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Fish Citations

To view citations by species and body of water from 2020 to present day. Visit the Go Outdoors Virginia: Angler Recognition Program website. In the bottom left corner under “Trophy Catch Submissions” you can click to “view all” awarded citations.


Date of CatchAnglerSpeciesWeightLength
1/1/2009Timothy WaltsYellow Perch14 1/2
1/3/2009Lloyd WestLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 01 oz.23 1/2
1/3/2009Lloyd WestLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 08 oz.23 1/2
1/5/2009Justin PalenskiChain Pickerel24
1/8/2009Neal BengtsonLargemouth Bass8 lbs.23 1/2
1/9/2009Calvin Carter Sr.Crappie2 lbs., 4 oz.18
1/9/2009Calvin Carter Sr.Crappie2 lbs., 4 oz.18
1/10/2009Joseph Garabedian, Sr.Chain Pickerel4 lbs., 06 oz.25
1/10/2009Joseph Garabedian, Sr.Largemouth Bass23 1/2
1/10/2009William BrandonLargemouth Bass22
1/11/2009Dennis Lewis Sr.Largemouth Bass22 3/4
1/11/2009James Holmes, JrChain Pickerel24 1/4
1/12/2009David MorinLargemouth Bass9 lbs., 06 oz.23 1/2
1/14/2009Nicholas BatesLargemouth Bass10 lbs., 02 oz.24 1/4
1/16/2009Mitchell HopkinsLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 04 oz.23
1/24/2009Adam Lambert, Jr.Brook Trout3 lbs., 08 oz.17 1/2
2/1/2009Terry Cox, Jr.Largemouth Bass9 lbs.23 1/2
2/1/2009Jay Marlow, Jr.Largemouth Bass24
2/1/2009Kenneth RigneyCarp36 1/2
2/2/2009Taylor McCannCrappie15 1/4
2/3/2009Taylor McCannCrappie15
2/3/2009Taylor McCannCrappie15 1/4
2/7/2009Matthew WoodsonCrappie15
2/7/2009Adam NewmanLargemouth Bass23
2/8/2009Daniel SilkLargemouth Bass22
2/8/2009Daniel SilkLargemouth Bass22 1/4
2/8/2009Dale HartmanLargemouth Bass11 lbs., 04 oz.25 1/2
2/10/2009Libby WatsonSunfish13 1/2
2/10/2009Jason HayLargemouth Bass22
2/10/2009Robert Hayden, Jr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 05 oz.25 1/2
2/11/2009Clifton ClarkLargemouth Bass23 1/4
2/11/2009Frank PoeLargemouth Bass23
2/11/2009James SmithLargemouth Bass8 lbs.24
2/11/2009Donnie HerndonLargemouth Bass23
2/12/2009Christopher CarrollLargemouth Bass9 lbs., 11 oz.25 1/2
2/14/2009Ryan SpicerRainbow Trout7 lbs., 06 oz.24 3/4
2/14/2009Ralph MacKenzieLargemouth Bass22
2/14/2009Carrie LayneLargemouth Bass10 lbs., 08 oz.26 1/2
2/14/2009Derek WoodsonLargemouth Bass23 1/4
2/15/2009John HewittLargemouth Bass22 1/2
2/15/2009David ShintakuCrappie15 1/2
2/15/2009James BeardChain Pickerel24 1/2
2/15/2009Tanner KnechtLargemouth Bass24
2/17/2009Frank Beavers Jr.Crappie2 lbs., 02 oz.15
2/19/2009Richard MinterLargemouth Bass22
2/19/2009Brandon BlankenshipLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 01 oz.24 1/2
2/21/2009Eric NeatheryLargemouth Bass22 1/4
2/21/2009Wesley GilmanRainbow Trout5 lbs., 08 oz.24 1/4
2/21/2009Jeanette BlankenshipLargemouth Bass22
2/21/2009James BeardLargemouth Bass22 1/4
2/22/2009Walter HillLargemouth Bass24
2/22/2009Sarah DiazChain Pickerel25 3/4
