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Due to exceptionally dry conditions, the Department of Wildlife Resources has implemented a complete ban on any open burning (e.g., campfires, grills) on all DWR properties west of Interstate 95, effective immediately and lasting until further notice.

Fish Citations

To view citations by species and body of water from 2020 to present day. Visit the Go Outdoors Virginia: Angler Recognition Program website. In the bottom left corner under “Trophy Catch Submissions” you can click to “view all” awarded citations.


Date of CatchAnglerSpeciesWeightLength
3/23/2002Travis PaceRainbow Trout5 lbs., 12 oz.22 3/4
3/23/2002Bryan TaylorRainbow Trout5 lbs., 06 oz.22 1/2
3/30/2002Jerry ThorntonBlue Catfish25 lbs.34 3/4
3/30/2002Jerry ThorntonFlathead Catfish35 lbs., 07 oz.40 3/4
3/30/2002James MayhewStriped Bass21 lbs.
4/2/2002Bradley HinesBlue Catfish32 lbs.
4/12/2002Kevin LawsonRainbow Trout4 lbs., 06 oz.22
4/13/2002Mickey GrayFlathead Catfish27 lbs., 04 oz.
4/13/2002Garland Guill Sr.Crappie2 lbs., 04 oz.
4/16/2002Buddy RoseGar15 lbs.46
4/20/2002Kevin MatthewsBlue Catfish21 lbs.34
4/20/2002William Gingras, IIIFlathead Catfish30 lbs., 09 oz.41 1/2
4/21/2002Clarence StevensonBlue Catfish44 lbs.44
4/21/2002James MayhewFlathead Catfish39 lbs., 12 oz.
4/21/2002Nicolas KeisterBrook Trout16
4/22/2002Amy AtkinsonFlathead Catfish30 lbs., 09 oz.41 1/2
4/22/2002Roger HartsockStriped Bass20 lbs.35 1/2
4/23/2002James MartinBlue Catfish24 lbs.38
4/26/2002Reginald MatthewsFlathead Catfish31 lbs., 08 oz.
4/26/2002Anthony MartinBlue Catfish23 lbs.
4/26/2002Jerry ThorntonFlathead Catfish32 lbs.41 1/4
4/27/2002Jerry ThorntonBlue Catfish42 lbs.41
4/29/2002James MartinFlathead Catfish32 lbs.42
5/2/2002Alan GravesBlue Catfish30 lbs., 08 oz.40
5/3/2002Jerry ThorntonFlathead Catfish34 lbs.42
5/3/2002Mickey GrayFlathead Catfish25 lbs.
5/5/2002Gary SmithBlue Catfish45 lbs.43
5/6/2002Paul RigneyFlathead Catfish38 lbs.43 1/2
5/6/2002Paul RigneyFlathead Catfish28 lbs.41 3/4
5/8/2002Michael WheelerFlathead Catfish28 lbs., 08 oz.44
5/8/2002Johnnie Womack, Jr.Flathead Catfish30 lbs.
5/11/2002Jeffrey SmithFlathead Catfish27 lbs.
5/11/2002Vernon Marshall, Sr.Blue Catfish27 lbs.34
5/13/2002Barry CarrFlathead Catfish44 lbs., 01 oz.
5/14/2002Barry CarrFlathead Catfish38 lbs., 03 oz.
5/15/2002Jerry PulliamFlathead Catfish37 lbs.
5/15/2002Barry CarrFlathead Catfish34 lbs., 15 oz.
5/15/2002Barry CarrFlathead Catfish25 lbs., 02 oz.
5/17/2002Leonard CookFlathead Catfish30 lbs., 06 oz.
5/17/2002Sandy StallingsBlue Catfish29 lbs., 08 oz.40 3/4
5/17/2002Sandy StallingsFlathead Catfish30 lbs., 12 oz.41 1/2
5/18/2002Barry CarrFlathead Catfish31 lbs., 02 oz.
5/19/2002Edward BotkinFlathead Catfish44 lbs., 02 oz.43
5/19/2002Edward BotkinFlathead Catfish54 lbs., 06 oz.46 1/2
5/19/2002Edward BotkinFlathead Catfish40 lbs., 09 oz.41 1/4
5/19/2002Gary SmithFlathead Catfish32 lbs., 08 oz.40
5/21/2002Paul RigneyFlathead Catfish27 lbs.41 1/4
5/26/2002Roger BurnettChannel Catfish16 lbs., 04 oz.32
5/27/2002Shannon HendersonFlathead Catfish35 lbs.42
5/27/2002Teresa WyattFlathead Catfish32 lbs.42
5/28/2002Paul RigneyFlathead Catfish25 lbs., 08 oz.40 1/2
5/29/2002Leroy JohnsonFlathead Catfish44 lbs.43
5/30/2002Paul ChappellFlathead Catfish25 lbs., 12 oz.
5/31/2002H. Steve TollersonFlathead Catfish26 lbs.41
6/3/2002Paul LinkFlathead Catfish27 lbs.
6/3/2002Paul LinkFlathead Catfish34 lbs.
6/3/2002Paul LinkFlathead Catfish25 lbs., 2 oz.
6/4/2002Derek MayhewFlathead Catfish26 lbs., 04 oz.41
6/5/2002Paul LinkFlathead Catfish28 lbs.
6/5/2002Gregory FarisFlathead Catfish36 lbs.
6/8/2002Mickey GrayGar16 lbs.42 1/2
6/16/2002Paul LinkFlathead Catfish26 lbs.
6/16/2002Paul LinkFlathead Catfish30 lbs.
6/19/2002Lawrence Gilbert Jr.Flathead Catfish30 lbs., 04 oz.
6/26/2002Eugene Chandler, Sr.Flathead Catfish27 lbs., 12 oz.41
6/28/2002Eugene Chandler, Sr.Flathead Catfish35 lbs.42
6/28/2002Eugene Chandler, Sr.Flathead Catfish31 lbs.40 1/2
6/30/2002Danny HensleyFlathead Catfish28 lbs., 10 oz.41
7/1/2002Jason VernonFlathead Catfish40 lbs.42 3/4
7/1/2002Paul BowlingFlathead Catfish32 lbs.41 1/4
7/4/2002Paul ChappellFlathead Catfish27 lbs., 02 oz.44
7/5/2002Robert SowderFlathead Catfish29 lbs.
7/5/2002Paul BowlingFlathead Catfish29 lbs.40 1/2
7/6/2002Thomas BowesBlue Catfish27 lbs., 08 oz.36
7/7/2002David HolcombFlathead Catfish25 lbs.
7/17/2002Eugene Chandler, Jr.Flathead Catfish35 lbs.41
7/17/2002Eugene Chandler, Sr.Flathead Catfish30 lbs.40
7/19/2002Eugene Chandler, Jr.Flathead Catfish32 lbs.40 1/2
8/9/2002Russell MinterFlathead Catfish29 lbs.42
8/25/2002Jerry ThorntonGar15 lbs.42 1/4
9/2/2002Clarence StevensonFlathead Catfish34 lbs., 08 oz.41
10/29/2002Leslie JonesRainbow Trout4 lbs., 05 oz.22 1/2
11/14/2002Brian CrawfordStriped Bass37
11/18/2002Brian CrawfordGar14 lbs.45 1/2
12/12/2002Brian CrawfordChannel Catfish30
12/18/2002Brian CrawfordChannel Catfish30
12/30/2002Archie BowmanRainbow Trout4 lbs., 08 oz.22 1/2
12/30/2002Archie BowmanRainbow Trout5 lbs., 08 oz.24

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