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Fish Citations

To view citations by species and body of water from 2020 to present day. Visit the Go Outdoors Virginia: Angler Recognition Program website. In the bottom left corner under “Trophy Catch Submissions” you can click to “view all” awarded citations.


Date of CatchAnglerSpeciesWeightLength
1/10/2001Timothy Frink Jr.Brook Trout16 1/4
1/10/2001Timothy Frink Jr.Brook Trout2 lbs., 04 oz.17
1/18/2001Kevin ComptonBrook Trout3 lbs., 07 oz.17
1/21/2001Kevin HallBrook Trout2 lbs., 12 oz.18
1/25/2001Aaron WillRainbow Trout4 lbs., 04 oz.
1/27/2001Frazier StreichChain Pickerel5 lbs., 02 oz.25 1/2
1/27/2001Casey HeasterChain Pickerel4 lbs., 09 oz.24 3/4
1/27/2001Charles EakinRainbow Trout5 lbs., 04 oz.
1/28/2001Matthew SoutherlyBrook Trout2 lbs., 12 oz.17
1/29/2001Adam HowardRainbow Trout4 lbs., 12 oz.
1/30/2001Kevin ComptonBrown Trout5 lbs.22
2/1/2001Dusty DunganYellow Perch12 1/4
2/1/2001Dusty DunganChain Pickerel24 1/4
2/2/2001Dr. Robert McClanahan, Jr.Brook Trout2 lbs., 01 oz.
2/3/2001Harry Wolfe Jr.Rainbow Trout4 lbs., 12 oz.
2/3/2001William GravelyRainbow Trout5 lbs., 02 oz.
2/3/2001William GravelyRainbow Trout4 lbs., 14 oz.
2/7/2001Dennis ShankBrook Trout3 lbs., 14 oz.19
2/7/2001Charles CrawfordBrook Trout2 lbs., 09 oz.17
2/8/2001Andrew Malbone, Jr.Rainbow Trout6 lbs., 08 oz.20 1/2
2/8/2001Victoria SteenRainbow Trout6 lbs., 12 oz.
2/8/2001Thomas GarthBrook Trout2 lbs., 05 oz.
2/10/2001Jeffrey BeerRainbow Trout5 lbs., 15 oz.
2/10/2001Thomas GarthBrook Trout2 lbs., 12 oz.17
2/10/2001David CarrBrook Trout2 lbs., 04 oz.16
2/14/2001Larry SoursRainbow Trout5 lbs., 12 oz.23
2/16/2001Jeffrey BrownRainbow Trout4 lbs., 05 oz.
2/17/2001Andrew CoxRainbow Trout23 3/4
2/17/2001Thomas GarthBrook Trout2 lbs., 04 oz.
2/17/2001Todd AtkinsRainbow Trout7 lbs., 03 oz.25
2/17/2001Rolland Cox Jr.Rainbow Trout9 lbs.
2/17/2001Rusty LewisRainbow Trout4 lbs.
2/18/2001Victoria SteenRainbow Trout9 lbs., 04 oz.
2/19/2001Henry Arthur, IVLargemouth Bass24
2/19/2001Tiffany WrightRainbow Trout4 lbs., 05 oz.
2/20/2001Larry SoursRainbow Trout8 lbs., 01 oz.23 1/2
2/20/2001Paul MinterChain Pickerel24 3/4
2/20/2001Larry IngallsChain Pickerel24
2/21/2001Michael ParkerBrook Trout2 lbs., 05 oz.17
2/24/2001Ethan JonesBrook Trout2 lbs., 04 oz.18
2/24/2001Anthony OakesLargemouth Bass23 1/2
2/24/2001Anthony OakesLargemouth Bass22 3/4
2/28/2001Kevin BowmanRainbow Trout6 lbs., 06 oz.27 1/2
3/1/2001Howard McGowanBrook Trout16 1/2
3/1/2001Ronald Call, Sr.Yellow Perch12 3/4
3/1/2001Ronald Call, Sr.Yellow Perch12 1/4
3/1/2001Rodney SissonRainbow Trout6 lbs.22 1/2
3/3/2001Jeffrey CroushornBrook Trout2 lbs., 03 oz.16
3/3/2001Warren Lloyd Sr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs.23
3/3/2001Dorman Mongold, Jr.Brook Trout2 lbs., 08 oz.18
3/3/2001Willis YatesSmallmouth Bass5 lbs., 06 oz.22
3/3/2001Gregory LehmanYellow Perch1 lbs., 08 oz.
