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Fish Citations


Date of CatchAnglerSpeciesWeightLength
3/26/2010Joshua SnyderBlue Catfish28 lbs., 03 oz.
4/3/2010John CintronYellow Perch12
4/14/2010Christopher LemastersBlue Catfish37 lbs.40
4/14/2010John Goddard Sr.Blue Catfish42 lbs.44
4/22/2010Kenneth Powers, Jr.White Perch13 1/2
4/30/2010Alex ShaferBlue Catfish38 lbs., 1 oz.43
5/29/2010Howard PendergrassGar40
5/30/2010Taylor ReedyCrappie16 1/4
6/29/2010Daniel Kohout, Sr.Blue Catfish37 lbs., 07 oz.40 1/2
7/2/2010Nancy PendergrassBlue Catfish42 1/2
7/2/2010Sean MillerBlue Catfish62 lbs.
7/2/2010Howard PendergrassBlue Catfish43
7/5/2010James DanielSunfish1 lbs., 02 oz.12 1/4
7/10/2010Howard PendergrassBlue Catfish45
7/15/2010Mitchell HarrisBlue Catfish34 lbs., 15 oz.41 1/2
8/16/2010Robert BivansBlue Catfish34 lbs.41 3/4
8/28/2010Richard GodwinBlue Catfish39
10/2/2010Clarence Seabolt, IIISunfish1 lbs.11
10/10/2010Angela NoiaBlue Catfish42 lbs.
10/10/2010Christopher BurrisBlue Catfish35 lbs.
11/6/2010Robert AdkinsBlue Catfish40 1/2
11/6/2010Melton VaughanBlue Catfish42 1/2
11/6/2010Christopher BurrisBlue Catfish41 3/4
11/20/2010Robert AdkinsBlue Catfish41 lbs.45
11/20/2010Robert AdkinsBlue Catfish56 lbs.47 1/2
11/20/2010Christopher BurrisBlue Catfish32 lbs.38 1/4
11/20/2010Christopher BurrisBlue Catfish31 lbs.39
11/27/2010Jackson NoiaBlue Catfish38 1/2
11/28/2010Christopher BurrisBlue Catfish54 lbs.44
12/19/2010John Lukomski IIIBlue Catfish34

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