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Fish Citations

To view citations by species and body of water from 2020 to present day. Visit the Go Outdoors Virginia: Angler Recognition Program website. In the bottom left corner under “Trophy Catch Submissions” you can click to “view all” awarded citations.


Date of CatchAnglerSpeciesWeightLength
1/2/2014Edward LawtonMuskellunge15 lbs.40
1/5/2014Roger Lee Wright IIMuskellunge42
1/14/2014Taylor LinkousMuskellunge21 lbs.42
1/14/2014Taylor LinkousMuskellunge23 lbs.44 1/4
1/16/2014Edward LawtonMuskellunge15 lbs.40
1/20/2014Brandon GwynnWalleye8 lbs., 3 oz.28
2/8/2014Daniel PattersonMuskellunge31 lbs., 10 oz.47 1/2
2/16/2014Taylor LinkousMuskellunge21 lbs.44 1/4
2/16/2014Taylor LinkousMuskellunge22 lbs., 8 oz.43 1/2
2/23/2014Taylor LinkousMuskellunge18 lbs., 8 oz.43
2/25/2014William GallimoreWalleye25
2/27/2014Edward LawtonMuskellunge44
3/5/2014Stephen MiklandricMuskellunge40
3/5/2014Stephen MiklandricWalleye25
3/6/2014Taylor LinkousMuskellunge17 lbs., 8 oz.40 1/4
3/6/2014Stephen MiklandricMuskellunge22 lbs., 3 oz.44 1/4
3/8/2014Jeff JahnkeMuskellunge23 lbs.42
3/10/2014Greg TilleyWalleye6 lbs.26
3/11/2014Cody ColeMuskellunge22 lbs., 9 oz.44 3/4
3/21/2014Charles Davis, Jr.Muskellunge46
3/27/2014Trent DankosMuskellunge50
4/1/2014Carney BroadwaterWalleye5 lbs., 4 oz.25
4/6/2014Will NunnallyMuskellunge43
4/9/2014Nick BraunSmallmouth Bass20
4/12/2014Scott DeffenbaughSmallmouth Bass5 lbs., 2 oz.21 1/4
4/13/2014Justin LineberrySmallmouth Bass20
4/17/2014Carl Shifflett, Jr.Striped Bass24 lbs.
4/18/2014Henry Johnson, IIISmallmouth Bass20 1/4
4/18/2014Henry Johnson, IIIMuskellunge43
4/18/2014James Gray Jr.Muskellunge25 lbs., 9 oz.46 3/4
4/18/2014Ron LordenMuskellunge19 lbs., 4 oz.44
4/18/2014Ron LordenMuskellunge21 lbs., 5 oz.43 3/4
4/19/2014Tony PhippsCarp20 lbs.34
4/19/2014Todd WinsteadSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
4/20/2014Justin LineberrySmallmouth Bass20
4/21/2014Adam FrostMuskellunge44
4/21/2014James Pearman Jr.Smallmouth Bass21 1/2
4/23/2014Taylor LinkousMuskellunge17 lbs.41 1/2
4/24/2014Edward LawtonMuskellunge23 lbs.46 1/2
4/24/2014Stephen MiklandricMuskellunge15 lbs., 6 oz.40
4/24/2014Stephen MiklandricSmallmouth Bass21 1/2
4/25/2014Stephen MiklandricSmallmouth Bass20
4/25/2014Norman FallsSmallmouth Bass21 1/2
4/26/2014Gary HarmonMuskellunge36 lbs., 8 oz.50
4/27/2014Kim SaundersSmallmouth Bass21
4/30/2014Todd YoungSmallmouth Bass21
5/1/2014Tianle MengSmallmouth Bass5 lbs., 5 oz.21
5/3/2014Cantley KrafftSmallmouth Bass20 1/4
5/7/2014Enrique MedinaSmallmouth Bass20 3/4
5/7/2014Edward LawtonMuskellunge18 lbs.43 1/2
5/8/2014Edward LawtonMuskellunge16 lbs.41
5/8/2014Steven SilviusSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
5/8/2014Joseph Lehman, IIISmallmouth Bass20 1/2
5/9/2014Stephen SmithSmallmouth Bass5 lbs.22
5/11/2014Alvin GillespieMuskellunge40
5/13/2014Taylor LinkousSmallmouth Bass5 lbs., 6 oz.20 1/2
5/13/2014Taylor LinkousMuskellunge24 lbs.45 1/4
5/13/2014Edward LawtonMuskellunge18 lbs.43
5/13/2014Edward LawtonMuskellunge15 lbs.40
5/14/2014Kellam BrooksSmallmouth Bass20 1/4
5/14/2014Kellam BrooksSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
5/16/2014Jay BassSmallmouth Bass20
5/18/2014Todd WinsteadMuskellunge41
5/18/2014David McDonaldMuskellunge41 1/2
5/23/2014John FlackSmallmouth Bass20
5/24/2014Jonathan IsomWalleye10 lbs., 6 oz.30
5/24/2014Jerry Hamlin, SrSmallmouth Bass20 3/4
5/25/2014Daniel Berry, Jr.Muskellunge20 lbs., 8 oz.41
5/26/2014Christopher WilliamsFlathead Catfish40 lbs.43
5/26/2014Joseph RhoadesMuskellunge17 lbs.44
5/27/2014Ken TolleyMuskellunge15 lbs.40
5/28/2014Tyler SimoneSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
5/28/2014James Gray Jr.Muskellunge16 lbs.41