3/4/2001Allen Ruths Sr.Rainbow Trout5 lbs., 09 oz.24 1/4
3/9/2001Anthony ShowkerBrook Trout2 lbs.
3/9/2001Anthony ShowkerRainbow Trout4 lbs., 08 oz.
3/9/2001John Twohig, IIIChain Pickerel4 lbs., 10 oz.26
3/10/2001Randall MoseleyLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 15 oz.22 1/4
3/10/2001Jeffrey CroushornBrook Trout2 lbs., 01 oz.16 1/4
3/10/2001Jeffrey CroushornBrook Trout2 lbs.16
3/10/2001Timothy Conley, Jr.Carp25 lbs., 06 oz.35 1/4
3/11/2001Thomas Brockwell Jr.Largemouth Bass22
3/11/2001Anthony OakesLargemouth Bass24 1/4
3/11/2001Tommie WilesBrook Trout2 lbs., 08 oz.18
3/12/2001James Whiteside IIIRainbow Trout4 lbs., 08 oz.
3/13/2001Robert CurtisRainbow Trout5 lbs., 12 oz.23 1/4
3/14/2001Alan HarringtonBrook Trout16 1/2
3/14/2001Kenneth CampbellRainbow Trout5 lbs.22
3/15/2001Kenneth CampbellRainbow Trout4 lbs., 02 oz.
3/15/2001Charles Simms, Jr.Smallmouth Bass20 1/2
3/16/2001Carl BrownRainbow Trout5 lbs., 05 oz.22 1/2
3/17/2001Joseph Butor, Sr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 04 oz.23 1/2
3/17/2001Jeffrey CroushornBrook Trout2 lbs., 05 oz.16 1/2
3/17/2001Curtis RossBowfin30 1/2
3/17/2001Adam ErnstRainbow Trout5 lbs., 06 oz.24 1/2
3/17/2001James CarnealCrappie2 lbs.15 1/4
3/19/2001Timothy OverstreetBrook Trout2 lbs., 07 oz.17 1/2
3/21/2001Douglas JohnsonLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 12 oz.23 1/4
3/24/2001Kevin SprinkleBrook Trout3 lbs., 02 oz.21 3/4
3/25/2001Charles Simms, Jr.Smallmouth Bass20 1/4
3/25/2001Michael HuntBrook Trout16
3/26/2001Kevin BowmanRainbow Trout4 lbs., 14 oz.24
3/26/2001Charles Simms, Jr.Smallmouth Bass21 1/2
3/26/2001Timothy RutherfordRainbow Trout4 lbs., 11 oz.22
3/27/2001Robert MarreroRainbow Trout3 lbs.22 1/4
3/27/2001George SicheriRainbow Trout4 lbs., 03 oz.24
3/28/2001Kristina DavisYellow Perch12
3/30/2001Richard MontgomeryChannel Catfish12 lbs., 12 oz.30 1/2
3/30/2001Richard MontgomeryChannel Catfish12 lbs., 02 oz.31 1/2
3/30/2001Richard MontgomeryChannel Catfish12 lbs., 09 oz.30 1/2
3/30/2001Bryan RileyChain Pickerel24 1/2
3/30/2001Mark FrazierCrappie2 lbs., 02 oz.15 1/2
4/3/2001Douglas JohnsonLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 12 oz.23 1/2
4/7/2001Kali PriceRainbow Trout4 lbs., 15 oz.22
4/8/2001Roger Brooks, Jr.Crappie2 lbs., 02 oz.15 3/4
4/10/2001Elwood LamLargemouth Bass22
4/11/2001Zachary KeeneyCrappie2 lbs.
