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Due to exceptionally dry conditions, the Department of Wildlife Resources has implemented a complete ban on any open burning (e.g., campfires, grills) on all DWR properties west of Interstate 95, effective immediately and lasting until further notice.

Fish Citations

To view citations by species and body of water from 2020 to present day. Visit the Go Outdoors Virginia: Angler Recognition Program website. In the bottom left corner under “Trophy Catch Submissions” you can click to “view all” awarded citations.

Rainbow Trout

Date of CatchAnglerWaterbodyWeightLength
1/1/2005Fredrick Huff All Other Waters4 lbs., 11 oz.
1/1/2005Corbin CressFlamingo Springs Pond4 lbs., 06 oz.
1/2/2005John SpanglerPrivate Pond13 lbs.32
1/2/2005Josh McGuireCripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.23
1/2/2005Christopher HicksCedar Creek22 1/2
1/2/2005Samuel ThomasCripple Creek4 lbs., 03 oz.22
1/4/2005Brian TomlinPigg River5 lbs., 04 oz.
1/4/2005Brian TomlinPigg River5 lbs., 12 oz.
1/4/2005Will HelmickCedar Springs4 lbs., 05 oz.22
1/4/2005Robert BrownCedar Springs5 lbs., 02 oz.22 1/4
1/4/2005Archie BowmanCripple Creek4 lbs., 01 oz.22
1/4/2005Archie BowmanCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.22 1/4
1/5/2005Doug HutchersonPigg River6 lbs., 02 oz.23 1/2
1/5/2005Thomas GreenCripple Creek4 lbs., 06 oz.23
1/5/2005Thomas GreenCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.22
1/5/2005Brian AmosCripple Creek4 lbs., 14 oz.22
1/5/2005Will HelmickCedar Springs6 lbs.23
1/5/2005Aaron Propps All Other Waters13 lbs., 08 oz.30 1/2
1/6/2005Barry DossPigg River6 lbs., 12 oz.
1/6/2005Barry DossPigg River4 lbs., 11 oz.
1/6/2005Barry DossPigg River4 lbs., 13 oz.
1/6/2005Will HelmickCedar Springs4 lbs., 08 oz.22 1/2
1/6/2005Will HelmickCedar Springs4 lbs., 04 oz.22
1/6/2005Will HelmickCedar Springs4 lbs., 02 oz.
1/6/2005Stephen MartinCripple Creek4 lbs., 07 oz.
1/6/2005Stephen MartinCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.
1/6/2005Mark WoodsonCripple Creek4 lbs., 02 oz.22
1/6/2005Mark WoodsonCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.22
1/7/2005Joseph MitchellPigg River4 lbs., 11 oz.43 1/4
1/7/2005Lee StricklandCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.
1/8/2005Anthony ShowkerPrivate Pond4 lbs., 08 oz.
1/8/2005Michael CarrierCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.23
1/8/2005Jason FoxCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.22
1/8/2005Summer BurkFlamingo Springs Pond5 lbs., 15 oz.
1/8/2005Glenn Perkins Jr.Meadow Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.
1/8/2005Brent LittenCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.22 1/2
1/8/2005Joseph HedrickCripple Creek5 lbs., 08 oz.23 1/2
1/8/2005Joseph HedrickCripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.22
1/8/2005Joseph HedrickCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.23
1/8/2005John Fox, Sr.Cripple Creek5 lbs.
1/8/2005William EdwardsCripple Creek4 lbs., 03 oz.
1/9/2005James StuartCripple Creek6 lbs., 07 oz.25
1/9/2005Jeremiah HansenFlamingo Springs Pond5 lbs., 03 oz.
1/9/2005Samantha Talbert All Other Waters4 lbs., 12 oz.23
1/10/2005Jason ShaferPigg River5 lbs.
1/10/2005Jason ShaferPigg River5 lbs., 10 oz.
1/10/2005Windell DoylePigg River22
1/11/2005Michael Schrock, IIIGreers Trout Pond5 lbs., 02 oz.23 1/2
1/11/2005Michael Schrock, IIIGreers Trout Pond4 lbs., 13 oz.23
1/12/2005David BowenCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.22 1/2
1/12/2005Ray Turpin Jr.Cripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.23 1/4
1/12/2005Robert Stover Sr.Meadow Creek4 lbs., 03 oz.22
1/12/2005Robert Stover Sr.Meadow Creek6 lbs., 14 oz.23 1/2
1/12/2005Carl ReynoldsCripple Creek23 1/2
1/13/2005Barry DossPigg River22 1/4
1/13/2005Lonnie JohnsonPigg River5 lbs., 08 oz.23 1/2
1/16/2005Melvin Hutchinson Jr.Cedar Springs7 lbs., 08 oz.25
1/17/2005Carroll Larrowe, Jr.Mill Creek22 1/2
1/17/2005Carroll Larrowe, Jr.Mill Creek4 lbs.22 1/4
1/19/2005Windell DoylePigg River22
1/21/2005Barry DossMeadow Creek4 lbs., 01 oz.
1/21/2005Barry DossMeadow Creek5 lbs., 02 oz.
1/22/2005Michael StevensCedar Springs4 lbs., 02 oz.
1/22/2005William James All Other Waters5 lbs., 04 oz.25 1/2
1/22/2005Ray AustinCedar Springs5 lbs., 04 oz.23 3/4
1/22/2005Ray AustinCedar Springs5 lbs., 04 oz.22 1/2
1/26/2005Ray Turpin Jr.Cedar Springs5 lbs.23 1/4
1/26/2005Ray Turpin Jr.Cedar Springs6 lbs., 04 oz.25 1/2
1/26/2005Ann AmosCripple Creek22
1/26/2005Kathy ReynoldsCripple Creek22 1/4
1/26/2005Carl ReynoldsCripple Creek24
1/27/2005Beth AmosCripple Creek22
1/27/2005Capt. Forest PressnellLittle Reed Island4 lbs.22
1/27/2005Fredrick Huff All Other Waters6 lbs., 04 oz.22 3/4
1/27/2005Fredrick Huff All Other Waters4 lbs., 11 oz.22
1/28/2005Timmy McPeak All Other Waters4 lbs., 05 oz.
1/30/2005Derek RaglandPrivate Pond6 lbs.25 3/4
1/31/2005Thomas GreenCripple Creek5 lbs.
1/31/2005Thomas GreenCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.23
1/31/2005Kenneth SmithCripple Creek6 lbs., 01 oz.24 1/4
2/1/2005Archie BowmanCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.22
2/1/2005Archie BowmanCripple Creek4 lbs., 07 oz.22 1/2
2/1/2005Archie BowmanCripple Creek5 lbs., 08 oz.23
2/1/2005Larry Lambert, Jr.Cripple Creek6 lbs., 08 oz.
2/1/2005Larry Lambert, Jr.Cripple Creek5 lbs., 09 oz.
2/1/2005Mick Whitt All Other Waters4 lbs., 05 oz.23
2/1/2005Larry Lambert, Sr.Cripple Creek5 lbs., 03 oz.
2/1/2005Larry Lambert, Sr.Cripple Creek8 lbs., 09 oz.
2/2/2005Ray Turpin Jr.Cripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.23 1/2
2/2/2005Ray Turpin Jr.Cripple Creek4 lbs., 07 oz.22 3/4
2/2/2005Ray Turpin Jr.Cedar Springs5 lbs., 15 oz.25
2/2/2005Joe Lugar Jr.Big Piney4 lbs., 14 oz.