2/25/2009Derek WoodsonLargemouth Bass22 1/2
2/25/2009Derek WoodsonLargemouth Bass22 1/4
2/25/2009Arnold DukeLargemouth Bass26
2/25/2009Lucas DeJarnetteLargemouth Bass23
2/25/2009Larry IngallsChain Pickerel25
2/25/2009Larry IngallsChain Pickerel24 1/2
2/25/2009Larry IngallsChain Pickerel24 1/4
2/25/2009John Jennings Jr.Largemouth Bass23 1/4
2/26/2009Michael TuckLargemouth Bass24
2/26/2009John GuthrieLargemouth Bass23 1/4
2/26/2009Tommy HayesYellow Perch12
2/27/2009William MillsChain Pickerel24 1/4
2/27/2009William MillsChain Pickerel25 3/4
2/27/2009John GuthrieChain Pickerel4 lbs., 04 oz.25
2/27/2009John GuthrieCrappie2 lbs., 02 oz.15
2/27/2009Andrew HunterRainbow Trout5 lbs., 05 oz.24
2/27/2009Andrew HunterRainbow Trout6 lbs.23
2/27/2009James BeardCrappie2 lbs., 03 oz.16 3/4
2/27/2009James BeardChain Pickerel24 1/2
3/4/2009Philip InnesLargemouth Bass11 lbs.25
3/5/2009Edgar Pettry, IILargemouth Bass24 1/2
3/6/2009Christopher MartinCrappie2 lbs., 01 oz.15
3/7/2009Caleb SillLargemouth Bass22 1/2
3/7/2009Randy SimontonLargemouth Bass8 lbs.24
3/7/2009Justin GreerLargemouth Bass22
3/7/2009Luke AignerCrappie2 lbs., 02 oz.
3/7/2009Eric MorinCarp20 lbs.37
3/7/2009Lisa EverettSunfish1 lbs., 03 oz.
3/7/2009Lisa EverettSunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.
3/7/2009Lisa EverettSunfish1 lbs., 03 oz.
3/7/2009Ryan TuckLargemouth Bass22
3/7/2009Tyler BernardCrappie2 lbs., 02 oz.15 3/4
3/8/2009William PolkLargemouth Bass23
3/8/2009Jeffrey Guerrant, Jr.Largemouth Bass23 1/2
3/8/2009Alexis EvansSunfish2 lbs., 02 oz.12
3/8/2009Billy JohnsonCrappie15 1/4
3/8/2009Tyler BernardLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 09 oz.22 1/2
3/8/2009Amanda DiazLargemouth Bass9 lbs., 11 oz.23 1/4
3/8/2009Harvey NewcombLargemouth Bass9 lbs., 06 oz.26 1/2
3/8/2009Jeff Guerrant, Sr.Largemouth Bass23
3/8/2009Robert Highlander Sr.Crappie15
3/8/2009Garick ColeLargemouth Bass12 lbs., 12 oz.26
3/8/2009Robert Highlander Jr.Crappie15 1/4
3/8/2009Audie ChaplinLargemouth Bass10 lbs., 02 oz.24
3/8/2009Donald Dabney, Sr.Largemouth Bass22 1/2
3/8/2009Brenden ShiflettLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 08 oz.25
3/8/2009Mark AldridgeChain Pickerel4 lbs., 04 oz.27 1/4
3/9/2009Thomas Lewis, Sr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 01 oz.22 3/4
3/9/2009Donald Dabney, Sr.Largemouth Bass9 lbs., 12 oz.24 1/2
3/9/2009Donald Dabney, Sr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 12 oz.25
3/9/2009Cameron DrudeLargemouth Bass9 lbs., 03 oz.22 1/2
3/9/2009Larry IngallsChain Pickerel26
3/9/2009Johnny ClarkLargemouth Bass22 1/4
3/9/2009Richard Romagnoli, Sr.Crappie15 1/4
3/10/2009Robert Highlander Sr.Crappie15
3/10/2009Sean O'BrienLargemouth Bass22
3/11/2009Kenny WilderLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 04 oz.23
3/11/2009John Vishneski, Jr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 05 oz.