4/12/2001Daniel SmileyBrown Trout6 lbs., 05 oz.
4/12/2001Scott LarkLargemouth Bass22 1/4
4/13/2001Larry ForresterLargemouth Bass23
4/13/2001Elwood LamBrook Trout16 1/2
4/14/2001Samuel WadeCrappie3 lbs.18
4/14/2001Samuel WadeCrappie3 lbs., 08 oz.18
4/14/2001Charles PayneBrook Trout2 lbs., 15 oz.18
4/14/2001Barbara HelmickRainbow Trout22 1/4
4/14/2001Larry ForresterLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 12 oz.24
4/15/2001Peter AlskoSunfish1 lbs., 02 oz.11 1/2
4/20/2001Dusty VadenLargemouth Bass22 3/4
4/21/2001Roy McVeyLargemouth Bass22 1/2
4/21/2001Haven TinglerBrook Trout16 1/2
4/21/2001Haven TinglerBrook Trout16
4/21/2001Claude Monger Jr.Brook Trout2 lbs., 08 oz.17 1/2
4/21/2001James Ferguson, Sr.Brook Trout16
4/21/2001James McLaughlinBrook Trout16 1/2
4/21/2001James McLaughlinBrook Trout17 1/2
4/21/2001Michael ParkerBrook Trout16
4/22/2001Emmett Muse Jr.Brook Trout2 lbs., 04 oz.18
4/22/2001Hal RaglandLargemouth Bass9 lbs., 11 oz.24 3/4
4/24/2001James Tyree, Sr.Crappie2 lbs., 14 oz.15 1/2
4/24/2001Curtis CookBrook Trout2 lbs., 03 oz.17
4/26/2001Alvis Foley IIICrappie15 1/2
4/27/2001Kevin LoweBrook Trout2 lbs., 07 oz.16 1/4
4/28/2001Tony JensenLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 10 oz.23 1/4
4/28/2001Payschal SteppChain Pickerel25 1/2
4/28/2001Robert JensenLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 02 oz.22 1/2
4/29/2001Joseph FortuneYellow Perch12 1/4
4/30/2001Randy Sadler, Jr.Brook Trout2 lbs., 01 oz.17
5/1/2001Betty MayRainbow Trout8 lbs., 08 oz.24 1/4
5/1/2001Dino Hallmark, Sr.Bowfin34
5/1/2001Dino Hallmark, Sr.Bowfin32 1/4
5/2/2001Michael ParkerBrook Trout16
5/3/2001Mark ShabmanChain Pickerel26 1/2
5/4/2001Jerry DavisSmallmouth Bass7 lbs., 06 oz.21 1/4
5/5/2001Steven Burch, Jr.Brook Trout2 lbs., 06 oz.16 3/4
5/5/2001Steven Burch, Jr.Brook Trout2 lbs., 04 oz.16 1/4
5/5/2001Steven Burch, Jr.Brook Trout2 lbs.
5/5/2001Steven Burch, Jr.Rainbow Trout4 lbs.
5/5/2001Joseph GormleyChannel Catfish13 lbs., 08 oz.32
5/5/2001Mark Allen HillLargemouth Bass24
5/5/2001David SlusserCrappie15
5/5/2001William Henry, Jr.Gar43
5/5/2001Ethan ClineYellow Perch13 1/2
5/5/2001Donald AkerRainbow Trout4 lbs., 06 oz.22
5/6/2001Donald JenkinsSunfish11 1/4
5/6/2001Spencer MusickBrown Trout6 lbs., 08 oz.23
5/8/2001Gregory DorseyCrappie15
5/9/2001Curtis CookBrook Trout2 lbs., 01 oz.17
5/9/2001Christopher Stanley Sr.Largemouth Bass22
5/10/2001Michael ParkerBrook Trout16 3/4
5/10/2001Chester PhippsWalleye7 lbs.27
5/10/2001Ethan ClineYellow Perch1 lbs., 08 oz.14
5/10/2001Steven StoneBrook Trout2 lbs., 15 oz.17
5/11/2001Nicole FrinkBrook Trout2 lbs., 01 oz.
