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Fish Citations

To view citations by species and body of water from 2020 to present day. Visit the Go Outdoors Virginia: Angler Recognition Program website. In the bottom left corner under “Trophy Catch Submissions” you can click to “view all” awarded citations.


Date of CatchAnglerSpeciesWeightLength
1/8/2019Faron GardnerFlathead Catfish33 lbs.41
1/16/2019Jimmy WatkinsYellow Perch12 1/2
1/16/2019Faron GardnerHybrid Striper6 lbs.24
1/17/2019Kenneth Blankenship IIStriped Bass20 lbs., 13 oz.36 1/4
2/4/2019Jimmy WatkinsStriped Bass38
2/6/2019Jimmy WatkinsHybrid Striper26
2/21/2019Jimmy WatkinsYellow Perch13
3/12/2019Ronnie LindseyStriped Bass21 lbs., 12 oz.37
3/14/2019Jimmy WatkinsYellow Perch12 1/2
3/17/2019Jeffrey ConleyCrappie1 lbs., 15 oz.15
3/17/2019Jeffrey ConleyCrappie1 lbs., 15 oz.15 1/2
3/23/2019Ronnie WynnHybrid Striper9 lbs., 1 oz.26
3/30/2019April BlakenshipYellow Perch1 lbs., 12 oz.12 3/4
4/7/2019Wayne CochranYellow Perch13 1/4
4/11/2019Charles Goldsmith, Jr.Yellow Perch13
4/16/2019Randy Hall, Jr.Hybrid Striper24 3/4
4/21/2019Randy Trail, Jr.Smallmouth Bass4 lbs., 12 oz.20 1/2
5/10/2019Bradley BrownChannel Catfish30 1/2
5/11/2019Joseph MaltempieSunfish11
5/11/2019Joseph MaltempieSunfish11
5/12/2019Joseph MaltempieSunfish12 3/4
5/13/2019James PearmanSmallmouth Bass20
5/15/2019Gary HarmonHybrid Striper24
6/3/2019Carson RatcliffeSunfish1 lbs., 5 oz.11 1/4
6/30/2019Wesley BrownSmallmouth Bass20 1/4
7/9/2019Eric WilkinsLargemouth Bass22
7/14/2019Brodyn HuddlestonCrappie2 lbs., 4 oz.16
7/20/2019Ashley WadeWalleye7 lbs.27
7/25/2019Gary HarmonChannel Catfish30
8/2/2019Sandy BaileyLargemouth Bass23
8/2/2019Stephen MiklandricCarp20 lbs., 4 oz.34 1/2
8/11/2019John SchutteYellow Perch12
8/14/2019Nancy SpolarichWalleye26
8/29/2019David ReedChannel Catfish15 lbs., 3 oz.32 1/4
8/31/2019Randy Trail, Jr.Smallmouth Bass20
8/31/2019Stephen MiklandricHybrid Striper8 lbs.27
9/1/2019Steven McMillanChannel Catfish30 3/4
9/1/2019David ReedChannel Catfish13 lbs., 3 oz.31 3/4
9/10/2019Alan HarringtonYellow Perch1 lbs., 6 oz.12
9/20/2019Maranda Sage HelveyChannel Catfish14 lbs., 6 oz.32 1/2
9/22/2019Kamran lee CuppHybrid Striper26
9/27/2019William ReedChannel Catfish13 lbs.30 1/4
9/28/2019Barbara HaynesWalleye13 lbs., 4 oz.31 1/2
9/29/2019John SchutteHybrid Striper24 1/2
10/9/2019John SchutteWalleye5 lbs.25
10/13/2019Tina Renee RoseWalleye6 lbs., 7 oz.28
10/15/2019Jarrett SchutteWalleye8 lbs.27
10/24/2019Connie RobinsonHybrid Striper24
10/26/2019Curtis PeeryChannel Catfish11 lbs., 03 oz.31 1/2
10/27/2019Max DarnallHybrid Striper5 lbs., 1 oz.24
11/11/2019Robert SuddarthYellow Perch12 1/2
11/17/2019Bobby LindseyFlathead Catfish26 lbs., 3 oz.
11/18/2019Ronnie LindseyMuskellunge44
12/8/2019Faron GardnerWalleye7 lbs., 11 oz.29
12/8/2019Ronnie LindseyHybrid Striper7 lbs., 10 oz.24 1/2
12/21/2019Bobby LindseyWalleye5 lbs., 1 oz.25 1/2

Years Available

Note: posting of data for the current year is delayed by 3 months.