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Fish Citations

To view citations by species and body of water from 2020 to present day. Visit the Go Outdoors Virginia: Angler Recognition Program website. In the bottom left corner under “Trophy Catch Submissions” you can click to “view all” awarded citations.


Date of CatchAnglerWaterbodyWeightLength
2/20/2010Steven MozuchaJames River40 1/2
2/27/2010Stephen MilesBuggs Island Lake40
2/27/2010Wesley GibsonBuggs Island Lake45
2/27/2010Wesley GibsonBuggs Island Lake14 lbs., 10 oz.48
3/6/2010Bobby ColemanBuggs Island Lake12 lbs., 08 oz.43
3/9/2010Bobby WhitlowBuggs Island Lake52
4/1/2010Tucker DunawayChickahominy River46
4/2/2010Marc GriggJames River44
4/3/2010Joshua PowellBuggs Island Lake20 lbs., 08 oz.51 1/2
4/11/2010Larry Lindsay, Jr.James River46
4/11/2010Dale SturdifenBuggs Island Lake12 lbs., 02 oz.44
4/16/2010Richard LaudermanChickahominy River42
4/27/2010Robert BlanksChickahominy River43 1/2
5/2/2010Matthew MillerChickahominy Lake14 lbs., 08 oz.46
5/2/2010Kevin GunnNottoway River14 lbs., 11 oz.46
5/7/2010Kevin GunnNottoway River43 1/2
5/7/2010Kevin GunnNottoway River44 1/4
5/7/2010Kevin GunnNottoway River13 lbs., 13 oz.43
5/7/2010Robert ManningLake Prince46
5/8/2010Lawrence HansfordChickahominy River40 3/4
5/14/2010Gary PuffenbargerPamunkey River45
5/15/2010Kevin GunnNottoway River40 1/2
5/15/2010Arther Eggleston, Jr.James River42
5/16/2010Jason GunnNottoway River15 lbs., 12 oz.49 1/4
5/20/2010Leonard CorumLake Gaston18 lbs., 06 oz.
5/23/2010Dale SturdifenBuggs Island Lake40
5/29/2010Howard PendergrassAppomattox River40
5/31/2010Mark CranfordJames River43 1/2
6/2/2010Leonard CorumLake Gaston22 lbs., 06 oz.
6/3/2010Thomas RussellRappahannock River13 lbs.46
6/4/2010Kevin GunnNottoway River41 1/2
6/4/2010Dale SturdifenBuggs Island Lake46
6/5/2010Erich PetschauerPamunkey River11 lbs., 12 oz.45 1/4
6/5/2010Kevin GunnNottoway River42 1/2
6/6/2010Marcus MitchellBlackwater River42 1/4
6/6/2010Kevin GunnNottoway River43
6/11/2010Christopher CoxJames River42
6/12/2010Matthew MillerChickahominy Lake12 lbs., 12 oz.43
6/13/2010Rhiannon TomanMattaponi River12 lbs., 06 oz.
6/13/2010James Brown Sr.Western Branch Reservoir12 lbs., 06 oz.44 1/2
6/14/2010Raymond Taylor, Jr.Goose Creek15 lbs.45 1/2
6/16/2010Tom Cavey, IIIChickahominy Lake11 lbs.48
6/20/2010Chelsea JonesMattaponi River43
6/20/2010Herbert ShepherdPrivate Pond42
6/24/2010Steven LinkRappahannock River11 lbs.44 1/2
6/25/2010Charles Jarvis, Sr.James River18 lbs.48
6/25/2010Cierra BradshawChickahominy River12 lbs.48
6/26/2010Robert MagetteNottoway River11 lbs., 12 oz.46
6/26/2010Tyler RiceBuggs Island Lake40 1/2
6/26/2010Scott Richardson, Jr.Nottoway River46 1/2
6/26/2010Riley RichardsonNottoway River42 1/2
6/27/2010Robert MagetteNottoway River10 lbs.42 3/4
6/28/2010Wesley Demarest, IIIBuggs Island Lake13 lbs., 09 oz.47 1/2
6/29/2010Christopher DailBlackwater River12 lbs.44 1/2
6/30/2010Robert MagetteNottoway River44 1/2
6/30/2010Andrew BowerBuggs Island Lake11 lbs.46
7/2/2010Robert MagetteNottoway River14 lbs., 01 oz.47 1/2
7/2/2010Gary AgeeChickahominy Lake41 1/2
7/2/2010Jeffery ArmisteadRappahannock River12 lbs., 08 oz.45
7/5/2010Gary AgeeChickahominy Lake10 lbs., 08 oz.42 1/2
7/5/2010Scott Richardson, Jr.Nottoway River42
7/5/2010Douglas Koehn Jr.Nottoway River11 lbs., 04 oz.44 1/4