5/11/2001Timothy SullivanBrook Trout2 lbs., 04 oz.16
5/13/2001William McFarlaneRainbow Trout4 lbs.22
5/15/2001Damon Shelton Jr.Brook Trout17
5/15/2001Damon Shelton Jr.Brook Trout16 1/4
5/15/2001Kyle SheltonBrook Trout16
5/16/2001Michael ParkerBrook Trout2 lbs., 07 oz.17
5/16/2001Hadley OwensBrown Trout5 lbs., 03 oz.
5/16/2001Lana OwensBrook Trout3 lbs., 08 oz.20 1/2
5/18/2001Anthony NelsonBrook Trout2 lbs., 01 oz.16 1/2
5/18/2001Elwood LamLargemouth Bass25 1/2
5/19/2001Archie BowmanRainbow Trout4 lbs., 03 oz.21
5/19/2001Robert Conner, Jr.Brook Trout2 lbs., 01 oz.16 3/4
5/19/2001Richard LeeperLargemouth Bass24
5/19/2001Gregory MillerLargemouth Bass22 1/2
5/19/2001Kenneth CosbyLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 08 oz.23 1/2
5/20/2001William GoldsmithChain Pickerel5 lbs.26 1/2
5/20/2001Archie BowmanRainbow Trout4 lbs.20
5/20/2001Jerry InsleyYellow Perch1 lbs., 04 oz.11 3/4
5/22/2001Christopher Stanley Sr.Largemouth Bass22
5/22/2001William LambertLargemouth Bass23
5/24/2001Jared ThackerLargemouth Bass9 lbs.
5/24/2001Samuel MellichampeBowfin32
5/25/2001James Hall Jr.Channel Catfish30 1/4
5/26/2001James PublicoverChannel Catfish14 lbs., 08 oz.37 1/2
5/26/2001Rodney AtkinsBrook Trout2 lbs., 01 oz.17
5/27/2001Albert Jenkins Jr.Largemouth Bass23 1/2
5/27/2001John GagliardiBlue Catfish34
5/28/2001Kevin ComptonRainbow Trout4 lbs.
5/29/2001Kevin ComptonRainbow Trout4 lbs., 12 oz.22
5/29/2001Charles RobensRainbow Trout4 lbs.22
5/29/2001Charles RobensRainbow Trout5 lbs., 04 oz.23
5/31/2001Imojean ManuelBrook Trout2 lbs., 04 oz.18
6/1/2001James Hudgins, Jr.Brook Trout3 lbs.17 1/2
6/1/2001Tony JensenLargemouth Bass24
6/1/2001Joseph CollinsBrook Trout16 1/4
6/2/2001Randy PoliskyLargemouth Bass22 1/2
6/2/2001Robert DodgeLargemouth Bass24
6/4/2001Ronald LawsonLargemouth Bass22 1/2
6/4/2001Jerry InsleyYellow Perch1 lbs., 06 oz.12
6/4/2001Luanne BraggSunfish1 lbs., 01 oz.12 1/2
6/4/2001Luanne BraggSunfish1 lbs.12 1/4
6/9/2001Richard Mills Jr.Largemouth Bass23
6/10/2001Gregory TuckFlathead Catfish28 lbs., 10 oz.40
6/11/2001Samuel MellichampeBowfin30 1/2
6/12/2001Haven TinglerSmallmouth Bass20
6/12/2001Seth WhorleyBrook Trout2 lbs., 14 oz.
6/13/2001Roger Kinder, Sr.Blue Catfish35 1/4
6/14/2001Kevin ComptonBrook Trout2 lbs., 10 oz.17
6/14/2001Kevin ComptonRainbow Trout5 lbs.