3/11/2009Dawson McGovernLargemouth Bass23
3/11/2009Jarrett CatlettCrappie2 lbs., 03 oz.16
3/11/2009William NicarLargemouth Bass23
3/12/2009Benjamin PotterLargemouth Bass10 lbs., 02 oz.26 1/2
3/12/2009Tanner ShultzLargemouth Bass22
3/13/2009Christopher MartinCrappie2 lbs.15 1/4
3/13/2009Christopher MartinCrappie15
3/14/2009Garrett JonesCrappie2 lbs.14
3/14/2009Edward TaftLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 12 oz.24 1/2
3/14/2009Joseph RhodesLargemouth Bass22 3/4
3/14/2009Joseph RhodesLargemouth Bass22
3/14/2009James Brown, Sr.Crappie15 1/4
3/14/2009Johnathan BinghamLargemouth Bass23 3/4
3/14/2009Blair MansonCrappie15 1/4
3/14/2009Bradley WoodleLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 04 oz.22 3/4
3/14/2009James BeardLargemouth Bass22 1/2
3/14/2009Wayne BradbyCrappie15
3/15/2009Nathan SigmonRainbow Trout6 lbs., 08 oz.24 1/2
3/16/2009David MorinBowfin11 lbs., 09 oz.33
3/16/2009Joshua DavisLargemouth Bass22 1/4
3/16/2009William AtkinsonLargemouth Bass23 1/4
3/16/2009Edward Fogg, Jr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 08 oz.24
3/16/2009Timothy RiveraLargemouth Bass24
3/17/2009Scooter HavensLargemouth Bass24
3/18/2009Larry IngallsChain Pickerel24
3/18/2009James Davis Jr.Bowfin10 lbs., 04 oz.31 1/4
3/18/2009Jason DentonLargemouth Bass23
3/18/2009Gary FergusonLargemouth Bass22 1/2
3/18/2009Bubba Denton, Jr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 11 oz.24
3/19/2009Joshua BacheCrappie15
3/19/2009Donald MartinLargemouth Bass25
3/19/2009Jonathan W. LawsonCrappie2 lbs., 04 oz.15 3/4
3/19/2009Michael WilliamsLargemouth Bass23 1/4
3/19/2009Tommy HayesYellow Perch12
3/20/2009Kerry ChandlerLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 04 oz.23 1/2
3/20/2009Jacob ComerRainbow Trout4 lbs., 11 oz.22 1/2
3/20/2009Marc SniderLargemouth Bass22 1/4
3/20/2009Marc SniderChain Pickerel24
3/21/2009Jesse ReddCrappie15
3/21/2009Dean BlankenshipLargemouth Bass22
3/21/2009Brandon CarrollLargemouth Bass22
3/21/2009John Thomas IIILargemouth Bass22
3/21/2009Christopher MartinCrappie2 lbs.15 1/4
3/21/2009Judith HughesCrappie16
3/21/2009Randolph HogwoodCrappie2 lbs.15
3/21/2009Neal BengtsonLargemouth Bass9 lbs.22
3/21/2009Jason PattonLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 08 oz.24 1/2
3/21/2009Christopher PowleyWhite Perch2 lbs.16
3/22/2009John LingerfeltCrappie2 lbs., 02 oz.15 3/4
3/22/2009John LingerfeltCrappie2 lbs., 02 oz.15 1/2
3/22/2009Freddie Randall, IIICrappie3 lbs.18
3/22/2009Bruce NorfleetCrappie2 lbs., 02 oz.15
3/22/2009Quinn MaddenCrappie15 1/4
3/22/2009Hunter WatkinsCrappie2 lbs., 03 oz.15
3/22/2009Donald Dabney, Sr.Largemouth Bass23 1/4
3/22/2009Jordan McMillianCrappie2 lbs., 06 oz.15 1/2
3/23/2009Willard MogerCrappie15
3/23/2009Brian DishonRainbow Trout5 lbs., 01 oz.24
3/23/2009Taylor WiniarskiLargemouth Bass26 1/4
3/23/2009Charlie Lamm, IIICrappie15
3/24/2009Carlos Thomas, Jr.Largemouth Bass23
3/24/2009Joshua SetliffLargemouth Bass24
3/24/2009Mark BakerCrappie15
3/25/2009Christopher KotheLargemouth Bass23
3/25/2009Richard NelsonLargemouth Bass23
3/25/2009Isaac KirkeyRainbow Trout4 lbs., 08 oz.
