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Fish Citations

To view citations by species and body of water from 2020 to present day. Visit the Go Outdoors Virginia: Angler Recognition Program website. In the bottom left corner under “Trophy Catch Submissions” you can click to “view all” awarded citations.


Date of CatchAnglerWaterbodyWeightLength
1/1/2015Kenneth YoungNew River42 1/2
1/4/2015James Gray Jr.New River21 lbs., 13 oz.45 1/2
1/4/2015Ron LordenNew River32 lbs., 4 oz.50 1/2
1/10/2015R Douglas TackettNew River41
1/17/2015David KincerJames River46 1/2
1/18/2015James Gray Jr.New River40 1/2
1/18/2015James Gray Jr.New River16 lbs.42 1/2
1/19/2015Cantley KrafftNew River41
1/21/2015R Douglas TackettNew River45
1/25/2015James Gray Jr.New River40 1/4
1/30/2015Daniel MarshSouth Fork Shenandoah River17 lbs.41
2/1/2015Cantley KrafftNew River23 lbs.42 3/4
2/4/2015Jeremy PetersJames River40 1/2
2/7/2015Darian BrownNew River18 lbs.40
2/7/2015Christopher HuffmanJames River40 1/2
2/8/2015James Gray Jr.New River23 lbs., 12 oz.45 1/2
2/8/2015James Gray Jr.New River40
2/8/2015Jonathan WillsNew River15 lbs., 4 oz.42
2/11/2015Jeffrey WoldJames River44
2/15/2015R Douglas TackettNew River40 1/2
2/21/2015R Douglas TackettNew River47 1/2
2/25/2015R Douglas TackettNew River42 1/2
2/27/2015Edward LawtonNew River19 lbs.44
2/27/2015Edward LawtonNew River22 lbs.44 1/2
2/28/2015Edward LawtonNew River17 lbs.42
3/4/2015Teddy BlevinsNew River22 lbs.45
3/8/2015Chad TrivittNew River41
3/8/2015Chad TrivittNew River24 lbs., 9 oz.45 1/2
3/8/2015Chad TrivittNew River42
3/21/2015Robert SuddarthNew River46
3/22/2015James Gray Jr.New River15 lbs., 2 oz.
3/22/2015James Gray Jr.New River40 1/2
3/30/2015Evan ShearerNew River43 1/2
4/12/2015Dennis BurksJames River19 lbs., 6 oz.41 1/2
4/12/2015Dennis BurksJames River16 lbs., 14 oz.38 1/2
4/13/2015Bradford StarkeyRural Retreat Lake23 lbs.48
4/15/2015Dylan CooperNew River42 3/4
4/26/2015Dennis BurksJames River21 lbs., 6 oz.46 1/4
5/10/2015Paul Germain, IIIJames River40 1/2
5/11/2015Daniel HymanShenandoah River45 1/2
5/17/2015Tim NorrisJames River42 1/2
5/17/2015John Hoffman Jr.James River23 lbs.44
5/26/2015Gary HarmonNew River17 lbs., 2 oz.
5/29/2015Cantley KrafftNew River43
6/3/2015Joshua ClickNew River28 lbs., 13 oz.48
6/3/2015Cody MannJames River22 lbs.47
6/4/2015Thomas LythgoeJames River40
6/6/2015Darrell CrawfordJames River41
6/6/2015Robert SuddarthNew River42 1/2
6/10/2015Kenneth HolleyJames River21 lbs., 8 oz.41
6/10/2015Jason BarrowNew River43 1/4
6/10/2015John Hoffman Jr.James River22 lbs., 4 oz.41 1/2
6/12/2015Thomas LythgoeJames River44
6/13/2015Joseph RhoadesNew River40
6/13/2015Joseph RhoadesNew River40
6/15/2015Alvin GillespieNew River41 1/2
6/15/2015Charles WayNorth Fork Shenandoah River41
6/19/2015Joseph RhoadesNew River16 lbs., 3 oz.41
6/21/2015Philip CubbageSouth Fork Shenandoah River25 lbs., 6 oz.45
6/29/2015Michael PettyNew River31 lbs.48
7/1/2015Brian HillNew River23 lbs., 12 oz.41 1/4
7/4/2015Kenneth KeattsNew River43
7/8/2015Edward LawtonNew River19 lbs.43
7/11/2015Christopher RhoadesNew River40
7/13/2015John Hoffman Jr.James River17 lbs.40 1/2
7/15/2015Richard BrysonNew River15 lbs., 9 oz.42 1/2
7/16/2015Benton BoydNew River15 lbs.40
7/18/2015Samuel BellNew River41
7/22/2015Mark ClarkNew River40 1/2
7/23/2015David HeiskellNew River18 lbs.42 1/4
7/26/2015Michael PettyNew River42
7/28/2015Christopher RhoadesNew River27 lbs., 15 oz.47 3/4
7/30/2015Roger LemastersNew River45
8/1/2015Thomas LythgoeJames River45
8/5/2015Ralph BartonNew River42
8/8/2015John CubbageSouth Fork Shenandoah River18 lbs.42
8/9/2015David HeiskellNew River17 lbs.42 1/2
8/15/2015Grant AlvisNew River43 1/2
8/15/2015Thomas LythgoeJames River43 1/2
8/17/2015Thomas LythgoeJames River44 1/4
8/23/2015Johnathan BelcherNew River42
8/23/2015Philip CubbageSouth Fork Shenandoah River16 lbs.40 1/2
8/25/2015Edward LawtonNew River22 lbs.45
8/27/2015Ethan HueyJames River40
8/29/2015Clarence BoggsClaytor Lake34 lbs., 9 oz.49
8/30/2015John Burner, Jr.South Fork Shenandoah River15 lbs., 10 oz.39 1/4
8/30/2015Michael ColemanNew River41
9/7/2015Philip CubbageSouth Fork Shenandoah River22 lbs., 8 oz.45
9/19/2015William WoodJames River41
9/26/2015William Knoeller, Sr.South Fork Shenandoah River40 1/2
10/10/2015Edwin RuarkNew River16 lbs.42
10/18/2015Charles WaySouth Fork Shenandoah River40
10/22/2015Todd CannadayNew River44
11/1/2015James Gray Jr.New River18 lbs., 9 oz.42
11/14/2015Ron LordenNew River25 lbs., 9 oz.48
11/15/2015James Gray Jr.New River40
12/7/2015Todd CannadayNew River45 1/4
12/10/2015Todd CannadayNew River42
12/13/2015James Gray Jr.New River15 lbs., 1 oz.40 1/2
12/20/2015James Gray Jr.New River15 lbs., 8 oz.41
12/20/2015Ron LordenNew River16 lbs., 9 oz.44
12/22/2015Todd CannadayNew River40 1/4
12/30/2015Gregory RifeNew River44 1/4

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