Jr.James River40
9/20/2002Brent EvjenMattaponi River11 lbs., 09 oz.45
9/21/2002James BetheaLake Prince12 lbs., 08 oz.46 3/4
9/21/2002Eddy JohnstonJames River12 lbs., 02 oz.41 3/4
9/22/2002Antonio Cabacar, Sr.Northwest River46 1/4
9/24/2002Louis Williams Sr.James River40
9/24/2002Roy Cook, Sr.Chickahominy Lake13 lbs.42 1/4
9/29/2002Barry Hodges Sr.Chickahominy River42 1/2
9/29/2002Louis Williams Sr.James River40 1/4
10/4/2002W. Richmond McDanielPamunkey River50 1/4
10/4/2002Ronald BellJames River10 lbs., 03 oz.41 3/4
10/5/2002Derek MayhewJames River15 lbs.43
10/5/2002Derek MayhewJames River17 lbs.43
10/5/2002Derek MayhewJames River20 lbs.45
10/5/2002Derek MayhewJames River19 lbs.44 1/2
10/5/2002Derek MayhewJames River19 lbs., 08 oz.44
10/5/2002Derek MayhewJames River12 lbs.41
10/5/2002John Overton Jr.Western Branch Reservoir12 lbs., 03 oz.46 1/2
10/7/2002Woodrow Emerson, Jr.Staunton River10 lbs., 04 oz.43 3/4
10/8/2002James McGinnis Jr.James River11 lbs., 03 oz.44 1/2
10/15/2002Richard Gallagher, Jr.Blackwater River10 lbs., 08 oz.46 1/4
11/18/2002Brian CrawfordDan River14 lbs.45 1/2
11/20/2002Eddy JohnstonJames River11 lbs., 02 oz.44
12/29/2002Eddy JohnstonJames River12 lbs.43

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