3/25/2009Larry IngallsCrappie16
3/27/2009Bubba Denton, Jr.Largemouth Bass10 lbs., 08 oz.25 1/2
3/27/2009William OwensBlue Catfish41
3/27/2009Tab LantzLargemouth Bass24
3/28/2009Christopher JenkinsCrappie15 1/4
3/28/2009Arthur BradleyCrappie16
3/28/2009Jeffrey NemeroffLargemouth Bass23
3/28/2009Michael FarrisCrappie2 lbs.
3/28/2009Michael FarrisCrappie2 lbs., 02 oz.15 1/4
3/28/2009Michael FarrisCrappie2 lbs., 02 oz.15
3/28/2009Paul HinsonCrappie2 lbs., 01 oz.15 1/2
3/28/2009Joseph RhodesLargemouth Bass23 1/4
3/28/2009Phillip BurketCrappie2 lbs., 04 oz.15 1/2
3/28/2009Michael BoneyLargemouth Bass22 1/2
3/28/2009Kenneth PizziniCrappie2 lbs., 09 oz.17
3/28/2009Kevin FarrisCrappie2 lbs., 04 oz.15 1/2
3/28/2009Kevin FarrisCrappie2 lbs., 02 oz.15
3/28/2009Kevin FarrisCrappie2 lbs.
3/28/2009Barry Spradlin Jr.Rainbow Trout4 lbs., 11 oz.22
3/28/2009Raymond Kirchmier, II.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 05 oz.24 1/2
3/29/2009Tamiro ChozuCrappie2 lbs., 04 oz.16
3/29/2009Tamiro ChozuGar21 lbs.52
3/29/2009Anthony SmithLargemouth Bass9 lbs., 02 oz.24 3/4
3/29/2009Maelyn EdwardsCrappie15 3/4
3/29/2009Carla RobertsonCrappie2 lbs., 02 oz.15
3/29/2009Charles DriverLargemouth Bass22 1/2
3/29/2009James GregoryCrappie15 3/4
3/30/2009James DonnellyCrappie2 lbs., 07 oz.16
3/31/2009Matthew LukerCrappie2 lbs., 13 oz.16 1/2
3/31/2009William DickinsonCrappie15 1/4
3/31/2009Ray Smith, Jr.Sunfish1 lbs., 08 oz.11 1/2
3/31/2009Robert BeckLargemouth Bass22
3/31/2009Donald McWilliams, Jr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 04 oz.24
3/31/2009Adrian HodgeLargemouth Bass23 1/4
4/1/2009Kenneth WrayLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 02 oz.24 1/2
4/1/2009James Stables IIILargemouth Bass8 lbs., 04 oz.
4/1/2009James Belcher, IIICrappie2 lbs., 03 oz.17
4/1/2009Ronnie PhillipsLargemouth Bass23
4/2/2009John Jones, Sr.Sunfish1 lbs., 03 oz.10 3/4
4/2/2009Kevin FarrisSunfish1 lbs., 10 oz.13
4/2/2009Kevin FarrisCrappie2 lbs., 02 oz.15
4/2/2009Kevin FarrisCrappie2 lbs.15
4/2/2009Brian AtkinsCrappie15
4/2/2009Brian AtkinsCrappie2 lbs., 10 oz.17 1/2
4/2/2009Robert GibbsCrappie2 lbs., 03 oz.
