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Fish Citations

To view citations by species and body of water from 2020 to present day. Visit the Go Outdoors Virginia: Angler Recognition Program website. In the bottom left corner under “Trophy Catch Submissions” you can click to “view all” awarded citations.

Striped Bass

Date of CatchAnglerWaterbodyWeightLength
1/1/2010Creig Rogers Jr.Smith Mountain Lake38 1/2
3/17/2010Eric OstendorfSmith Mountain Lake22 lbs.37
3/21/2010Kevin FieldsJames River28 lbs.
3/21/2010Kevin FieldsJames River32 lbs.
3/27/2010Charles Jarvis Jr.James River21 lbs.38
3/30/2010Christopher HuffmanSmith Mountain Lake20 lbs., 04 oz.37 1/4
3/31/2010Pig PennJames River46 lbs.45 1/2
4/3/2010John ThomasSmith Mountain Lake37 1/4
4/4/2010Kelsy PadgettSmith Mountain Lake41
4/4/2010Charles Jarvis Jr.James River38 lbs.42 1/4
4/4/2010Larry WhitmireSmith Mountain Lake23 lbs.40
4/5/2010John ThomasSmith Mountain Lake38
4/5/2010Rossie Fishel, Jr.Smith Mountain Lake37 3/4
4/5/2010Gregory HabeebSmith Mountain Lake31 lbs.43
4/6/2010Gerald RunionJames River42
4/6/2010Larance AdamsJames River40
4/7/2010Terance AdamsJames River39
4/7/2010Abby AllenJames River26 lbs.40 1/2
4/8/2010Ralph Magee, Jr.James River25 lbs., 12 oz.40
4/8/2010Ralph Magee, Jr.James River25 lbs., 08 oz.41
4/8/2010Hayward MooreJames River24 lbs., 07 oz.38
4/8/2010Hayward MooreJames River29 lbs., 12 oz.42 1/4
4/8/2010L. Scott AdamsJames River40
4/9/2010Amanda WilliamsSmith Mountain Lake27 lbs.40
4/10/2010Mary JarvisJames River28 lbs.38 1/2
4/10/2010Steven MozuchaJames River23 lbs.40
4/10/2010Charles Jarvis Jr.James River21 lbs.38
4/11/2010Charles Jarvis Jr.James River27 lbs.41
4/11/2010Zachary CrumJames River39
4/11/2010Zachary CrumJames River37
4/11/2010Zachary CrumJames River37
4/11/2010K. W. FlowersJames River39
4/13/2010David MiedemaSmith Mountain Lake20 lbs., 08 oz.38
4/14/2010David FieldsSmith Mountain Lake38 1/4
4/15/2010Michael KatchamJames River26 lbs.37 1/2
4/15/2010Keith AllenJames River36 1/2
4/17/2010Charles Jarvis Jr.James River28 lbs.41 3/4
4/17/2010Rodney DavenportJames River26 lbs.40
4/17/2010Charles Jarvis, Sr.James River26 lbs.39 1/2
4/17/2010Mary JarvisJames River25 lbs.39 1/4
4/18/2010Michael CumberlandRappahannock River20 lbs., 01 oz.39 1/2
4/22/2010John RobertsonSmith Mountain Lake24 lbs., 08 oz.37 1/2
4/24/2010Charles Jarvis, Sr.James River21 lbs.37 3/4
4/25/2010Chris JonesSmith Mountain Lake30 lbs.40
4/26/2010Enoch Mounts, Sr.Smith Mountain Lake38
4/26/2010Trenton HottSmith Mountain Lake37
4/26/2010Harwell Hott, Jr.Smith Mountain Lake33 lbs., 02 oz.43
4/27/2010Jason McCormickSmith Mountain Lake22 lbs.40
4/27/2010Christopher MaySmith Mountain Lake23 lbs., 08 oz.37 1/2
4/28/2010Darian BrownJames River37
4/29/2010Mike Smith, Sr.Smith Mountain Lake24 lbs.38 1/2
4/30/2010Travis PatsellSmith Mountain Lake21 lbs., 13 oz.37
5/1/2010Corey PhillipsSmith Mountain Lake22 lbs.37 3/4
5/2/2010Danny RobinetteSmith Mountain Lake24 lbs.39
5/2/2010Richard Donovan, Jr.James River22 lbs.38 1/2
5/3/2010Robert BridgmanSmith Mountain Lake38
5/8/2010Riley Bennett, IIISmith Mountain Lake28 lbs.40
5/8/2010Anthony SmithLeesville Lake38 lbs.41
5/9/2010Michael WardSmith Mountain Lake37 1/4
5/13/2010Donald BufkaJames River40 1/2
5/15/2010Robert AdkinsSmith Mountain Lake24 lbs., 10 oz.40 3/4
5/15/2010Danny RobinetteSmith Mountain Lake37
5/16/2010Bradley PenceSmith Mountain Lake23 lbs.39
5/19/2010Jamie LewisSmith Mountain Lake37 1/4
5/19/2010William ReichardSmith Mountain Lake37 3/4
5/21/2010Peggy WellsSmith Mountain Lake22 lbs., 01 oz.39
5/22/2010Steven LovellNew River24 lbs., 06 oz.42 1/2
5/22/2010Robert Durham Jr.Lake Gaston24 lbs., 01 oz.38
5/24/2010John WhittemoreSmith Mountain Lake29 lbs.41 1/2