2/4/2005Gary BoydFlamingo Springs Pond5 lbs., 15 oz.
2/4/2005Scotty O'QuinnFlamingo Springs Pond5 lbs., 13 oz.
2/4/2005Michael LesterFlamingo Springs Pond4 lbs., 12 oz.
2/5/2005Arnold HaskinsPigg River4 lbs., 08 oz.
2/5/2005Arnold HaskinsPigg River5 lbs., 01 oz.
2/5/2005Anthony ShowkerCripple Creek4 lbs., 07 oz.22
2/5/2005Anthony ShowkerCripple Creek6 lbs., 05 oz.24
2/5/2005Anthony ShowkerCripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.23
2/5/2005Anthony ShowkerCripple Creek4 lbs., 09 oz.20
2/6/2005Charles GrantMeadow Creek4 lbs., 13 oz.
2/6/2005Charles GrantMeadow Creek4 lbs., 02 oz.
2/6/2005Robert PowersCedar Springs7 lbs.24
2/6/2005Gregory SmithDan River5 lbs., 04 oz.22 1/2
2/6/2005Andrew VanWickler All Other Waters5 lbs., 12 oz.
2/6/2005Colton GrantMeadow Creek4 lbs., 02 oz.
2/6/2005Wayne BowmanCripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.24 1/4
2/7/2005Anthony ShowkerCripple Creek4 lbs., 14 oz.22
2/7/2005Fredrick Huff All Other Waters4 lbs., 09 oz.
2/8/2005Ronnie DavisMeadow Creek5 lbs.22 1/4
2/8/2005Billy MizeCripple Creek5 lbs.23 1/2
2/8/2005Ray Turpin Jr.Cripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.22 3/4
2/9/2005Charles FochtmanCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.22
2/9/2005Judy SarverMeadow Creek5 lbs., 02 oz.25 1/4
2/10/2005Mark WoodsonCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.
2/10/2005Greg ClarkCripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.
2/10/2005Wayne SnowPigg River4 lbs., 10 oz.22
2/10/2005Barry DossMeadow Creek4 lbs., 01 oz.
2/10/2005Barry DossMeadow Creek4 lbs., 01 oz.
2/10/2005Barry DossMeadow Creek4 lbs., 15 oz.
2/10/2005Barry DossMeadow Creek5 lbs., 03 oz.
2/11/2005Rodney RogersCripple Creek5 lbs., 10 oz.
2/11/2005Rodney RogersCripple Creek4 lbs., 03 oz.
2/12/2005Kevin CahoonPigg River5 lbs., 14 oz.23 1/2
2/12/2005Kevin CahoonPigg River4 lbs., 14 oz.22 1/4
2/12/2005Robert LoweCripple Creek7 lbs., 14 oz.
2/13/2005Lewis CorbinCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.
2/13/2005Lewis CorbinCripple Creek4 lbs., 10 oz.22 1/2
2/13/2005Lewis CorbinCripple Creek4 lbs., 09 oz.
2/13/2005Lewis CorbinCripple Creek4 lbs., 02 oz.
2/13/2005Anthony ShowkerCripple Creek4 lbs., 13 oz.
2/13/2005Anthony ShowkerCripple Creek4 lbs., 02 oz.
2/14/2005Timothy LucasCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.
2/15/2005Will HelmickCripple Creek5 lbs., 03 oz.22
2/15/2005Will HelmickCripple Creek6 lbs., 10 oz.24
2/15/2005Lewis ChastainCripple Creek4 lbs., 02 oz.22
2/16/2005Charles FochtmanCripple Creek6 lbs., 04 oz.23 1/2
2/16/2005Donald DorseyCripple Creek5 lbs., 13 oz.24 1/2
2/16/2005Craig RussellCripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.
2/17/2005Edgar Hall, Jr.Private Pond5 lbs., 10 oz.
2/17/2005Fredrick Huff All Other Waters5 lbs., 06 oz.22
2/18/2005Michael QuesenberryCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.
2/18/2005William SampsonCripple Creek6 lbs., 08 oz.23 1/4
2/18/2005Ronald AndersonCripple Creek5 lbs., 06 oz.
2/18/2005Charles DoveMeadow Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.
2/19/2005Michael WrayCedar Springs5 lbs., 02 oz.
2/19/2005Charles CaldwellCrooked Creek6 lbs.24 1/2
2/20/2005Ronald WilsonPigg River4 lbs.22
2/21/2005Bart TobinHawksbill Creek6 lbs., 10 oz.22
2/22/2005Jack Lane All Other Waters23 3/4
2/22/2005Fredrick HuffAlbemarle Lake4 lbs., 09 oz.
2/22/2005Fredrick Huff All Other Waters4 lbs., 08 oz.
2/22/2005Larry SmithCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.
2/22/2005Larry SmithCripple Creek7 lbs.25
2/23/2005Billy Crawford, Sr.Cripple Creek6 lbs., 01 oz.24
2/23/2005Billy Crawford, Sr.Cripple Creek4 lbs.22
2/23/2005Billy Crawford, Sr.Cripple Creek5 lbs., 03 oz.22 1/2
2/23/2005Billy Crawford, Sr.Cripple Creek4 lbs., 02 oz.22
2/23/2005Daniel DorseyCripple Creek5 lbs., 07 oz.25
2/23/2005Donald DorseyCripple Creek6 lbs., 07 oz.24 3/4
2/23/2005Donald DorseyCripple Creek6 lbs., 02 oz.24 3/4
2/23/2005Craig RussellCripple Creek5 lbs., 02 oz.
2/23/2005Michael Schrock, IIICripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.
2/24/2005Kenneth Rogers, Sr.Pigg River4 lbs., 09 oz.23
2/24/2005Wayne SnowPigg River4 lbs., 09 oz.
2/25/2005David Bates, Jr.Cripple Creek5 lbs., 09 oz.22 1/4
2/25/2005David Bates, Jr.Cripple Creek6 lbs., 01 oz.23 1/2
2/25/2005Michael DriscollCripple Creek22 1/2
2/25/2005Craig WolfeCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.
2/26/2005Christopher CecilCripple Creek6 lbs., 02 oz.22 1/2
2/26/2005Mark ShoreLittle Reed Island22
2/26/2005David Bates, Jr.Cripple Creek6 lbs.23
2/26/2005Ryan VarnerPrivate Pond4 lbs., 08 oz.23 1/2
2/26/2005Chris McCrayBack Creek5 lbs., 02 oz.24 1/4
2/27/2005Tony HessCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.22 1/2
2/27/2005Tony HessCripple Creek6 lbs., 12 oz.25
2/27/2005Robert BennettCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.22 1/4
2/27/2005Robert BennettCripple Creek5 lbs., 08 oz.23 1/2
2/27/2005James BryantCripple Creek6 lbs., 12 oz.24
2/27/2005James BryantCripple Creek5 lbs., 08 oz.22 1/2
2/27/2005James BryantCripple Creek6 lbs., 12 oz.23
2/27/2005Christy HayBig Piney4 lbs., 04 oz.22
2/27/2005Gregory RifeCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.22
2/28/2005Randall TilleyMeadow Creek4 lbs., 11 oz.
2/28/2005Randall TilleyMeadow Creek4 lbs., 09 oz.22 1/2
2/28/2005Anthony MartinMeadow Creek4 lbs.