4/3/2009Arthur BradleyCrappie15
4/3/2009Robert Shiro, Jr.Chain Pickerel25 1/2
4/3/2009Terry Hutton Sr.Rainbow Trout5 lbs., 01 oz.23
4/3/2009Rhonda BrickeyRainbow Trout6 lbs., 02 oz.24 3/4
4/3/2009John SmithCrappie15
4/3/2009John SmithCrappie2 lbs., 02 oz.15
4/3/2009Cory HarrisonCrappie2 lbs., 06 oz.
4/4/2009Justin CooperLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 05 oz.25
4/4/2009Hunter ReedLargemouth Bass22
4/4/2009Joseph MorgansCrappie2 lbs.16
4/4/2009Randy GuinnLargemouth Bass22 1/2
4/4/2009Timothy DunbarLargemouth Bass9 lbs., 06 oz.25 1/2
4/4/2009Emre SmithCrappie2 lbs., 01 oz.16
4/4/2009Emma RuffingBrook Trout16
4/4/2009Christopher T. D. ScriberCrappie16 3/4
4/4/2009Frank Knott, IIILargemouth Bass9 lbs., 08 oz.24 1/2
4/4/2009Carl QuastLargemouth Bass23 1/2
4/4/2009Joseph RhodesLargemouth Bass24
4/5/2009Jesse SonifrankYellow Perch1 lbs., 05 oz.12 1/2
4/5/2009Casey SmithSunfish1 lbs., 01 oz.11
4/5/2009Mike WilkinsCrappie16
4/5/2009Emily WhiteSunfish11
4/5/2009Mary ParrishCrappie15
4/5/2009Robert Shiro, Jr.Largemouth Bass22 1/2
4/5/2009James DavisLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 04 oz.23 1/2
4/5/2009Christian SchweigerSunfish11
4/5/2009Eric LaginessChain Pickerel25 1/2
4/5/2009James FitzgeraldLargemouth Bass8 lbs.22 1/2
4/7/2009Thomas Mitchell, IIISunfish1 lbs., 08 oz.14
4/7/2009Jonathan HartmanCrappie2 lbs., 02 oz.16
4/7/2009Bobby Hartman, Jr.Crappie15 1/4
4/7/2009Michael Mihalcoe Jr.Chain Pickerel4 lbs., 02 oz.24 3/4
4/7/2009Billy MillsCarp32 lbs., 05 oz.42
4/7/2009Arlie RobertsCrappie15 1/2
4/8/2009Waylon EthertonLargemouth Bass23 3/4
4/8/2009Bill BonneyLargemouth Bass22
4/8/2009Josh JenkinsLargemouth Bass23
4/8/2009Russell Deane, Jr.Largemouth Bass23
4/9/2009Edward Brooks Jr.Chain Pickerel5 lbs.27
4/9/2009Jonathan Owens, Sr.Largemouth Bass22 1/4
4/9/2009Robert Rivenbark, Sr.Sunfish1 lbs., 03 oz.12 1/4
4/10/2009Scott CorboyRainbow Trout5 lbs., 09 oz.