7/5/2010Douglas Koehn Jr.Nottoway River14 lbs., 13 oz.48
7/7/2010James BattenLake Prince41
7/10/2010Dennis CrumpJames River12 lbs.43 1/2
7/11/2010Benny Lacks, Jr.Pamunkey River12 lbs., 11 oz.47 1/4
7/12/2010Michael CampbellJames River48
7/13/2010Eddy JohnstonJames River15 lbs., 04 oz.47 1/2
7/18/2010Billy MillsChickahominy River11 lbs., 03 oz.45 1/2
7/18/2010William LacyJames River10 lbs., 09 oz.45 1/2
7/18/2010Kindred MagetteNottoway River10 lbs., 08 oz.45 1/2
7/18/2010Amy Jo BakerPamunkey River11 lbs., 08 oz.42 3/4
7/21/2010Robert MagetteNottoway River40 1/2
7/22/2010Edward TaftChickahominy River14 lbs., 10 oz.43 3/4
7/23/2010Leonard CorumLake Gaston16 lbs., 02 oz.
7/23/2010Leonard CorumLake Gaston19 lbs., 08 oz.
7/24/2010Kimball Starcher, Jr.Dragon Run10 lbs., 01 oz.41 1/2
7/24/2010Robert Tench, IIIChickahominy River41
7/24/2010Robert PughJames River22 lbs.
7/24/2010Preston PritchardMattaponi River15 lbs.48
7/25/2010Ralph Magee, Jr.James River48 1/4
7/25/2010Robert Mayo, Sr.Rockfish River41
7/28/2010Robert MagetteNottoway River43 1/2
7/28/2010Arther Eggleston, Jr.James River13 lbs., 08 oz.47 1/2
7/29/2010Kenneth Newton, Sr.James River14 lbs.42
7/31/2010Franklin DaltonStaunton River16 lbs., 12 oz.43 3/4
7/31/2010Robert MagetteNottoway River10 lbs., 10 oz.45 1/4
7/31/2010Richard WimerJames River43 1/2
8/1/2010Steven KromerChickahominy River41 1/4
8/4/2010James FarleyDiascund Reservoir13 lbs.45
8/5/2010Frank Knott, IIIBuggs Island Lake30 lbs.48
8/6/2010George BelfieldPamunkey River14 lbs., 04 oz.46
8/8/2010Daniel Painter, Jr.Northwest River20 lbs., 02 oz.
8/8/2010Kevin O'HaraJames River19 lbs., 02 oz.47 3/4
8/8/2010Robert MagetteNottoway River43 1/4
8/13/2010Robert BurrisNottoway River44
8/13/2010Zachary BurgessJames River16 lbs., 09 oz.47 1/2
8/15/2010Mark BrownChickahominy River11 lbs., 08 oz.45
8/15/2010William Pearce, IIIChickahominy Lake40
8/19/2010Bridgette LarsonNorthwest River40 1/4
8/20/2010Christopher BurrisNottoway River41
8/22/2010Kindred MagetteNottoway River10 lbs., 08 oz.43 3/4
8/23/2010Robert MagetteNottoway River10 lbs.43
8/25/2010Robert MagetteNottoway River15 lbs., 07 oz.49 1/4
8/28/2010Chandler BelcherNottoway River10 lbs., 07 oz.44
8/28/2010Stephen MilesBuggs Island Lake41
8/30/2010William LuskPamunkey River10 lbs., 04 oz.44
8/30/2010Douglas Downs, Sr.Pamunkey River41 1/2
9/1/2010Mark LaneJames River14 lbs., 13 oz.47
9/2/2010Michael HaynesLake Gaston44 3/4
9/3/2010Kindred MagetteNottoway River40
9/5/2010Nicholas AbplanalpRivanna River13 lbs.40 1/2
9/8/2010Robert CarrollMeherrin River12 lbs.
9/11/2010Luke ArchitzelCat Point Creek40 1/4
9/12/2010James StillmanRappahannock River42
9/15/2010Larry NewtzieCat Point Creek55
9/16/2010Dr. James GardnerLake Gaston12 lbs.43 1/2
9/20/2010Melanie BayfordPiankatank River43
9/25/2010Meghann RothgebJames River15 lbs., 12 oz.47
9/28/2010David MaxieBuggs Island Lake47 1/2
10/24/2010Joseph BarnesNottoway River17 lbs., 3 oz.49
10/30/2010Stephen MiklandricWestern Branch Reservoir12 lbs., 05 oz.46
10/31/2010Karen RountreyChippokes Creek11 lbs.
11/6/2010Eric FosterPamunkey River11 lbs.44
11/12/2010Robert Brown, Jr.James River16 lbs.
11/12/2010Robert Brown, Jr.James River10 lbs., 4 oz.
11/28/2010Douglas PurcellPiankatank River12 lbs.41 3/4

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