3/2/2005Rodney Trail, Sr.Big Piney6 lbs., 04 oz.22
3/3/2005Jamie Cardwell, Jr.Meadow Creek5 lbs., 08 oz.23
3/4/2005Sansford SemonesCripple Creek6 lbs., 04 oz.25
3/4/2005Danny Marshall All Other Waters4 lbs., 04 oz.
3/4/2005Danny Marshall All Other Waters4 lbs., 12 oz.22 1/2
3/4/2005Danny Marshall All Other Waters4 lbs., 03 oz.22
3/4/2005Michelle Marshall All Other Waters4 lbs., 04 oz.
3/4/2005Michelle MarshallCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.22 1/2
3/4/2005Michelle Marshall All Other Waters4 lbs., 12 oz.22 1/2
3/4/2005Walter Crouch, Jr.Cripple Creek5 lbs., 08 oz.22
3/5/2005William Williamson, Jr.Cedar Creek22 1/2
3/5/2005Archie CaplingerCripple Creek5 lbs., 08 oz.22 1/2
3/5/2005Everette Brunk All Other Waters6 lbs., 06 oz.
3/6/2005Brian OwensMill Creek4 lbs., 13 oz.24 1/4
3/6/2005Aaron GordonLake Moomaw4 lbs., 14 oz.22 1/2
3/7/2005Fredrick Huff All Other Waters4 lbs., 01 oz.
3/7/2005Eric PenningtonNorth Fork Holston River5 lbs., 08 oz.25 1/2
3/7/2005Michael Schrock, IIICripple Creek4 lbs., 15 oz.22 1/2
3/8/2005James King, Jr.Cedar Springs4 lbs., 10 oz.
3/8/2005Jason SouthernCripple Creek6 lbs., 07 oz.24 1/2
3/8/2005Thomas BillerPrivate Pond8 lbs.24 1/2
3/9/2005Whitney DonithanCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.
3/9/2005Will HelmickCripple Creek5 lbs., 08 oz.23
3/9/2005Will HelmickCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.
3/9/2005Will HelmickCripple Creek5 lbs.23
3/9/2005Christopher HinesCripple Creek5 lbs., 06 oz.23
3/10/2005Will HelmickCripple Creek4 lbs., 03 oz.
3/10/2005Will HelmickCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.22
3/10/2005John GardnerLittle Reed Island6 lbs., 15 oz.24 1/2
3/10/2005Billy KeyCripple Creek6 lbs., 12 oz.26
3/11/2005David GuyCripple Creek5 lbs., 12 oz.
3/11/2005David GuyCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.
3/11/2005Tyler BillerPrivate Pond10 lbs., 05 oz.27
3/11/2005Troy CarrCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.22 1/2
3/11/2005Gary CarrCripple Creek6 lbs., 04 oz.24 1/4
3/11/2005Gary CarrCripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.23 1/2
3/11/2005Danny DuganCripple Creek4 lbs., 02 oz.
3/11/2005Danny DuganCripple Creek4 lbs.
3/11/2005Bill BarnesCripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.
3/12/2005Bill BarnesCripple Creek4 lbs., 02 oz.
3/12/2005Bill BarnesCripple Creek5 lbs., 13 oz.23 1/2
3/12/2005Trevor RubleCraig Creek5 lbs.24 1/4
3/12/2005Gregory JohnsonLittle Reed Island22 1/4
3/12/2005Adam StrawdermanCripple Creek4 lbs., 14 oz.25 1/2
3/12/2005William StrawdermanCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.25 1/4
3/12/2005Chip CoffmanCripple Creek5 lbs., 02 oz.23
3/12/2005Michael MichiePigg River4 lbs., 14 oz.23 1/4
3/12/2005Michael MichiePigg River4 lbs., 13 oz.24
3/12/2005Michael MichiePigg River5 lbs., 12 oz.25
3/12/2005Michael MichiePigg River4 lbs., 09 oz.23 1/2
3/13/2005Randy Saunders, Sr.Blackwater River6 lbs.24
3/13/2005Terry Poff All Other Waters22
3/13/2005Terry Poff All Other Waters23
3/13/2005Terry Poff All Other Waters22 1/4
3/13/2005Nick DaltonLittle Reed Island8 lbs., 09 oz.27 1/2
3/13/2005Bill BarnesCripple Creek4 lbs., 06 oz.
3/14/2005James MitchellCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.
3/14/2005James MitchellCripple Creek5 lbs., 14 oz.23
3/14/2005James MitchellCripple Creek4 lbs., 09 oz.
3/14/2005James MitchellCripple Creek4 lbs., 07 oz.
3/14/2005James MitchellCripple Creek4 lbs., 06 oz.
3/15/2005Fredrick Huff All Other Waters4 lbs., 02 oz.
3/15/2005Fredrick Huff All Other Waters4 lbs., 11 oz.
3/15/2005Virgil MarshallDan River5 lbs., 04 oz.23
3/15/2005Lewis CorbinMaury River8 lbs., 08 oz.25 1/4
3/15/2005G. Lewis Nester All Other Waters7 lbs., 09 oz.24
3/16/2005Larry Lambert, Sr.Cedar Springs4 lbs., 09 oz.
3/16/2005Bradley BrownCripple Creek5 lbs., 06 oz.22
3/17/2005John ButcherPigg River4 lbs., 05 oz.
3/17/2005Dwayne ReaPrivate Pond6 lbs., 04 oz.23
3/18/2005Brent DriverCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.
3/18/2005Joseph MitchellBig Piney4 lbs., 12 oz.
3/18/2005Joseph MitchellBig Piney4 lbs., 04 oz.
3/19/2005Gregory HodgesCripple Creek5 lbs., 02 oz.
3/19/2005Keith WalkerPrivate Pond5 lbs., 07 oz.22 1/2
3/19/2005Anthony ShowkerCripple Creek6 lbs., 02 oz.23
3/19/2005Steve GillispieCripple Creek4 lbs., 06 oz.22
3/21/2005Will HelmickCripple Creek4 lbs.
3/21/2005Will HelmickCripple Creek5 lbs., 01 oz.23 1/2
3/22/2005Carroll BynakerCripple Creek7 lbs., 07 oz.
3/22/2005Lukus JackCripple Creek4 lbs., 02 oz.
3/22/2005Lukus JackCripple Creek5 lbs., 06 oz.24 1/4
3/22/2005Will HelmickCripple Creek8 lbs.24
3/23/2005Philip Morgan Jr.Big Piney4 lbs., 04 oz.
3/23/2005Philip Morgan Jr.Big Piney4 lbs., 02 oz.
3/23/2005Willie Grishaw, Jr.Private Pond4 lbs., 8 oz.
3/23/2005Willie Grishaw, Jr.Pigg River4 lbs., 8 oz.