6/14/2001Kevin ComptonRainbow Trout5 lbs., 07 oz.22
6/16/2001Henry RoadcapChannel Catfish40 1/4
6/17/2001John PayneCrappie15
6/19/2001Ricky Kinder, Sr.Carp34 3/4
6/23/2001Dean ClarkChannel Catfish12 lbs., 03 oz.31
6/23/2001Clarence YostLargemouth Bass22 1/2
6/24/2001Samuel MellichampeLargemouth Bass22 1/4
6/24/2001Logan JosephChannel Catfish14 lbs., 08 oz.31 1/2
6/25/2001Samuel MellichampeLargemouth Bass22 3/4
6/25/2001James Patton, Sr.Largemouth Bass22 1/4
6/30/2001Henry RoadcapChannel Catfish32
6/30/2001Tom TempleSunfish2 lbs.14
7/4/2001David FloraSmallmouth Bass20 3/4
7/9/2001James Pennix, Sr.Carp32 lbs., 08 oz.
7/10/2001Russell IrwinLargemouth Bass23 1/4
7/10/2001Michael HendricksonRainbow Trout4 lbs., 13 oz.22
7/13/2001Matthew WhiteChannel Catfish31
7/19/2001Jerry Bullins, Sr.Smallmouth Bass21 1/2
7/20/2001Jeffrey SmithSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
7/21/2001Will Snead IVSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
7/24/2001Kevin ComptonRainbow Trout4 lbs., 10 oz.
7/28/2001Brian BeardSunfish13
7/28/2001Brian BeardSunfish12 1/2
7/28/2001Brian BeardSunfish11 1/2
7/28/2001Tracey BeardSunfish12
7/30/2001Robert HowardLargemouth Bass22 1/4
7/31/2001Forrest KnightSunfish1 lbs.11
8/1/2001Robert Winckler, Jr.Largemouth Bass9 lbs., 06 oz.25
8/1/2001Gary ReedLargemouth Bass24 1/2
8/3/2001Samuel MellichampeLargemouth Bass22
8/4/2001Daniel RenstromChain Pickerel25 1/4
8/12/2001Warren PattersonSmallmouth Bass5 lbs.21 1/4
8/12/2001Michael CampbellChannel Catfish15 lbs., 04 oz.35
8/14/2001Michael LoweRainbow Trout4 lbs., 12 oz.22
8/16/2001Timothy StinsonRainbow Trout4 lbs., 05 oz.21
8/16/2001Timothy StinsonBrook Trout2 lbs., 08 oz.17 1/4
8/16/2001Kevin ComptonRainbow Trout5 lbs., 02 oz.
8/16/2001Kevin ComptonBrown Trout6 lbs., 06 oz.23
8/16/2001Kevin ComptonBrook Trout2 lbs., 05 oz.18
8/16/2001James KinderRainbow Trout6 lbs., 12 oz.24
8/17/2001Alan HarringtonRainbow Trout5 lbs., 08 oz.23
8/17/2001April BoardwineRainbow Trout4 lbs., 11 oz.22
8/19/2001Alan HarringtonNorthern Pike6 lbs., 14 oz.30
8/19/2001Melvin Hutchinson Jr.Chain Pickerel24
8/19/2001Angel CashLargemouth Bass22
8/22/2001Melvin Hutchinson Jr.Chain Pickerel25 1/4
8/22/2001Melvin Hutchinson Jr.Chain Pickerel24 3/4
8/22/2001Larry RobbinsRainbow Trout22
8/23/2001Dennis WhiteBlue Catfish30 lbs., 15 oz.