4/10/2009James PikeRainbow Trout22 1/2
4/10/2009Howdra HathorneLargemouth Bass9 lbs., 05 oz.25 1/2
4/10/2009Clayton CookLargemouth Bass22 1/2
4/10/2009Edward Brooks Jr.Chain Pickerel4 lbs., 05 oz.26
4/10/2009Gregory HedrickLargemouth Bass8 lbs.23
4/11/2009Donald GallihughLargemouth Bass23
4/11/2009Justin DodsonSunfish1 lbs.11 1/4
4/11/2009Darrell MayoCrappie15 1/4
4/11/2009David GrantLargemouth Bass11 lbs., 02 oz.23 3/4
4/11/2009Ralph MacKenzieLargemouth Bass23
4/11/2009Keon MayoCrappie15
4/12/2009Alex IlchCrappie15 1/4
4/12/2009Jacob Newman, Jr.Crappie16 1/2
4/12/2009Christopher SeayChain Pickerel24
4/12/2009Christopher ParsleyCrappie2 lbs., 06 oz.16
4/12/2009Michael McCrackenLargemouth Bass23 3/4
4/12/2009Preston WoodelLargemouth Bass23 1/4
4/12/2009Nicholas WoodCrappie15
4/12/2009Wayne Heatwole, Sr.Crappie15 1/4
4/12/2009George HedrickCrappie2 lbs., 02 oz.15
4/12/2009Cletus Jackson, Jr.Largemouth Bass22 1/4
4/12/2009Taylor PikeRainbow Trout23
4/12/2009Lynwood Miles Jr.Largemouth Bass22
4/12/2009Justin FrancisLargemouth Bass23
4/13/2009Lauren SullivanCrappie2 lbs., 08 oz.17 1/4
4/13/2009Dylan PowleyCarp25 lbs., 09 oz.37
4/13/2009Thomas LangfordLargemouth Bass10 lbs., 07 oz.25
4/13/2009Toby Puckett, Jr.Chain Pickerel4 lbs., 02 oz.
4/13/2009Stephen PotterCrappie15 1/4
4/13/2009Garrett HedspethCrappie15 1/2
4/13/2009James McGuireLargemouth Bass23 1/4
4/14/2009Heath HarrisonChain Pickerel25
4/14/2009Phillip ScottCarp31 lbs., 12 oz.36 1/4
4/14/2009Dennis BrannanSunfish1 lbs., 02 oz.
4/14/2009Jamison ParkerCrappie2 lbs.
4/14/2009Marcus WoodLargemouth Bass25
4/15/2009Thomas Mitchell, IIILargemouth Bass24
4/15/2009Charles HallCrappie2 lbs., 02 oz.15 1/2
4/15/2009Jonathan SteinerLargemouth Bass22 1/4
4/15/2009Brian AtkinsCrappie3 lbs., 14 oz.19 1/2
4/15/2009Brian AtkinsCrappie3 lbs., 05 oz.18 1/2
4/15/2009Brian AtkinsCrappie15 1/2
4/15/2009Brian AtkinsCrappie2 lbs., 10 oz.17 3/4
4/15/2009Larry Shiflett Sr.Yellow Perch1 lbs., 12 oz.11
4/16/2009Hamden SeayYellow Perch13 1/2
4/16/2009William BoydCrappie2 lbs., 03 oz.
4/16/2009Harry Guy, IIILargemouth Bass9 lbs.25
4/16/2009Joseph RhodesWhite Perch1 lbs., 05 oz.13 1/4
4/17/2009Brian AtkinsCrappie2 lbs., 12 oz.17 1/2
4/17/2009Stephen PotterChannel Catfish12 lbs., 08 oz.33
4/17/2009Eugene Ricks, Jr.Chain Pickerel24 1/4
4/17/2009James BeardLargemouth Bass24 1/2
4/17/2009Jeremy BrownCrappie2 lbs., 01 oz.15 3/4
4/17/2009Larry BoykinLargemouth Bass23 1/2
4/17/2009Thomas Moore, Jr.Largemouth Bass24
4/18/2009Ryan MooreChain Pickerel25
4/18/2009Nicholas LaymanRainbow Trout22 1/2
4/18/2009Daniel FisherCrappie2 lbs., 08 oz.