3/23/2005Robert Austin, Jr.Cripple Creek6 lbs.23
3/24/2005Michael Epperson All Other Waters7 lbs., 03 oz.24 1/4
3/24/2005Alex Cipko All Other Waters6 lbs.22 1/4
3/24/2005John Thompson, Jr.Private Pond6 lbs., 05 oz.24 1/2
3/24/2005Fred Lawson All Other Waters6 lbs., 10 oz.24 3/4
3/25/2005Terry Poff All Other Waters24
3/25/2005Terry Poff All Other Waters22
3/25/2005Terry Poff All Other Waters22 1/2
3/25/2005Benjamin BradleyCrooked Creek7 lbs., 08 oz.26
3/25/2005Dennis WhitsonPigg River4 lbs., 12 oz.22
3/25/2005Dennis WhitsonPigg River4 lbs., 11 oz.22
3/25/2005Dennis WhitsonPigg River4 lbs., 10 oz.22
3/25/2005Robert Coleman All Other Waters5 lbs., 04 oz.24
3/25/2005James Hay All Other Waters22 1/2
3/25/2005James Hay All Other Waters23 1/4
3/25/2005Ginger MaceCripple Creek8 lbs., 02 oz.24 1/2
3/26/2005Samuel Riffey, Jr.Private Pond5 lbs., 09 oz.22 1/4
3/26/2005Caroline HarrisCripple Creek6 lbs., 03 oz.23
3/26/2005Thomas BeirneCripple Creek4 lbs., 03 oz.23
3/26/2005John Dunlap All Other Waters4 lbs., 12 oz.22 1/2
3/26/2005Ben ChambersFlamingo Springs Pond4 lbs., 03 oz.
3/26/2005Earl Widner, Sr.Greers Trout Pond6 lbs., 10 oz.24 1/2
3/26/2005Al ScottLake Moomaw22
3/26/2005Ryan Zehr All Other Waters4 lbs., 12 oz.22
3/27/2005Greg ClarkCripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.23
3/27/2005Greg ClarkCripple Creek5 lbs., 06 oz.22 1/2
3/27/2005Greg ClarkCripple Creek4 lbs., 14 oz.
3/29/2005Anthony FrancisCripple Creek4 lbs., 07 oz.22 1/4
3/29/2005Larry Lambert, Jr.Cedar Springs4 lbs., 09 oz.
3/29/2005Danny BroughmanPrivate Pond6 lbs., 13 oz.23 3/4
3/30/2005Travis BurkhartLittle Reed Island6 lbs., 02 oz.24
3/30/2005Patrick FunkhouserCripple Creek4 lbs., 02 oz.
3/31/2005James SasserCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.22
3/31/2005Andrew SniderCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.23
3/31/2005Andrew SniderCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.22 1/4
3/31/2005David PayneCripple Creek6 lbs.22 1/2
3/31/2005Gary MooreCripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.22
3/31/2005Gary MooreCripple Creek5 lbs., 08 oz.22
4/1/2005Johnnie Roberson All Other Waters6 lbs., 04 oz.24
4/1/2005Patrick FunkhouserCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.
4/1/2005Rene' SowersCripple Creek4 lbs., 02 oz.
4/1/2005Wilbur Nicely Jr.South Fork Holston River4 lbs., 07 oz.22 3/4
4/1/2005Matthew BroughmanPrivate Pond7 lbs., 07 oz.24 1/2
4/2/2005Levi BarnesCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.22 3/4
4/3/2005Josephine BainPrivate Pond4 lbs., 02 oz.24 1/4
4/4/2005William MayeBig Wilson Creek5 lbs., 08 oz.23
4/4/2005Eric PenningtonCripple Creek5 lbs., 08 oz.25 1/2
4/4/2005Andrew HutchinsFlamingo Springs Pond4 lbs., 04 oz.22
4/4/2005Thomas GreenCripple Creek5 lbs., 06 oz.22 1/4
4/5/2005Clayton JonesLittle Creek Reservoir7 lbs., 04 oz.24 1/4
4/5/2005Michael Howery All Other Waters6 lbs.22 1/2
4/6/2005Jeffrey BrunkLittle Creek Reservoir5 lbs.
4/6/2005Jeffrey BrunkLittle Creek Reservoir6 lbs., 09 oz.
4/6/2005Larry Lambert, Sr.Cripple Creek4 lbs., 09 oz.
4/6/2005Eric SchrockPigg River4 lbs., 13 oz.22 1/2
4/7/2005Matthew SevertCripple Creek6 lbs.22
4/7/2005David SadlerCripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.
4/7/2005Lawrence WardenLittle Reed Island5 lbs., 04 oz.22
4/8/2005Samuel CoxLittle Reed Island4 lbs., 12 oz.23
4/9/2005Gloria GriffinCripple Creek5 lbs., 08 oz.22
4/9/2005Ronald Walls All Other Waters6 lbs., 08 oz.22 3/4
4/9/2005James HensdellCrooked Creek6 lbs.24
4/9/2005William E. L. HallPrivate Pond25
4/9/2005Michael GriffinCripple Creek5 lbs., 02 oz.
4/9/2005William EdwardsPrivate Pond5 lbs., 02 oz.22
4/9/2005Jeffrey BrunkHales Lake4 lbs., 03 oz.
4/10/2005Marcus Blevins, Jr.Private Pond5 lbs., 08 oz.23 1/4
4/10/2005Colin WaldroupCripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.
4/10/2005Timothy MidkiffPrivate Pond5 lbs., 08 oz.23 1/2
4/10/2005Shirley BowmanPrivate Pond4 lbs., 12 oz.23
4/10/2005Matthew BrunkHales Lake6 lbs., 12 oz.24 1/2
4/10/2005Wayne BowmanPrivate Pond04 lbs., 04 oz.22 1/4
4/11/2005Tristan Bailey All Other Waters4 lbs., 04 oz.22
4/12/2005Larry Lambert, Jr.Cripple Creek4 lbs., 07 oz.
4/12/2005Larry Lambert, Jr.Cripple Creek5 lbs., 02 oz.
4/12/2005Randy RoseCripple Creek23
4/12/2005Randy RoseCripple Creek5 lbs., 08 oz.23 1/2
4/12/2005Leon McGheeCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.22 1/4
4/12/2005Larry Lambert, Sr.Cripple Creek5 lbs., 11 oz.
4/12/2005Melvin RoseCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.23
4/12/2005Melvin RoseCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.22
4/12/2005Jonathan OwenPigg River22 1/4
4/13/2005Daniel PainterPrivate Pond6 lbs.22
4/13/2005Melvin RoseCripple Creek4 lbs., 06 oz.23
4/13/2005Rodney Duty All Other Waters4 lbs., 02 oz.
4/13/2005Sean SpainPrivate Pond9 lbs.25 1/4
4/13/2005Danny Cockram All Other Waters4 lbs., 14 oz.22
4/13/2005Theodore KeslerMaury River10 lbs., 04 oz.24 1/2
4/14/2005Travis ChipmanCripple Creek6 lbs.22
4/14/2005Preston PriceElk Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.
4/14/2005Frank CampPigg River22 1/2
4/14/2005Frank CampPigg River4 lbs., 04 oz.
4/14/2005Melvin RoseCripple Creek5 lbs., 06 oz.22
4/14/2005Will HelmickCedar Springs4 lbs., 01 oz.
4/14/2005Will HelmickCedar Springs4 lbs.23
4/15/2005Elijah WittumCrooked Creek22 1/2
4/15/2005Randy RoseCripple Creek4 lbs., 11 oz.23 1/4
4/15/2005Frank CampPigg River4 lbs., 09 oz.22 1/4
4/15/2005Sidney JonesCripple Creek7 lbs., 04 oz.23
4/15/2005Phillip WoodsCripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.22
4/15/2005William StowersPrivate Pond14 lbs., 07 oz.32
4/15/2005Christopher JonesCripple Creek7 lbs.23
4/15/2005Christopher JonesCripple Creek7 lbs., 12 oz.25
4/16/2005Kathy Cassity All Other Waters4 lbs., 08 oz.22
4/16/2005James GreearCripple Creek5 lbs., 02 oz.23
4/16/2005Charles JohnsonPrivate Pond22 1/4
4/16/2005Homer MoatsCripple Creek5 lbs.