8/26/2001Danny Towe, Sr.Channel Catfish12 lbs., 03 oz.33 1/4
8/28/2001Randy RitterChannel Catfish13 lbs.30
9/2/2001Reginald PryorSmallmouth Bass20
9/2/2001Anthony Stewart IILargemouth Bass10 lbs., 13 oz.23 1/2
9/4/2001Larry RobbinsYellow Perch12 1/4
9/4/2001Larry RobbinsYellow Perch1 lbs., 07 oz.13 1/2
9/5/2001Herbert BreedenYellow Perch12 1/4
9/8/2001David Hiner Jr.Channel Catfish22 lbs., 04 oz.38
9/8/2001Alfred GoodeLargemouth Bass22 1/4
9/8/2001Carl Todd Jr.Brook Trout2 lbs., 03 oz.16 1/4
9/9/2001Christopher McManusCrappie2 lbs., 08 oz.16 3/4
9/10/2001Kevin ComptonBrook Trout3 lbs.17 1/2
9/10/2001Kevin ComptonBrown Trout11 lbs., 12 oz.28
9/10/2001Kevin ComptonBrown Trout7 lbs., 11 oz.24
9/11/2001Charles RobensRainbow Trout4 lbs., 11 oz.22
9/11/2001Charles RobensRainbow Trout5 lbs., 07 oz.23
9/16/2001Joe Cabell, Sr.Blue Catfish28 lbs.38
9/16/2001DeWayne SmithRainbow Trout5 lbs., 11 oz.
9/19/2001Mark PearceBlue Catfish20 lbs., 08 oz.36
9/29/2001Curtis BlackLargemouth Bass23
9/30/2001Archie BowmanRainbow Trout4 lbs., 08 oz.22 1/2
10/2/2001Kevin ComptonRainbow Trout4 lbs.
10/2/2001Kevin ComptonRainbow Trout5 lbs., 05 oz.24
10/2/2001Kevin ComptonRainbow Trout4 lbs., 03 oz.22
10/2/2001Kevin ComptonRainbow Trout4 lbs., 13 oz.22
10/2/2001Kevin ComptonRainbow Trout4 lbs., 12 oz.23
10/2/2001Kevin ComptonRainbow Trout4 lbs., 10 oz.22
10/2/2001Charles RobensRainbow Trout4 lbs., 07 oz.22
10/2/2001Charles RobensRainbow Trout23
10/3/2001Charles RobensRainbow Trout5 lbs., 15 oz.24 1/2
10/3/2001Charles RobensRainbow Trout5 lbs., 10 oz.23
10/3/2001Charles RobensRainbow Trout5 lbs., 07 oz.23 1/2
10/3/2001Christopher Norman-RoweCarp25 lbs.36 1/2
10/3/2001Kevin ComptonRainbow Trout4 lbs., 07 oz.
10/3/2001Kevin ComptonRainbow Trout5 lbs., 06 oz.23
10/3/2001Kevin ComptonRainbow Trout4 lbs., 13 oz.22
10/3/2001Kevin ComptonRainbow Trout6 lbs., 06 oz.25
10/3/2001William LongBrook Trout2 lbs., 08 oz.18
10/3/2001William LongBrook Trout5 lbs.22
10/4/2001Douglas CamposCrappie2 lbs., 04 oz.16 1/2
10/7/2001George Plumb, Jr.Yellow Perch14 1/2
10/7/2001Benjamin PlumbYellow Perch12 3/4
10/13/2001Gregory HicksYellow Perch12
10/14/2001Jessica CollinsRainbow Trout4 lbs., 14 oz.22 1/2
10/16/2001Larry MillerLargemouth Bass8 lbs.23
10/27/2001James HackneyRainbow Trout5 lbs., 08 oz.
10/30/2001James Robinson Jr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 03 oz.23
11/2/2001McCoy PopeWhite Perch1 lbs., 08 oz.
11/2/2001McCoy PopeWhite Perch1 lbs., 08 oz.12 1/4
11/7/2001Mark Baker Sr.Largemouth Bass24
11/17/2001Charles MossNorthern Pike31 1/2
11/17/2001Gary Jackowski, Sr.Crappie2 lbs., 06 oz.16
11/18/2001Andrew SpencleySmallmouth Bass20 1/2
11/23/2001Jeffrey MenschChain Pickerel24 1/4
11/23/2001Jeffrey MenschChain Pickerel24
11/30/2001Richard MessengerLargemouth Bass23
12/6/2001Larry IngallsChain Pickerel25
12/14/2001William LongBrook Trout3 lbs., 02 oz.19
12/19/2001Kenneth RayBrown Trout5 lbs., 08 oz.25

Years Available

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