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Due to exceptionally dry conditions, the Department of Wildlife Resources has implemented a complete ban on any open burning (e.g., campfires, grills) on all DWR properties west of Interstate 95, effective immediately and lasting until further notice.

Fish Citations

To view citations by species and body of water from 2020 to present day. Visit the Go Outdoors Virginia: Angler Recognition Program website. In the bottom left corner under “Trophy Catch Submissions” you can click to “view all” awarded citations.


Date of CatchAnglerSpeciesWeightLength
1/10/2009Gerard PetersonYellow Perch1 lbs., 06 oz.13 1/2
3/8/2009Jesse PearceYellow Perch1 lbs., 06 oz.14 3/4
4/5/2009Roy Acey, Jr.Sunfish1 lbs., 08 oz.13
4/18/2009Gerard PetersonWhite Perch1 lbs., 14 oz.13
4/19/2009Larry SuttleYellow Perch1 lbs., 04 oz.12 1/4
4/19/2009James Salmon, IIIYellow Perch1 lbs., 05 oz.13 1/2
4/19/2009James Salmon, IIIYellow Perch1 lbs., 04 oz.13
4/19/2009James Salmon, IIIChain Pickerel24 1/4
4/25/2009Shelby PearceYellow Perch1 lbs., 08 oz.14
4/25/2009Joshua MiklandricYellow Perch12
4/25/2009Joshua MiklandricYellow Perch12 1/4
4/25/2009Joshua MiklandricYellow Perch12 1/2
4/25/2009Joshua MiklandricYellow Perch12
4/25/2009Joshua MiklandricYellow Perch12
4/26/2009John Marshall IIIYellow Perch1 lbs., 07 oz.13
4/26/2009Joseph BriggsYellow Perch12 1/4
5/2/2009Norman PearceWhite Perch1 lbs., 07 oz.13 1/2
5/2/2009Norman PearceYellow Perch1 lbs., 08 oz.13
5/2/2009Norman PearceSunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.12
5/15/2009Franklin Pulley Jr.Yellow Perch1 lbs., 08 oz.13 1/2
5/16/2009Robert SvenssonSunfish1 lbs., 10 oz.13 1/2
5/24/2009Jeremy McClanahanSunfish1 lbs., 10 oz.12
5/24/2009Jeremy McClanahanSunfish1 lbs., 02 oz.11 1/2
5/24/2009Hayes Bowes, Jr.Sunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.11 1/4
5/28/2009Adam TuckSunfish1 lbs., 08 oz.12
6/2/2009Larry GoodmanYellow Perch1 lbs., 04 oz.12
6/11/2009Michael Turner, Sr.Sunfish1 lbs., 09 oz.12
6/13/2009Jordan ClabornSunfish1 lbs., 10 oz.11 1/2
6/14/2009Chase PaceSunfish1 lbs., 08 oz.12 1/2
6/14/2009Jesse ReddSunfish1 lbs., 08 oz.12
6/15/2009Franklin Pulley, IIISunfish1 lbs., 03 oz.11 1/2
6/17/2009Barry DavisYellow Perch12 1/4
6/19/2009Fred RileySunfish1 lbs., 06 oz.12
6/19/2009Franklin Pulley Jr.Sunfish1 lbs., 01 oz.12
6/21/2009Richard BurtonBowfin30
6/26/2009Franklin Pulley Jr.Sunfish1 lbs., 06 oz.12
6/26/2009Franklin Pulley Jr.Sunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.12
7/2/2009Jesse ReddYellow Perch13
7/3/2009Jeff ThomasSunfish1 lbs., 08 oz.13
7/9/2009Adam BriggsSunfish1 lbs., 06 oz.12 1/2
7/17/2009Fred RileySunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.12
7/18/2009Jeremy GriffinLargemouth Bass22
7/24/2009David BoultonSunfish1 lbs., 02 oz.11
8/8/2009Christopher GriffinSunfish1 lbs., 07 oz.12 1/2
8/8/2009Russell Glenn, IISunfish1 lbs., 10 oz.13 1/2
8/22/2009Brandon GriffinGar12 lbs., 08 oz.42
8/30/2009Patrick ZydronSunfish1 lbs.11 1/2
9/1/2009Walter AdkinsWhite Perch1 lbs., 15 oz.
9/29/2009Casey BilbreySunfish13 1/4
10/9/2009Casey BilbreyYellow Perch12 1/4
10/9/2009Clay BilbreySunfish12
10/31/2009Gregory MannSunfish1 lbs., 01 oz.12
11/15/2009W. H. Davis, Jr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 04 oz.
12/26/2009John WigginsYellow Perch1 lbs., 06 oz.12 3/4
12/28/2009Gerard PetersonYellow Perch1 lbs., 06 oz.13
12/29/2009Gerard PetersonSunfish1 lbs., 06 oz.12 1/2

Years Available

Note: posting of data for the current year is delayed by 3 months.