4/17/2005Gloria GriffinCripple Creek7 lbs.26
4/17/2005Malcolm AyersCraig Creek5 lbs., 08 oz.24
4/17/2005Michael GriffinCripple Creek5 lbs., 03 oz.22 1/2
4/17/2005Michael GriffinCripple Creek4 lbs.
4/17/2005Michael GriffinCripple Creek6 lbs., 06 oz.22 1/2
4/17/2005Michael GriffinCripple Creek5 lbs., 12 oz.23 1/2
4/17/2005Earnest VanDykeCripple Creek6 lbs., 02 oz.24 1/2
4/18/2005Bernard Epperly, Jr.Pigg River4 lbs., 06 oz.22
4/19/2005Christina CallawayPigg River4 lbs., 02 oz.21
4/19/2005Cecil Wood All Other Waters7 lbs., 15 oz.28
4/19/2005Larry Lambert, Sr.Cripple Creek4 lbs., 01 oz.
4/19/2005William TilsonSouth Fork Holston River5 lbs., 04 oz.22 1/2
4/19/2005Phillip Newman All Other Waters4 lbs., 02 oz.
4/20/2005Charles Gentry Jr.Big Tumbling Creek23 1/4
4/20/2005Samuel CoxCrooked Creek4 lbs.
4/21/2005Jonathan OwenPigg River22
4/21/2005Helen McCoyBark Camp5 lbs., 02 oz.23
4/21/2005Adam HardenLittle Reed Island6 lbs., 05 oz.24
4/21/2005Derek NesterCripple Creek6 lbs., 04 oz.22
4/22/2005Kenneth Davis, Jr.Cowpasture River7 lbs.23
4/23/2005Mark FieldsCripple Creek7 lbs., 04 oz.25
4/23/2005Basil Harper, Jr.Craig Creek22
4/23/2005Nicholas SnyderCrooked Creek4 lbs.22
4/24/2005Lawrence WardenPrivate Pond15 lbs., 08 oz.31
4/24/2005Jerry RitchieCripple Creek22 1/2
4/24/2005Malcolm AyersCripple Creek4 lbs., 06 oz.
4/24/2005Malcolm AyersCripple Creek5 lbs., 10 oz.24
4/24/2005Malcolm AyersCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.22
4/24/2005Malcolm AyersCripple Creek5 lbs., 05 oz.
4/25/2005Barry Buckner, Sr.Cedar Springs4 lbs., 02 oz.22
4/25/2005Danny WikleCrooked Creek6 lbs., 01 oz.26
4/26/2005David TurnerPigg River4 lbs., 10 oz.
4/26/2005Will HelmickCripple Creek4 lbs., 01 oz.
4/27/2005Faron Gardner All Other Waters4 lbs., 11 oz.
4/27/2005Brianna TaylorPigg River5 lbs., 05 oz.
4/27/2005Jeffrey WinesCedar Creek7 lbs., 06 oz.27
4/27/2005Scott AllenCripple Creek4 lbs.
4/27/2005Scott AllenCripple Creek4 lbs., 11 oz.
4/27/2005Jerry BoothCrooked Creek6 lbs., 02 oz.25 1/2
4/27/2005Jerry BoothCrooked Creek5 lbs., 01 oz.22 1/2
4/28/2005Howard HillFlamingo Springs Pond4 lbs., 15 oz.
4/28/2005James RoseCrooked Creek6 lbs., 14 oz.26
4/28/2005Scott AllenCripple Creek4 lbs., 14 oz.
4/28/2005James SasserCripple Creek6 lbs., 08 oz.23
4/30/2005Charles Haynes, IICrooked Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.23
4/30/2005Barry Buckner, Sr.Private Pond4 lbs., 08 oz.24
5/2/2005David AsburyFlamingo Springs Pond5 lbs., 04 oz.
5/2/2005Frederick MullinsFlamingo Springs Pond4 lbs.28
5/4/2005Heather FallsMeadow Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.22 1/2
5/4/2005Todd MitchemLake Moomaw4 lbs., 03 oz.22
5/6/2005Peyton JoinesFlamingo Springs Pond4 lbs., 07 oz.
5/6/2005Eric PenningtonCripple Creek4 lbs., 03 oz.24 1/2
5/6/2005Stephen SpencerCrooked Creek6 lbs., 08 oz.25 1/2
5/6/2005Christopher DeanePigg River4 lbs., 15 oz.23 1/4
5/7/2005Gregory HaleCripple Creek23 1/2
5/7/2005Brandon KeenDismal Creek4 lbs.22
5/7/2005Wilson Collier, Jr.Crooked Creek5 lbs.23
5/8/2005James ThomasCraig Creek4 lbs., 11 oz.22
5/8/2005Kevin GriffittsCraig Creek5 lbs., 02 oz.
5/8/2005Kevin GriffittsCraig Creek5 lbs., 07 oz.22 1/2
5/11/2005Katrina DavidsonFlamingo Springs Pond5 lbs., 05 oz.22
5/12/2005Andrew BowerCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.22
5/13/2005Will HelmickCripple Creek4 lbs., 09 oz.22 1/2
5/13/2005Will HelmickCripple Creek4 lbs., 06 oz.22 1/4
5/13/2005Travis GrimmCripple Creek5 lbs., 08 oz.
5/13/2005Sidney JonesCripple Creek5 lbs., 12 oz.25
5/14/2005Malcolm AyersCripple Creek5 lbs., 08 oz.
5/14/2005Malcolm AyersCripple Creek5 lbs.
5/14/2005Will HelmickCripple Creek5 lbs.22
5/15/2005William HainesCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.
5/15/2005Robert RidingsCripple Creek4 lbs., 13 oz.22
5/17/2005Troy Ayers, Sr.Cripple Creek6 lbs., 02 oz.
5/18/2005Larry Lambert, Jr.Cripple Creek8 lbs., 04 oz.24 1/2
5/18/2005Lisa CornettCripple Creek5 lbs., 03 oz.23
5/19/2005Larry VenezianoPrivate Pond4 lbs., 08 oz.22 1/2
5/19/2005Ellis Hundley All Other Waters4 lbs., 06 oz.22 1/4
5/19/2005John KegleyPrivate Pond22 1/4
5/20/2005Jerry CrowderSouth Fork Holston River6 lbs., 06 oz.24
5/20/2005Jerry CrowderSouth Fork Holston River5 lbs., 03 oz.22 1/4
5/21/2005Fletcher GriffittsFlamingo Springs Pond4 lbs., 13 oz.
5/21/2005Danny BroughmanPrivate Pond4 lbs., 15 oz.
5/21/2005Windell DoylePigg River4 lbs., 01 oz.22
5/21/2005Shawn McNuttCripple Creek6 lbs.
5/21/2005William EdwardsCripple Creek5 lbs., 03 oz.
5/22/2005Preston PriceCripple Creek6 lbs., 12 oz.26 3/4
5/22/2005Malcolm AyersCripple Creek5 lbs., 09 oz.
5/22/2005Malcolm AyersCripple Creek4 lbs., 10 oz.
5/22/2005Clarence PriceSouth Fork Holston River6 lbs., 09 oz.
5/22/2005Sadie TalbertCripple Creek6 lbs., 04 oz.26
5/24/2005Donald BehelerPigg River5 lbs., 08 oz.
5/24/2005Ronnie DavisTates Run5 lbs.22
5/25/2005Craig RussellCripple Creek4 lbs., 06 oz.
