Fish Citations

To view citations by species and body of water from 2020 to present day, visit the Go Outdoors Virginia: Angler Recognition Program website. In the bottom left corner under “Trophy Catch Submissions” you can click to view all awarded citations and sort by species or body of water.

Striped Bass

Date of CatchAnglerWaterbodyWeightLength
2/8/2017Lyle AndersonSmith Mountain Lake22 lbs.38 1/2
2/8/2017Adam AndersonSmith Mountain Lake25 lbs.40
2/18/2017Roger Smith Jr.Smith Mountain Lake22 lbs.38 1/2
2/18/2017Earl ThackerSmith Mountain Lake23 lbs.
2/24/2017Michael PendletonSmith Mountain Lake24 lbs., 8 oz.39
3/8/2017Christopher BoltSmith Mountain Lake19 lbs.37
3/24/2017Zachary EasterSmith Mountain Lake37 1/4
4/5/2017Bruce ElliottJames River44 lbs., 8 oz.43
4/13/2017Virginia BrothersSmith Mountain Lake26 lbs.39 1/4
4/22/2017James Gray Jr.Smith Mountain Lake38 3/4
4/30/2017Douglas HolroydSmith Mountain Lake22 lbs.37 1/4
5/7/2017David KincerSmith Mountain Lake38 3/4
6/3/2017Lucas RobertsBlackwater River37
6/12/2017Charles TregerStaunton River22 lbs.38
6/15/2017Grayson HeinemanSmith Mountain Lake37 3/4
6/16/2017Michael SpencerClaytor Lake40 lbs., 2 oz.43 1/4
6/16/2017Connor WeidingerSmith Mountain Lake21 lbs., 8 oz.38 1/2
6/17/2017David BoorSmith Mountain Lake37
6/18/2017Kaitlyn EllisSmith Mountain Lake19 lbs., 4 oz.38 1/4
6/20/2017James WinpisingerSmith Mountain Lake22 lbs., 2 oz.40
6/21/2017Matthew ReynoldsSmith Mountain Lake37 1/4
6/25/2017Mike FowlerLittle Creek Reservoir29 lbs., 5 oz.42
6/26/2017Tyler FerrellSmith Mountain Lake21 lbs.37 1/2
7/1/2017Kenneth SalleySmith Mountain Lake24 lbs., 8 oz.38
7/2/2017Kristen StineSmith Mountain Lake37 1/4
7/7/2017Kaine WatsonSmith Mountain Lake20 lbs.37 1/4
7/8/2017Timothy ReynoldsSmith Mountain Lake19 lbs., 4 oz.37 1/4
7/10/2017Timothy ReynoldsSmith Mountain Lake25 lbs., 5 oz.38 1/2
7/12/2017Timothy ReynoldsSmith Mountain Lake19 lbs., 13 oz.37 1/4
7/12/2017Timothy ReynoldsSmith Mountain Lake21 lbs., 3 oz.38
7/12/2017Timothy ReynoldsSmith Mountain Lake25 lbs., 13 oz.40 1/2
7/14/2017Harwell Hott JrSmith Mountain Lake22 lbs.38
7/14/2017Harwell Hott JrSmith Mountain Lake24 lbs.40 1/2
7/20/2017Trenton HottSmith Mountain Lake22 lbs., 8 oz.38 1/2
7/22/2017Trevor HottSmith Mountain Lake35 lbs.42
7/24/2017Harwell Hott JrSmith Mountain Lake22 lbs.38 1/2
8/24/2017John BroderickSmith Mountain Lake23 lbs., 12 oz.38 3/4
8/25/2017Charles BrammerRoanoke River22 lbs., 8 oz.40
8/28/2017Robert ShueySmith Mountain Lake21 lbs.40
8/30/2017Steve SheetzSmith Mountain Lake37
9/18/2017Victor WellsSmith Mountain Lake20 lbs.37 1/2
9/26/2017Kenneth YoungSmith Mountain Lake38 3/4
9/26/2017Kenneth YoungSmith Mountain Lake37 1/2
10/14/2017Jared CopeWaller Mill Reservoir20 lbs., 10 oz.37 1/2
10/17/2017John BakerSmith Mountain Lake20 lbs., 6 oz.37 1/4
10/17/2017Jeffrey MeliusPrivate Pond38
10/28/2017Rebecca WardSmith Mountain Lake19 lbs., 4 oz.37 3/4
11/2/2017Sandra CalhounClaytor Lake37 1/4
11/2/2017David MarsicoSmith Mountain Lake38
11/12/2017Bruce BranhamSmith Mountain Lake37 1/4
12/2/2017Lloyd LowderSmith Mountain Lake19 lbs., 4 oz.37
12/2/2017Mark BagbySmith Mountain Lake22 lbs., 5 oz.38
12/9/2017Lauren EstesSmith Mountain Lake22 lbs.37 1/2
12/14/2017Leewood Davis, SrLake Anna20 lbs., 4 oz.37
12/21/2017Loren Wayne RobinsonClaytor Lake28 lbs.38
12/29/2017Michael CardwellSmith Mountain Lake20 lbs.37 1/2

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