5/28/2010Macky MaySmith Mountain Lake22 lbs., 06 oz.38 1/2
5/29/2010Jackie Pugh, Jr.Smith Mountain Lake38 1/4
5/29/2010William TalbertSmith Mountain Lake22 lbs.39
5/29/2010Benjamin Musgrove, Jr.Smith Mountain Lake22 lbs.39 1/2
5/29/2010Sherman SammonsSmith Mountain Lake20 lbs., 04 oz.38
5/30/2010Ralph BartonSmith Mountain Lake41
5/30/2010Rodney Mullins, Jr.Smith Mountain Lake37 3/4
5/30/2010Jackie Pugh, Jr.Smith Mountain Lake39
6/5/2010Erich J. P. FaberSmith Mountain Lake20 lbs.36 1/2
6/5/2010William RolfeSmith Mountain Lake38 1/2
6/7/2010Macky MaySmith Mountain Lake20 lbs., 08 oz.37 1/2
6/10/2010Lawrence MichaelSmith Mountain Lake22 lbs.39
6/11/2010Robert MichaelSmith Mountain Lake21 lbs.38
6/12/2010Justin Altice, Sr.Smith Mountain Lake20 lbs., 03 oz.39 1/2
6/13/2010Michael FlemingSmith Mountain Lake20 lbs.36
6/13/2010Carroll HendrixSmith Mountain Lake22 lbs., 09 oz.38
6/15/2010David CottleSmith Mountain Lake37 1/2
6/16/2010Jackie Pugh, Jr.Smith Mountain Lake41
6/16/2010Spencer PughSmith Mountain Lake37
6/18/2010Blaine ChitwoodSmith Mountain Lake39
6/19/2010Theresa PerdueSmith Mountain Lake37 1/4
6/19/2010Travis PatsellSmith Mountain Lake37
6/20/2010Brad RedfootSmith Mountain Lake38
6/21/2010Kelly MillsSmith Mountain Lake37 1/4
6/22/2010Trenton HottSmith Mountain Lake22 lbs., 6 oz.39
6/22/2010Trevor HoltSmith Mountain Lake24 lbs., 8 oz.42
6/23/2010Stephen MiklandricSmith Mountain Lake37
6/23/2010Stephen MiklandricSmith Mountain Lake37
6/28/2010Benjamin HottSmith Mountain Lake21 lbs.38
6/29/2010Earnie Heatwole, Jr.Smith Mountain Lake37 1/2
6/30/2010Robert RoweSmith Mountain Lake38
6/30/2010Harwell Hott, Jr.Smith Mountain Lake23 lbs., 5 oz.39
7/2/2010John ThomasSmith Mountain Lake37 1/4
7/2/2010Michael VickSmith Mountain Lake21 lbs.38
7/5/2010John ThomasSmith Mountain Lake21 lbs., 04 oz.39 1/4
7/9/2010Dennis SheltonClaytor Lake39
7/10/2010Jacob PhillipsSmith Mountain Lake37
7/11/2010John Ocheltree, Jr.Smith Mountain Lake37 1/4
7/15/2010Harvey Altice, Jr.Smith Mountain Lake38
7/18/2010John ThomasSmith Mountain Lake26 lbs.40 1/4
7/20/2010Timothy ReynoldsSmith Mountain Lake20 lbs., 08 oz.39
7/24/2010Matthew ReynoldsSmith Mountain Lake38
7/24/2010Travis KnottSmith Mountain Lake37 1/2
7/26/2010Brian KeeslingSmith Mountain Lake38 1/2
8/21/2010Ronald Viers, Sr.Smith Mountain Lake38 1/4
8/24/2010Matthew ReynoldsSmith Mountain Lake21 lbs., 8 oz.37
9/3/2010Sidney McCuneSmith Mountain Lake20 lbs., 8 oz.37
9/12/2010Sherman SammonsSmith Mountain Lake21 lbs.39
9/12/2010Ronald Graves, Jr.Smith Mountain Lake18 lbs., 09 oz.40
9/19/2010Shawn MurphySmith Mountain Lake38 1/4
9/21/2010Peggy WellsSmith Mountain Lake39
10/9/2010Timothy McMillian, Sr.Smith Mountain Lake22 lbs.38
10/11/2010Grady Robbins IIIClaytor Lake25 lbs., 5 oz.40
10/15/2010Jeffery LovingClaytor Lake25 lbs., 4 oz.39 1/4
10/27/2010Jerry MabryClaytor Lake21 lbs., 5 oz.37
11/5/2010Gerald SlaughterSmith Mountain Lake37
11/7/2010Jeffrey FulcherSmith Mountain Lake38 1/4
11/7/2010Nolan FreemanClaytor Lake29 lbs., 8 oz.41 3/4
11/9/2010Gregory McCantsSmith Mountain Lake39 1/2
11/11/2010Fletcher Hardy, IIIClaytor Lake38 1/4
11/13/2010Bruce VanArsdaleClaytor Lake22 lbs., 5 oz.38 1/4
11/14/2010Anna Bufka All Other Waters35 lbs.43
11/22/2010Richard HutchinsSmith Mountain Lake37 1/2
11/25/2010Lucas CollinsSmith Mountain Lake20 lbs., 10 oz.39 1/2
11/27/2010Joe CrouchSmith Mountain Lake39 1/4
11/28/2010Jimmy Hailey, Jr.Claytor Lake28 lbs.
12/2/2010Tim DrakeJames River23 lbs.38
12/11/2010Jacob Bufka All Other Waters32 lbs.40
12/19/2010Joseph Church Jr.Lake Gaston23 lbs.34 3/4
12/31/2010Ernest Downey, Jr.Smith Mountain Lake37 1/4

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