5/25/2005Donald DorseyCripple Creek6 lbs., 03 oz.24
5/26/2005Michael Harper Jr.Cripple Creek6 lbs., 06 oz.23
5/26/2005Kevin SadlerCripple Creek7 lbs.24
5/26/2005Eric SchrockPigg River4 lbs., 09 oz.
5/26/2005Eric SchrockPigg River4 lbs., 04 oz.22 1/4
5/27/2005Christopher ScammellCripple Creek6 lbs., 01 oz.
5/27/2005Sandra Fields All Other Waters6 lbs., 08 oz.22 1/4
5/27/2005Shawn McNuttCripple Creek6 lbs., 08 oz.
5/27/2005Shawn McNuttCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.
5/27/2005Shawn McNuttCripple Creek6 lbs., 08 oz.
5/27/2005Shawn McNuttCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.
5/28/2005Bryan SaundersCripple Creek4 lbs., 09 oz.23
5/28/2005Bryan SaundersCripple Creek4 lbs., 05 oz.22
5/28/2005Archie BowmanCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.22
5/28/2005Noah WilsonFlamingo Springs Pond6 lbs., 14 oz.23
5/28/2005James McCormick, JrCripple Creek4 lbs., 09 oz.22
5/30/2005Barry Buckner, Sr.Private Pond4 lbs., 11 oz.23 1/4
5/30/2005Timothy GarwoodPrivate Pond4 lbs., 12 oz.22 3/4
5/30/2005Anthony LynchPigg River4 lbs., 05 oz.23 1/2
5/30/2005Scotty O'QuinnGreers Trout Pond4 lbs., 01 oz.22
5/30/2005Scotty O'QuinnGreers Trout Pond4 lbs.
5/30/2005Scotty O'QuinnGreers Trout Pond4 lbs.22 1/4
5/31/2005Donald Cornett All Other Waters5 lbs., 08 oz.22
5/31/2005Donald Cornett All Other Waters4 lbs., 04 oz.23 1/4
5/31/2005David BrownCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.22
6/1/2005Donald DorseyCripple Creek4 lbs., 09 oz.
6/1/2005Kenneth LawhornBig Piney5 lbs., 12 oz.22
6/1/2005Joshua HartPrivate Pond5 lbs., 05 oz.23
6/2/2005Thomas ParsellCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.22 1/2
6/2/2005Steven Showalter, Jr.Cripple Creek6 lbs., 10 oz.25 1/2
6/2/2005Gilbert SealCripple Creek5 lbs., 10 oz.25
6/2/2005Larry BatmanCripple Creek4 lbs., 03 oz.22
6/3/2005Terry PoffPrivate Pond23
6/3/2005Richard WilkinsonPrivate Pond5 lbs., 10 oz.24 1/2
6/3/2005Aaron Propps All Other Waters13 lbs., 14 oz.
6/3/2005Roger SnyderCedar Springs5 lbs., 04 oz.22 1/2
6/3/2005Derrick HarpineCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.23 1/4
6/3/2005Thomas ParsellCripple Creek7 lbs., 11 oz.25 1/2
6/3/2005Thomas ParsellCripple Creek5 lbs.23 1/2
6/4/2005Miles Gentry, Jr.Cripple Creek6 lbs., 09 oz.23
6/5/2005Ira LoweCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.22 1/2
6/5/2005Scotty O'QuinnCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.22
6/6/2005Micah JohnsonClinch River5 lbs.
6/6/2005Gary StoneCripple Creek6 lbs., 05 oz.26 1/2
6/6/2005Gary StoneCripple Creek5 lbs., 09 oz.25
6/6/2005Robert HurtCripple Creek5 lbs., 02 oz.22 1/2
6/7/2005Timothy NesterCrooked Creek7 lbs.26
6/7/2005James SkidmoreCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.
6/7/2005James SkidmoreCripple Creek4 lbs., 02 oz.
6/8/2005Steven LinkCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.23
6/9/2005Edward CaveCraig Creek22
6/11/2005Allen McGradyPigg River4 lbs., 06 oz.22 1/4
6/11/2005Allen McGradyPigg River6 lbs.25
6/11/2005Elise RoschenCripple Creek4 lbs., 06 oz.22 1/2
6/11/2005Emily RifePrivate Pond4 lbs., 02 oz.23
6/12/2005Richard WilkinsonPrivate Pond4 lbs., 04 oz.23 1/4
6/12/2005Will HelmickCripple Creek4 lbs., 01 oz.22 1/4
6/12/2005Will HelmickCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.22
6/12/2005Robert WellsCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.22
6/12/2005Robert WellsCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.
6/13/2005David HottingerCripple Creek4 lbs., 01 oz.
6/13/2005Michael RhodesCripple Creek4 lbs., 06 oz.
6/14/2005Elise RoschenCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.
6/14/2005Will HelmickCripple Creek4 lbs., 02 oz.22
6/14/2005Johnnie MooreCripple Creek8 lbs., 08 oz.25 1/2
6/14/2005Johnnie MooreCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.22
6/15/2005Will HelmickCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.22
6/15/2005Lewis CorbinCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.
6/15/2005Lewis CorbinCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.
6/15/2005Lewis CorbinCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.
6/15/2005Lewis CorbinCripple Creek6 lbs., 05 oz.24
6/15/2005Lewis CorbinCripple Creek8 lbs.26 1/4
6/15/2005Aaron Propps All Other Waters10 lbs., 07 oz.
6/16/2005Barry YostCripple Creek6 lbs., 10 oz.
6/16/2005Will HelmickCripple Creek4 lbs.22
6/18/2005Danny MarshallLittle Reed Island4 lbs., 14 oz.23
6/18/2005Michelle MarshallCripple Creek4 lbs., 03 oz.
6/18/2005Michelle MarshallCripple Creek5 lbs., 03 oz.23 1/2
6/18/2005Larry AltizerCrooked Creek7 lbs., 06 oz.25
6/23/2005Joe Lugar Jr.Cripple Creek9 lbs., 04 oz.
6/23/2005William Ritter, Sr.Philpott Lake5 lbs.23 1/2
6/23/2005Bert DennyCripple Creek4 lbs.22
6/26/2005Jeffrey Choate All Other Waters8 lbs.26 1/2
6/26/2005Jeremy DellingerCedar Creek5 lbs., 12 oz.24 3/4
6/26/2005Whitney DonithanCripple Creek8 lbs., 02 oz.25
6/27/2005Adam CaricoCrooked Creek6 lbs., 06 oz.22
6/27/2005Aaron Propps All Other Waters14 lbs., 06 oz.30 1/2
7/2/2005Will HelmickCripple Creek7 lbs., 04 oz.25
7/2/2005Edward RaynesCripple Creek4 lbs., 02 oz.
7/3/2005Steve GillispieCripple Creek5 lbs., 05 oz.
7/5/2005Robert Elam Jr.Cripple Creek4 lbs., 03 oz.
7/5/2005Jeremy GaulkeCripple Creek5 lbs., 12 oz.
7/5/2005Anthony FrancisCripple Creek4 lbs., 10 oz.22
7/5/2005Joshua GaulkeCripple Creek7 lbs.
7/6/2005Larry Lambert, Sr.Cripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.22 1/4
7/6/2005Larry Lambert, Sr.Cripple Creek4 lbs., 09 oz.22 3/4
7/6/2005Larry Lambert, Jr.Cripple Creek4 lbs., 01 oz.22
7/6/2005Larry Lambert, Jr.Cripple Creek8 lbs., 11 oz.27 1/4
7/8/2005Paula HaleCripple Creek5 lbs.22
7/8/2005Leonard RobinsonCripple Creek7 lbs., 04 oz.
