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Fish Citations

To view citations by species and body of water from 2020 to present day, visit the Go Outdoors Virginia: Angler Recognition Program website. In the bottom left corner under “Trophy Catch Submissions” you can click to view all awarded citations and sort by species or body of water.


Date of CatchAnglerSpeciesWeightLength
1/11/2013Kevin FearsBlue Catfish52 lbs., 8 oz.44 1/4
1/11/2013Kevin FearsBlue Catfish65 lbs., 3 oz.48
1/12/2013Kevin FearsBlue Catfish38 lbs.42
1/12/2013Kevin FearsBlue Catfish45 lbs., 7 oz.43
1/27/2013Kevin FearsBlue Catfish35 lbs., 10 oz.41 1/2
2/15/2013Donald Settle, Sr.Blue Catfish65 lbs.
2/17/2013Christopher MillsCrappie2 lbs., 4 oz.
2/22/2013Cameron MillsCrappie2 lbs., 2 oz.
2/24/2013Emily MoneymakerCrappie2 lbs.
2/27/2013Edward MoodyCrappie2 lbs., 6 oz.
3/1/2013Gray MossCrappie3 lbs., 10 oz.18
3/2/2013Gray MossWhite Perch2 lbs., 8 oz.16
3/16/2013John FoxCrappie2 lbs., 1 oz.15 1/4
3/16/2013Kevin StewartWhite Perch14
3/17/2013Timothy MerryCrappie3 lbs., 12 oz.18
3/17/2013Brian Blair, Jr.Crappie2 lbs., 4 oz.
3/17/2013Brian Blair, Jr.Crappie2 lbs.
3/20/2013Matthew EvansBlue Catfish31 lbs., 2 oz.40
3/23/2013Frazier StreichCrappie2 lbs., 1 oz.
3/24/2013Richard CleggCrappie2 lbs.15 1/4
3/30/2013Sandra DufferFlathead Catfish38 lbs.43
3/30/2013Joseph YesalavichCrappie2 lbs.15 1/4
3/31/2013Tom WillsCrappie2 lbs., 4 oz.
4/1/2013Mark BagbyCrappie15
4/1/2013Kathy MossCrappie2 lbs., 3 oz.
4/1/2013Kevin Jason FisherCrappie2 lbs., 4 oz.16
4/3/2013Calvin AlexanderCrappie2 lbs.15 1/4
4/6/2013Timothy MerryCrappie3 lbs., 1 oz.17 1/2
4/6/2013Steven KingCrappie4 lbs., 4 oz.17 1/2
4/6/2013Christopher WellsCrappie2 lbs., 4 oz.15 3/4
4/6/2013Christopher WellsCrappie15
4/6/2013Bryan Jones, Jr.Crappie2 lbs., 1 oz.15 1/2
4/7/2013Doris GibsonCrappie2 lbs.15
4/7/2013Austin WyrickCrappie2 lbs., 4 oz.
4/7/2013Thomas Duffer, Jr.Blue Catfish40
4/8/2013Karen PlanasCrappie2 lbs., 1 oz.15
4/11/2013James MarshallFreshWater Drum8 lbs., 15 oz.
4/13/2013Brandi HallikBlue Catfish55 lbs.
4/14/2013Nathlee Strickland, IVCrappie2 lbs., 4 oz.
4/15/2013Alan ClarkCrappie2 lbs., 8 oz.15
4/16/2013Emmett Hazelwood, Jr.Crappie3 lbs., 4 oz.
4/17/2013Wesley GibsonCrappie2 lbs., 4 oz.16 1/2
4/19/2013Arthur WhiteCrappie3 lbs., 2 oz.18
4/20/2013Ronald Wilson, Jr.Crappie15 3/4
4/20/2013Anthony ElliottFreshWater Drum6 lbs., 9 oz.
4/21/2013Dallas WhitedFlathead Catfish35 lbs.44
4/21/2013Shihem WilkinsFlathead Catfish31 lbs., 8 oz.
4/22/2013Worth McCorkleCrappie2 lbs., 5 oz.
4/24/2013Ellis ArthurCrappie2 lbs., 13 oz.16 1/4
4/25/2013Calvin AlexanderCrappie15 1/4
4/26/2013Bryan SuttonCrappie15 1/2
4/26/2013Ellis ArthurCrappie2 lbs., 5 oz.15 1/2
4/26/2013Gerald Searls, Sr.FreshWater Drum14 lbs., 3 oz.28
4/28/2013Greg HarrellFlathead Catfish26 lbs.
4/28/2013Jerry Jackson IICrappie2 lbs., 12 oz.17 1/4
4/28/2013Charles Anderson, IIIFreshWater Drum6 lbs., 10 oz.
