Fish Citations

To view citations by species and body of water from 2020 to present day, visit the Go Outdoors Virginia: Angler Recognition Program website. In the bottom left corner under “Trophy Catch Submissions” you can click to view all awarded citations and sort by species or body of water.


Date of CatchAnglerSpeciesWeightLength
1/5/2013Philip LordenMuskellunge20 lbs., 8 oz.43 1/2
1/6/2013Neal DavidsonMuskellunge20 lbs.42 1/2
1/13/2013Austin DowdyMuskellunge17 lbs.42
1/26/2013Barry HunterMuskellunge40 1/2
2/10/2013William GallimoreWalleye25 1/2
2/26/2013David HowardWalleye5 lbs.25 1/2
3/4/2013Stephen MiklandricWalleye6 lbs., 9 oz.25 1/4
3/8/2013Stephen PetruzziWalleye5 lbs., 8 oz.25 1/2
3/8/2013Stephen PetruzziWalleye8 lbs.27
3/9/2013Edward LawtonMuskellunge23 lbs.46
3/9/2013Linda GilbertMuskellunge42
3/11/2013Stephen MiklandricWalleye5 lbs., 6 oz.25 1/2
3/15/2013R Douglas TackettMuskellunge40 1/2
3/16/2013R Douglas TackettMuskellunge40 1/2
3/16/2013Daniel PattersonMuskellunge40 3/4
3/25/2013William ShelhorseSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
3/26/2013Colton GrantBrook Trout3 lbs., 1 oz.17
3/29/2013James Gray Jr.Muskellunge16 lbs., 8 oz.42
3/29/2013Christopher BashoreMuskellunge46 lbs., 8 oz.48
3/29/2013Christopher BashoreWalleye7 lbs., 8 oz.28
3/30/2013Cara ConditWalleye7 lbs., 8 oz.27 1/2
3/30/2013Christopher ConditWalleye10 lbs.30
4/3/2013Brandon McCallisterMuskellunge16 lbs.42 1/2
4/4/2013Eugene ArnoldMuskellunge27 lbs.47 1/2
4/5/2013Linda GilbertMuskellunge45 1/2
4/6/2013Kristi LaneSmallmouth Bass22
4/7/2013James Gray Jr.Muskellunge21 lbs., 7 oz.45 1/2
4/7/2013James Gray Jr.Muskellunge16 lbs., 5 oz.41
4/9/2013Charles LucasSmallmouth Bass5 lbs., 4 oz.22
4/17/2013Jason StinnettMuskellunge40
4/19/2013Scott DeffenbaughSmallmouth Bass21 1/2
4/22/2013James Alexander IIISmallmouth Bass20 1/4
4/22/2013James Alexander IIISmallmouth Bass20 1/4
4/22/2013Matt GillispieSmallmouth Bass21
4/22/2013Raymond IronsSmallmouth Bass21
4/26/2013Dennis LangSmallmouth Bass5 lbs., 6 oz.21 1/4
4/26/2013Dennis LangSmallmouth Bass20
5/2/2013Jonathan BlevinsSmallmouth Bass5 lbs., 8 oz.21 1/2
5/2/2013Hunter GriffittsYellow Perch12
5/3/2013Richard JonesSmallmouth Bass5 lbs.22
5/3/2013Alvin GillespieMuskellunge42
5/5/2013Ron LordenMuskellunge18 lbs., 4 oz.43
5/12/2013Thomas BrandtWalleye27
5/15/2013Michael SullivanSmallmouth Bass5 lbs., 2 oz.20
5/17/2013Michael TozzoloSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
5/18/2013Stephen MiklandricMuskellunge15 lbs., 7 oz.
5/18/2013Stephen MiklandricMuskellunge15 lbs., 2 oz.40 1/4
5/18/2013Stephen MiklandricMuskellunge17 lbs., 8 oz.41
5/19/2013Todd WinsteadSmallmouth Bass5 lbs.21
5/19/2013David McDonaldSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
5/19/2013David McDonaldSmallmouth Bass20
5/22/2013Roger HolleySmallmouth Bass20 1/2
5/22/2013Michael GilesSmallmouth Bass22
5/25/2013Christopher RhoadesMuskellunge40
5/25/2013Ed FelkerSmallmouth Bass20 1/4
5/25/2013David CoffmanMuskellunge20 lbs.36
5/26/2013Jason CarpenterSmallmouth Bass21
5/26/2013Robert SuddarthMuskellunge40 1/2
5/27/2013Ted CalhounSmallmouth Bass21 1/2
5/27/2013Daniel PattersonMuskellunge17 lbs.42
5/27/2013Corey R. J. RhoadesRock Bass1 lbs., 5 oz.12
5/27/2013Alvin GillespieSmallmouth Bass20
6/1/2013Timothy HayesSmallmouth Bass5 lbs., 2 oz.20 1/2
6/1/2013Joseph RhoadesRock Bass1 lbs., 5 oz.