7/8/2005Carl Bright, Jr.Cripple Creek6 lbs.24
7/9/2005William Beckner Jr.Cripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.22
7/9/2005William Beckner Jr.Cripple Creek4 lbs., 11 oz.
7/11/2005Will HelmickCedar Springs5 lbs., 04 oz.22 1/2
7/11/2005David KingCrooked Creek8 lbs., 07 oz.25
7/15/2005Bill BarnesCripple Creek6 lbs., 05 oz.24
7/15/2005Danny DuganCripple Creek4 lbs., 06 oz.22
7/15/2005Danny DuganCripple Creek5 lbs., 06 oz.25 1/4
7/15/2005Danny DuganCripple Creek4 lbs., 02 oz.
7/16/2005Roger SnyderCripple Creek4 lbs.22
7/17/2005Charles CannadaySmith River5 lbs., 07 oz.23
7/26/2005Jerry BlevinsPrivate Pond5 lbs., 02 oz.24 1/2
7/26/2005Jerry BlevinsPrivate Pond5 lbs., 08 oz.25
7/26/2005Gary OwenCripple Creek4 lbs., 05 oz.22 1/2
8/3/2005Justin WittenCripple Creek4 lbs.
8/3/2005Lonnie May, IIILake Moomaw4 lbs., 12 oz.23
8/4/2005David GuyCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.
8/4/2005David VanhoozerSouth Fork Holston River4 lbs., 09 oz.22
8/5/2005William NicarCripple Creek4 lbs., 11 oz.23 1/2
8/7/2005Billy Crawford, Sr.Private Pond4 lbs., 02 oz.22 1/4
8/8/2005Gary BoydCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.22
8/13/2005Stephen SpencerCrooked Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.22
8/14/2005Gary BoydCripple Creek6 lbs., 02 oz.23
8/14/2005Billy Crawford, Sr.Private Pond5 lbs., 06 oz.23
8/20/2005Andrew DorrinCripple Creek5 lbs., 12 oz.24
8/21/2005Billy Crawford, Sr.Private Pond5 lbs., 06 oz.23
8/22/2005Harold KeeneCedar Creek22 1/2
8/23/2005Allen DixonCrooked Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.22
8/23/2005Calvin Leon PlasterCrooked Creek22 1/2
8/24/2005Preston PriceCripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.25
8/26/2005Gary StonePrivate Pond6 lbs., 02 oz.24
8/26/2005Gary StonePrivate Pond7 lbs., 07 oz.26 3/4
8/26/2005Gary StonePrivate Pond4 lbs., 12 oz.22
8/26/2005Gary StoneCripple Creek4 lbs., 09 oz.
8/27/2005Jeffrey ErvinePrivate Pond24
8/27/2005Jeffrey ErvinePrivate Pond22
8/28/2005Greg ClarkCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.22
9/1/2005John O'NeillSouth River4 lbs., 07 oz.25
9/2/2005Joseph MitchellCripple Creek5 lbs.23
9/2/2005Joseph MitchellCripple Creek5 lbs.24
9/9/2005Will HelmickCedar Springs5 lbs.
9/10/2005Adam HowdyshellCripple Creek4 lbs., 02 oz.
9/10/2005Adam HowdyshellCripple Creek4 lbs.
9/13/2005Gary StoneCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.
9/13/2005Robert HurtCripple Creek22 1/2
9/13/2005Robert HurtCripple Creek5 lbs., 01 oz.23
9/13/2005Robert HurtCripple Creek4 lbs., 11 oz.22 1/4
9/14/2005Forest WeiantCripple Creek4 lbs., 06 oz.22
9/14/2005Forest WeiantCripple Creek4 lbs., 11 oz.23 1/4
9/14/2005David WeiantCripple Creek4 lbs., 09 oz.22 3/4
9/14/2005Robert HurtCripple Creek7 lbs., 01 oz.25
9/14/2005Robert HurtCripple Creek5 lbs., 10 oz.24
9/14/2005Robert HurtCripple Creek5 lbs., 03 oz.23
9/14/2005Robert HurtCripple Creek6 lbs., 15 oz.24 1/2
9/14/2005Gary StoneCripple Creek5 lbs., 08 oz.23
9/14/2005Gary StoneCripple Creek8 lbs., 03 oz.26
9/14/2005Tony RitchieCripple Creek9 lbs., 10 oz.27
9/14/2005Tony RitchieCripple Creek4 lbs.
9/15/2005Forest WeiantCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.19
9/17/2005Stanley PressleyCripple Creek5 lbs., 12 oz.
9/17/2005Stanley PressleyCripple Creek5 lbs., 09 oz.
9/17/2005Danny MarshallPrivate Pond5 lbs., 03 oz.22 1/2
9/17/2005James HensdellCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.22
9/17/2005Jeffrey ClontzCripple Creek4 lbs., 02 oz.22
9/19/2005Gary BoydCripple Creek4 lbs.22
9/22/2005Mark WoodsonCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.22
9/24/2005Brent LittenCripple Creek4 lbs.22 1/2
9/26/2005Ernest Schirmer Jr.Cripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.22 1/2
9/27/2005Harley Colley All Other Waters4 lbs., 04 oz.22 1/4
9/27/2005Ernest Schirmer Jr.Cripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.22
9/27/2005Ernest Schirmer Jr.Cripple Creek4 lbs., 05 oz.22
9/29/2005Steven LinkCripple Creek22 1/4
9/29/2005Mark ChildressPrivate Pond4 lbs., 01 oz.22
9/29/2005Rex HortonCrooked Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.23 1/2
9/30/2005David CarrCripple Creek5 lbs., 01 oz.
9/30/2005David CarrCripple Creek4 lbs., 02 oz.
10/4/2005Allen PeckCripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.24
10/7/2005Eric GreenCedar Creek4 lbs., 06 oz.24
10/12/2005Bill Gibbs, Jr.Private Pond5 lbs.
10/14/2005Andrew BowlesCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.
10/16/2005Jeffrey ClontzCedar Creek22
10/19/2005Sarah SadlerCripple Creek4 lbs., 15 oz.
10/19/2005David SadlerCripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.
10/22/2005Joseph RhodesCripple Creek4 lbs., 05 oz.
10/23/2005David CarrCripple Creek4 lbs., 02 oz.24
10/23/2005David CarrCripple Creek6 lbs., 04 oz.26 3/4
10/25/2005Chip CoffmanCripple Creek4 lbs., 03 oz.
10/25/2005Daniel Carr Jr.Cripple Creek4 lbs., 03 oz.22
10/26/2005Matthew ReedCripple Creek22 1/2
10/28/2005Glenn Perkins Jr.Cripple Creek4 lbs., 05 oz.
10/29/2005Charles ClickCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.22 1/4
10/30/2005William HainesCedar Springs5 lbs., 08 oz.25
10/30/2005Jeffrey ClontzCrooked Creek5 lbs., 06 oz.23 1/4
10/30/2005Jeffrey ClontzCrooked Creek22
10/30/2005Shawn BittingerLake Moomaw22
10/30/2005Justin WittenCripple Creek4 lbs., 12 oz.25
11/1/2005Donald EckelhoferCripple Creek6 lbs., 12 oz.23 1/2
11/1/2005Donald EckelhoferCripple Creek5 lbs., 12 oz.24 1/2
11/2/2005James Hudgins, Jr.Cripple Creek4 lbs., 01 oz.