5/29/2014Paul Hearn, JrSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
5/29/2014Adam FrostSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
5/29/2014Gary HarmonMuskellunge17 lbs., 2 oz.40 1/4
5/30/2014Taylor LinkousMuskellunge22 lbs.43
5/30/2014Henry BloomingburgMuskellunge41
5/31/2014Nathaniel SmithSmallmouth Bass21
6/1/2014Adam FrostSmallmouth Bass21
6/1/2014William IsomChannel Catfish12 lbs., 8 oz.31
6/5/2014Logan NunnallyMuskellunge41
6/6/2014Taylor LinkousMuskellunge22 lbs.43 1/2
6/6/2014Christopher RhoadesMuskellunge17 lbs.46
6/7/2014Christopher RhoadesMuskellunge16 lbs.41
6/7/2014Taylor LinkousMuskellunge23 lbs.42 1/2
6/8/2014Joshua ThomasSmallmouth Bass5 lbs.20
6/10/2014Charles Goldsmith, Jr.Muskellunge47
6/11/2014Todd CannadayMuskellunge42
6/12/2014Gary HarmonMuskellunge42 1/2
6/12/2014Chad TrivittMuskellunge17 lbs., 6 oz.42
6/13/2014Edward LawtonMuskellunge24 lbs.46
6/13/2014Austin CoxRock Bass1 lbs.
6/14/2014Clinton LambertMuskellunge21 lbs.45
6/14/2014Stephen FieldsMuskellunge49 1/4
6/15/2014Tommy BurchSmallmouth Bass20 1/4
6/16/2014Alvin GillespieMuskellunge42
6/18/2014Russell WilloughbySmallmouth Bass20 1/2
6/19/2014William Christian IIIMuskellunge45 1/2
6/19/2014Gary HarmonMuskellunge43
6/20/2014Kyle RodgersSmallmouth Bass20
6/20/2014John M.E. AllenMuskellunge47
6/21/2014Christopher RhoadesSunfish11
6/21/2014Casey RhoadesRock Bass12
6/21/2014Dakota HagaMuskellunge18 lbs., 9 oz.45 1/2
6/26/2014Dylan BrooksMuskellunge48
6/27/2014Lee ShafferMuskellunge43 1/2
6/27/2014Christopher WolfordSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
6/28/2014Cantley KrafftMuskellunge43 3/4
6/29/2014Jason BarrowMuskellunge16 lbs., 6 oz.40 3/4
6/29/2014Christopher RhoadesMuskellunge28 lbs., 12 oz.49 1/2
7/8/2014Michael PettyMuskellunge25 lbs.44
7/9/2014Dylan GrosseMuskellunge45 1/2
7/10/2014Billy Ray DuncanStriped Bass30 lbs.42
7/13/2014Austin BeltonWalleye25 1/2
7/14/2014Hunter BrooksMuskellunge42
7/18/2014Philip MabeMuskellunge46
7/21/2014Gary HarmonMuskellunge40
7/23/2014Reginald SizemoreMuskellunge18 lbs.44
7/25/2014Edward LawtonMuskellunge15 lbs.40
7/26/2014David HeiskellMuskellunge40 1/4
7/26/2014Christopher RhoadesRock Bass1 lbs., 12 oz.13 1/4
8/1/2014Bruce CruiseMuskellunge22 lbs., 11 oz.44 1/2
8/2/2014Karla PitsenbergerMuskellunge45
8/2/2014Keith SimmonsSmallmouth Bass21
8/2/2014Ethan BeltonWalleye30 1/4
8/4/2014Jeff MyersSmallmouth Bass5 lbs., 4 oz.23
8/5/2014Reginald SizemoreMuskellunge17 lbs.42 1/2
8/9/2014Ming LiWalleye8 lbs., 8 oz.29
8/13/2014Roger DaltonWalleye8 lbs., 10 oz.29
8/16/2014Junior BowersWalleye8 lbs., 8 oz.28 3/4
8/17/2014Preston QuesenberryWalleye5 lbs., 6 oz.25 3/4
8/20/2014Lucas HashMuskellunge46 1/4
8/20/2014Reginald SizemoreMuskellunge16 lbs., 8 oz.32 1/2
8/30/2014Michael ZachwiejaSmallmouth Bass21 1/2
9/1/2014Clifton RiffeSmallmouth Bass20
9/2/2014John WingoSmallmouth Bass21
9/5/2014Curtis HicksSmallmouth Bass5 lbs.20
9/13/2014Jackson Evans, Jr.Muskellunge40 1/4
9/18/2014Jim HancockSmallmouth Bass20
9/21/2014Todd CannadayMuskellunge41
9/23/2014James Pearman Jr.Smallmouth Bass20 1/2
9/27/2014Jim HancockSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
9/29/2014John DanielSmallmouth Bass6 lbs.20 1/4
10/10/2014William IsomSmallmouth Bass22 3/4
10/11/2014Andrew BrunkMuskellunge44 1/2
10/11/2014Matthew RoweSmallmouth Bass20
10/11/2014David WeeksMuskellunge45
10/26/2014Preston QuesenberryWalleye5 lbs., 2 oz.25 1/2
10/27/2014Christopher LordenMuskellunge16 lbs., 4 oz.41
10/27/2014Christopher LordenMuskellunge24 lbs., 2 oz.45 1/2
10/28/2014Michael PettyMuskellunge18 lbs.41
11/18/2014Josh DolinMuskellunge42
12/8/2014James Gray Jr.Muskellunge15 lbs.40 1/2
12/21/2014James Gray Jr.Muskellunge16 lbs., 8 oz.42
12/22/2014James Gray Jr.Muskellunge41

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