6/1/2013Christopher WolfordSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
6/1/2013Christopher WolfordSmallmouth Bass20
6/1/2013Christopher WolfordRock Bass13
6/2/2013Christopher WolfordSmallmouth Bass21
6/2/2013Christopher RhoadesMuskellunge15 lbs.40
6/2/2013Ellis Hagerman, IISmallmouth Bass21
6/2/2013Corey R. J. RhoadesMuskellunge15 lbs.40
6/4/2013Christopher RhoadesMuskellunge23 lbs.44 1/2
6/4/2013Christopher RhoadesMuskellunge17 lbs.43
6/4/2013Eugene ArnoldWalleye5 lbs., 8 oz.25
6/4/2013Justin LineberryWalleye27 1/2
6/5/2013Jason HulingSmallmouth Bass21 1/4
6/5/2013Michael RomanoSmallmouth Bass5 lbs.21 1/2
6/5/2013Charles GarrisonSmallmouth Bass20 1/4
6/5/2013Donnie DeanFlathead Catfish31 lbs.
6/8/2013Chris BankertSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
6/8/2013Daniel PattersonMuskellunge18 lbs., 8 oz.42 1/2
6/10/2013Todd CannadayMuskellunge40 3/4
6/10/2013Jason StinnettMuskellunge43
6/12/2013Jim HancockSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
6/15/2013Jacob RothgebMuskellunge40 1/4
6/15/2013Daniel PattersonMuskellunge20 lbs., 12 oz.44 1/2
6/15/2013Christopher RhoadesMuskellunge18 lbs.41 1/4
6/15/2013Christopher WolfordRock Bass12
6/17/2013Jerry SaulLargemouth Bass24
6/18/2013Wally HeinzelmannSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
6/22/2013Christopher RhoadesMuskellunge17 lbs.42 1/2
6/22/2013Ronnie HortonWalleye5 lbs., 2 oz.26 1/4
6/22/2013Kevin PriceMuskellunge20 lbs.45
6/22/2013Jackson Evans, Jr.Smallmouth Bass20 1/4
6/23/2013Minda DixonSmallmouth Bass21
6/24/2013Sally ElliottSmallmouth Bass5 lbs.20
6/26/2013Edward LawtonMuskellunge15 lbs.40
6/26/2013John CampbellMuskellunge17 lbs., 2 oz.43
6/29/2013Daniel PattersonMuskellunge16 lbs., 10 oz.42 1/2
6/29/2013Kevin PriceSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
6/29/2013Jacob RothgebMuskellunge16 lbs., 10 oz.42
6/29/2013Christopher RhoadesMuskellunge15 lbs., 3 oz.40
6/29/2013Jeff MyersSmallmouth Bass20 3/4
6/30/2013Robert WilliamsSmallmouth Bass20
7/1/2013Jen HoskinSmallmouth Bass20 1/4
7/3/2013Christopher WolfordSmallmouth Bass21 1/4
7/8/2013Christopher RhoadesMuskellunge25 lbs.45
7/9/2013Jay RothgebMuskellunge40
7/17/2013Benjamin Smoot, IISmallmouth Bass5 lbs., 1 oz.22 3/4
7/20/2013Matthew McMahanSmallmouth Bass21 1/4
7/20/2013Christopher RhoadesMuskellunge16 lbs., 8 oz.41
7/20/2013Christopher RhoadesSunfish11 1/4
7/22/2013William Christian IIIMuskellunge20 lbs.42 1/4
7/25/2013Coleton PhelpsSmallmouth Bass21 1/4
7/25/2013Edward LawtonMuskellunge18 lbs.42
7/25/2013William Christian IIISmallmouth Bass21
7/27/2013Andrew PattersonSmallmouth Bass20
7/29/2013Adam FrostLargemouth Bass23
8/2/2013Nicholas PhibbsMuskellunge19 lbs.42 1/2
8/3/2013Phillip BlevinsSmallmouth Bass20 1/4
8/4/2013Michael MertzSmallmouth Bass22
8/5/2013Tyler SimoneWalleye25
8/10/2013Christopher RhoadesMuskellunge19 lbs.42 1/2
8/14/2013James DelpMuskellunge18 lbs.41
8/18/2013John StollMuskellunge25 lbs.44 1/4
8/23/2013Jackson Evans, Jr.Muskellunge44 1/4
8/24/2013David HeiskellMuskellunge28 lbs., 2 oz.46 1/4
8/24/2013Tony ShepheardMuskellunge40 1/4
8/25/2013Cody LinkousMuskellunge18 lbs.43
8/25/2013Michael WoodMuskellunge43
8/25/2013Michael WoodMuskellunge40
8/25/2013George CheynetSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
8/28/2013Michael McSherrySmallmouth Bass20 3/4
8/29/2013James Pearman Jr.Smallmouth Bass20
8/29/2013Andrew CoxMuskellunge19 lbs.43
8/29/2013Nathan BalogSmallmouth Bass22
8/30/2013Michael HolderSmallmouth Bass22