4/28/2013Stephen MandevilleCrappie15 1/4
4/28/2013Kenneth BowerFreshWater Drum16 lbs., 11 oz.
4/30/2013James GordonCrappie15
4/30/2013Martin AtkinsonCrappie2 lbs., 2 oz.16
5/2/2013Michael NashBlue Catfish63 lbs.
5/5/2013John FoxCrappie2 lbs., 10 oz.06 3/4
5/7/2013David BowersBlue Catfish42 lbs.41
5/8/2013Justin ReynoldsBlue Catfish48 lbs.45 1/2
5/16/2013Billy ClevingerBlue Catfish63 lbs.49
5/17/2013John CatesBlue Catfish84 lbs.
5/17/2013David ElvingtonBlue Catfish30 lbs., 2 oz.39
5/18/2013Mark HughesCrappie15
5/22/2013Barbara YostCrappie15
5/25/2013Kyle PattersonCrappie2 lbs.
5/26/2013Dale SturdifenGar45 1/2
5/27/2013Dale SturdifenGar14 lbs.47 1/2
5/28/2013Dallas WhitedCrappie18
5/30/2013Dale SturdifenGar48 1/2
6/1/2013Dale SturdifenGar48 1/2
6/10/2013Christopher LinkBlue Catfish32 lbs.41
6/12/2013Tyler BaileyGar13 lbs., 4 oz.40
6/12/2013Justin ClineBlue Catfish38
6/12/2013Charles CraftSunfish11
6/16/2013Dale SturdifenGar20 lbs.53
6/23/2013Austin WellerCrappie15 1/2
6/24/2013Kevin AdcockGar12 lbs.45 1/2
7/14/2013Bart StrebFlathead Catfish25 lbs.41
7/15/2013Robert CaudillCrappie15 3/4
7/27/2013Clayton HoltGar12 lbs., 1 oz.41
8/1/2013Phillip JonesBlue Catfish45 lbs.48
8/3/2013Joseph LucusFreshWater Drum24
8/10/2013Christopher KrammesCrappie2 lbs., 3 oz.15 3/4
8/11/2013Nicholas MoodyFlathead Catfish27 lbs.
8/17/2013Landon WilliamsFlathead Catfish33 lbs., 8 oz.42 1/2
8/17/2013Jeffrey FannonGar43
8/24/2013Walker EubankGar50
8/24/2013Larry Scarborough Jr.Flathead Catfish32 lbs.44
8/31/2013David WilsonSunfish1 lbs., 4 oz.12 1/2
9/8/2013Barry WittBlue Catfish67 lbs.
9/16/2013Roger TyreeBlue Catfish70 lbs.51
9/19/2013Clyde MayhewBlue Catfish30 lbs., 8 oz.39
9/20/2013Anne WilliamsFlathead Catfish37 lbs., 8 oz.
9/21/2013Landon WilliamsFlathead Catfish41 lbs.46 1/2
9/22/2013Timothy FranciscoCrappie2 lbs., 14 oz.
9/26/2013David MaxieWhite Bass20 3/4
9/26/2013Kay WittBlue Catfish45 lbs.
9/26/2013Barry WittBlue Catfish45 lbs.
9/28/2013Lori JonesBlue Catfish38 lbs.44 1/2
9/29/2013Logan MannBlue Catfish46 lbs.
9/29/2013Barry WittBlue Catfish40 lbs.
10/5/2013Logan MannBlue Catfish55 lbs.
10/5/2013Barry WittBlue Catfish57 lbs.
10/5/2013Barry WittBlue Catfish36 lbs.
10/15/2013Bernard HarveyGar40
10/19/2013James BootheBlue Catfish45 lbs., 4 oz.44
10/20/2013Samantha AndersonFlathead Catfish33 lbs.42
10/24/2013Greg PattersonFlathead Catfish43 lbs.
11/17/2013Christopher MannBlue Catfish35 lbs., 8 oz.
11/17/2013Timothy ShearinBlue Catfish68 lbs.
11/17/2013Nancy CannoyFlathead Catfish42 lbs.
11/24/2013Kenneth Jackson, Sr.Striped Bass27 lbs.42
12/1/2013Nancy CannoyWhite Perch13
12/18/2013Jackie DavisCrappie3 lbs., 5 oz.
12/20/2013William HillWhite Perch1 lbs., 10 oz.12 1/2
12/21/2013Robert RogersBlue Catfish52 lbs.
12/28/2013Landon WilliamsBlue Catfish36 lbs.42 1/2
12/30/2013Eddie BootheBlue Catfish33 lbs.39 1/2

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