11/2/2005James Hudgins, Jr.Cripple Creek5 lbs., 01 oz.23
11/2/2005Larry Lambert, Sr.Cripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.25
11/2/2005Larry Lambert, Sr.Cripple Creek6 lbs., 08 oz.26
11/2/2005Larry Lambert, Jr.Cripple Creek5 lbs., 08 oz.24
11/2/2005Larry Lambert, Jr.Cripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.23
11/5/2005Douglas SheltonCripple Creek5 lbs., 01 oz.25 1/2
11/5/2005Joseph NelsonCripple Creek5 lbs., 05 oz.22 1/2
11/5/2005Jesse LineberryCrooked Creek6 lbs., 08 oz.24 1/4
11/6/2005Windell DoyleCripple Creek4 lbs., 10 oz.22 1/4
11/7/2005Greg MullenCripple Creek5 lbs., 12 oz.24 3/4
11/7/2005Will HelmickCedar Springs4 lbs., 12 oz.24 1/2
11/8/2005Will HelmickCedar Springs4 lbs., 03 oz.
11/8/2005Will HelmickCedar Springs4 lbs., 04 oz.22
11/8/2005Will HelmickCedar Springs4 lbs., 05 oz.22 1/2
11/8/2005Will HelmickCedar Springs4 lbs., 08 oz.23 1/4
11/8/2005Will HelmickCedar Springs6 lbs.24 1/2
11/9/2005Lee HammersleyCedar Springs23
11/9/2005William BrandonCripple Creek5 lbs., 12 oz.24
11/9/2005Brent LundyCrooked Creek22
11/9/2005Eugene KlickCedar Springs4 lbs., 08 oz.24
11/9/2005Eugene KlickCedar Springs7 lbs., 08 oz.26
11/9/2005Todd Burns All Other Waters6 lbs., 06 oz.24
11/10/2005Jeffrey ErvinePrivate Pond24
11/11/2005Robert PattersonCripple Creek5 lbs., 05 oz.22 1/4
11/11/2005Timothy Applegate, Sr.Cedar Springs6 lbs., 09 oz.
11/11/2005Nic ApplegateCedar Springs4 lbs., 08 oz.22 3/4
11/12/2005Carter BrooksPigg River4 lbs., 04 oz.29
11/14/2005Larry Lambert, Sr.Cedar Springs6 lbs., 11 oz.26
11/14/2005Larry Lambert, Sr.Cedar Springs5 lbs., 03 oz.22
11/14/2005Larry Lambert, Sr.Cedar Springs4 lbs., 13 oz.22
11/14/2005Greg ClarkCripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.24
11/16/2005Gary StonePrivate Pond4 lbs., 15 oz.23
11/16/2005Gary StonePrivate Pond4 lbs., 15 oz.22
11/16/2005Gary StoneCripple Creek7 lbs., 02 oz.25
11/16/2005Gary StoneCripple Creek4 lbs., 06 oz.22
11/16/2005Robert HurtCripple Creek9 lbs.30
11/17/2005Robert HurtCripple Creek5 lbs., 03 oz.23
11/17/2005Gary StoneCripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.22
11/17/2005Gary StoneCripple Creek4 lbs., 11 oz.22
11/17/2005Danny PersianiCripple Creek22 1/4
11/18/2005Michael DriscollCripple Creek22
11/18/2005Morgan ShermanCripple Creek4 lbs., 07 oz.23
11/19/2005Michael DriscollCripple Creek22
11/21/2005Andrew BowlesCripple Creek4 lbs., 07 oz.
11/22/2005James Ferguson, Sr.Runnett Bag Creek22
11/22/2005Gary StoneCripple Creek6 lbs., 05 oz.
11/22/2005Gary StoneCripple Creek8 lbs., 01 oz.
11/23/2005Larry MathenaCripple Creek22 3/4
11/25/2005Tyler SurfaceCripple Creek4 lbs., 10 oz.25
11/25/2005Benny McAllisterCripple Creek6 lbs.26
11/25/2005Benny McAllisterCripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.24
11/25/2005Roger DooleyPigg River5 lbs., 12 oz.23 1/2
11/25/2005Edward McAllisterCripple Creek7 lbs.25 1/2
11/28/2005Thomas Sturdivant, Jr.Crooked Creek5 lbs., 08 oz.22 1/2
11/29/2005Larry Lambert, Sr.Cedar Springs5 lbs., 08 oz.22
11/29/2005Larry Lambert, Sr.Cedar Springs4 lbs., 08 oz.22 1/2
11/30/2005Ryan ZehrCripple Creek6 lbs., 06 oz.25
11/30/2005Ryan ZehrCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.23
11/30/2005Bill BarnesCripple Creek4 lbs., 01 oz.
11/30/2005Bill BarnesCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.22
11/30/2005Bill BarnesCripple Creek4 lbs., 04 oz.
11/30/2005Jonathan HagaCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.22 1/2
12/1/2005James SasserCripple Creek5 lbs., 08 oz.27
12/3/2005Mark PerduePigg River4 lbs., 12 oz.
12/7/2005Ray Turpin Jr.Cripple Creek6 lbs., 10 oz.23
12/8/2005Will HelmickCedar Springs4 lbs., 06 oz.23 1/4
12/8/2005Will HelmickCedar Springs4 lbs., 08 oz.22
12/8/2005Will HelmickCedar Springs5 lbs., 10 oz.24
12/13/2005Morgan ShermanCripple Creek4 lbs., 06 oz.
12/13/2005Morgan ShermanCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.22
12/13/2005Andrew BowlesCripple Creek4 lbs., 06 oz.
12/13/2005Andrew BowlesCripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.22
12/16/2005Danny DuganCripple Creek5 lbs., 11 oz.22
12/16/2005Danny DuganCripple Creek4 lbs., 13 oz.22 1/4
12/17/2005Danny DuganCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.25
12/17/2005Danny DuganCripple Creek5 lbs., 03 oz.23
12/18/2005Samantha Talbert All Other Waters7 lbs., 01 oz.27 1/4
12/23/2005Robert LoweCripple Creek7 lbs., 06 oz.
12/24/2005Michael GilliamPigg River4 lbs., 08 oz.
12/25/2005Randy Compton, IICripple Creek5 lbs., 03 oz.
12/26/2005Michael BryantCedar Springs4 lbs., 03 oz.22 1/4
12/27/2005Bernard Epperly, Jr.Cripple Creek6 lbs., 08 oz.26
12/28/2005Glenn Perkins Jr.Meadow Creek4 lbs., 11 oz.
12/29/2005William Denny Jr.Cripple Creek4 lbs., 01 oz.
12/29/2005William Denny Jr.Cripple Creek4 lbs., 02 oz.
12/29/2005William Denny Sr.Cripple Creek5 lbs., 10 oz.
12/29/2005William Denny Sr.Cripple Creek4 lbs., 07 oz.
12/29/2005Brittany DennyCripple Creek4 lbs., 02 oz.
12/29/2005Brittany DennyCripple Creek4 lbs., 01 oz.
12/29/2005Gary StoneCripple Creek7 lbs., 08 oz.27
12/30/2005Gary BakerCripple Creek4 lbs., 08 oz.
12/30/2005Gary BakerCripple Creek5 lbs., 04 oz.
12/31/2005Jeffrey DuncanCripple Creek5 lbs., 01 oz.

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