8/30/2013Jarrett SchutteSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
8/31/2013Carl MartinMuskellunge41
9/1/2013Christopher LordenSmallmouth Bass20
9/1/2013Christopher RhoadesMuskellunge41 3/4
9/2/2013Timothy DixonSmallmouth Bass21
9/4/2013David HeiskellWalleye24 1/4
9/5/2013Joseph MartinMuskellunge40
9/6/2013George Joly, JrMuskellunge40 1/2
9/7/2013Bradley NelsonSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
9/8/2013Preston QuesenberrySmallmouth Bass20
9/10/2013Edward LawtonMuskellunge16 lbs.41
9/10/2013Michael BollingSmallmouth Bass21
9/12/2013Edward LawtonMuskellunge15 lbs.40
9/14/2013Cody RhoadesRock Bass12 1/4
9/15/2013Jackson Evans, Jr.Smallmouth Bass20 1/2
9/17/2013Michael MertzChannel Catfish31 1/4
9/20/2013Jon MeadeWalleye25
9/21/2013Christopher MeadeWalleye27
9/22/2013Pamela DelpSmallmouth Bass21 1/4
9/23/2013Jim HancockSmallmouth Bass20 1/4
9/23/2013Jim HancockSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
9/23/2013Jim HancockSmallmouth Bass21
9/23/2013James Pearman Jr.Smallmouth Bass20 3/4
9/25/2013James Pearman Jr.Smallmouth Bass20 1/2
9/25/2013James Pearman Jr.Smallmouth Bass21
9/25/2013Jim HancockSmallmouth Bass20
9/28/2013Will NunnallyMuskellunge42
9/29/2013James Gray Jr.Smallmouth Bass21
9/30/2013Jim HancockSmallmouth Bass21
9/30/2013James Pearman Jr.Smallmouth Bass21
10/1/2013James Pearman Jr.Smallmouth Bass20 1/4
10/1/2013Carroll ColemanSmallmouth Bass21
10/1/2013Walter BradleyMuskellunge40
10/3/2013James Pearman Jr.Smallmouth Bass20 1/4
10/3/2013James Pearman Jr.Yellow Perch12 1/4
10/4/2013Jaime JenkinsSmallmouth Bass20
10/5/2013Christopher LordenSmallmouth Bass21
10/9/2013Samuel WoodSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
10/10/2013Stephen MiklandricMuskellunge15 lbs.38
10/11/2013Sarah PearmanSmallmouth Bass20
10/11/2013Stephen MiklandricMuskellunge35 lbs., 12 oz.47
10/11/2013James Johnson, Sr.Walleye12 lbs., 12 oz.31
10/12/2013Stephen MiklandricMuskellunge20 lbs., 1 oz.40
10/12/2013Stephen MiklandricMuskellunge17 lbs., 5 oz.41 1/2
10/12/2013Jim HancockSmallmouth Bass20 1/4
10/13/2013Andrew SpencleyChannel Catfish32
10/16/2013James Pearman Jr.Smallmouth Bass21 1/4
10/17/2013Jim HancockSmallmouth Bass20
10/19/2013James Gray Jr.Muskellunge19 lbs., 5 oz.42
10/26/2013Roger Lee Wright IIMuskellunge42
10/26/2013Roger Lee Wright IIMuskellunge41 1/2
10/26/2013Allen VandergriftSmallmouth Bass20 1/4
10/27/2013Matthew CornsSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
10/29/2013Jim HancockSmallmouth Bass20
10/31/2013James Pearman Jr.Smallmouth Bass20 1/2
11/4/2013Jim HancockSmallmouth Bass20 3/4
11/4/2013Tom McAvoySmallmouth Bass5 lbs.21
11/4/2013Thomas McAvoySmallmouth Bass5 lbs.21
11/6/2013Jim HancockSmallmouth Bass20
11/10/2013Roger Lee Wright IIMuskellunge43
11/10/2013Roger Lee Wright IIMuskellunge42 1/2
11/16/2013Christopher LordenMuskellunge15 lbs., 11 oz.41
11/16/2013Christopher LordenMuskellunge16 lbs., 3 oz.42
11/22/2013Roger Lee Wright IIMuskellunge42
11/23/2013Roger Lee Wright IIMuskellunge40
11/29/2013Roger Lee Wright IIMuskellunge42
12/1/2013Edward LawtonMuskellunge18 lbs.42
12/1/2013Roger Lee Wright IIMuskellunge40 1/2
12/3/2013Roger Lee Wright IIMuskellunge43
12/4/2013Edward LawtonMuskellunge15 lbs.40
12/16/2013David HowardMuskellunge41
12/16/2013David HowardMuskellunge40
12/17/2013David HowardMuskellunge44
12/18/2013Edward LawtonMuskellunge16 lbs.40
12/28/2013Brandon GwynnMuskellunge22 lbs.41 1/2

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