4/18/2009Kevin ToshLargemouth Bass9 lbs., 01 oz.27
4/18/2009Tripp Lightner, IIILargemouth Bass22 1/2
4/18/2009Peter SutphinLargemouth Bass10 lbs.24 1/2
4/18/2009Taylor Holt, IIICrappie15
4/18/2009Brian AtkinsCrappie3 lbs., 04 oz.18
4/18/2009Brian AtkinsCrappie3 lbs., 09 oz.18 1/2
4/18/2009Harry Guy, IIILargemouth Bass23
4/18/2009Chase ColleyLargemouth Bass8 lbs.23 1/2
4/18/2009Michael Mihalcoe Jr.Yellow Perch13
4/18/2009Michael Mihalcoe Jr.Yellow Perch12 3/4
4/18/2009Jeremy PritchettLargemouth Bass22
4/19/2009Alex WhiteChain Pickerel25
4/19/2009Jason ClarkCrappie15
4/19/2009Caitlynn EdwardsSunfish11 1/2
4/19/2009Steele HollandLargemouth Bass22
4/19/2009Ronald PowellBlue Catfish38 lbs., 14 oz.41 1/2
4/19/2009Michael MarksSunfish1 lbs.10 1/2
4/19/2009Barton CowneLargemouth Bass23 1/2
4/19/2009Leroy FahmerSunfish2 lbs., 04 oz.12 1/2
4/19/2009Darrell MayoLargemouth Bass23
4/19/2009Kimberly GrahamLargemouth Bass22
4/19/2009Nowell JinnetteChain Pickerel25
4/19/2009Jack GoodwynLargemouth Bass22 1/2
4/19/2009Gerry SullivanLargemouth Bass25
4/20/2009Shane KeebleLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 01 oz.22
4/20/2009Kevin AdcockSunfish1 lbs.11 1/2
4/20/2009Jackson WommackSunfish11 1/2
4/20/2009Craig ChildersLargemouth Bass25
4/20/2009James WachsmuthLargemouth Bass23
4/21/2009John Brascher Jr.Crappie15 1/4
4/21/2009Donald Newsome, Sr.Crappie17
4/22/2009Robert NoftsingerLargemouth Bass26 1/2
4/22/2009Raymond TaylorLargemouth Bass10 lbs., 07 oz.25
4/22/2009Raymond TaylorSunfish11 1/4
4/22/2009Raymond TaylorLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 01 oz.24
4/23/2009Joe Niamtu, IIILargemouth Bass22 1/2
4/23/2009Jerry SmithLargemouth Bass22 1/2
4/23/2009Edgar Pettry, IILargemouth Bass23 1/2
4/23/2009William OwensBlue Catfish38 lbs.41
4/23/2009Robert GreenYellow Perch1 lbs., 12 oz.13
4/24/2009William JacksonChain Pickerel5 lbs.30
4/24/2009Brian AtkinsCrappie2 lbs., 03 oz.16 1/2
4/24/2009Christopher ShayRainbow Trout4 lbs., 11 oz.24 1/2
4/24/2009Billy WitcherCrappie16 1/2
4/24/2009Kevin RoundyLargemouth Bass24
4/24/2009Stewart Moore, Sr.Crappie15 1/4
4/24/2009Lawrence KerseySunfish1 lbs., 01 oz.10 1/2
4/24/2009Carol JohnsonLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 08 oz.24 1/2
4/24/2009Hunter CashCrappie15
4/25/2009Anthony CashChain Pickerel4 lbs., 05 oz.24
4/25/2009Joseph RhodesLargemouth Bass24 1/2
4/25/2009Christopher YoungChannel Catfish13 lbs., 07 oz.30 1/4
4/25/2009Brandon CarrollLargemouth Bass9 lbs.25
4/25/2009Kevin JohnsonRainbow Trout4 lbs., 06 oz.23
4/25/2009Matthew SnyderCrappie3 lbs., 02 oz.18 1/4
4/25/2009Darrell MayoLargemouth Bass22 1/2
4/25/2009Leecester BeaversRainbow Trout6 lbs.23
4/25/2009James Davis, Sr.Largemouth Bass22
4/25/2009James Davis, Sr.Crappie2 lbs., 11 oz.15 1/2
4/25/2009Della FosterCrappie2 lbs., 01 oz.16 1/2
4/26/2009Marcus MitchellSunfish11 3/4
4/26/2009Ronald CowdenYellow Perch1 lbs., 05 oz.13
4/26/2009Christopher ChaseCrappie2 lbs., 02 oz.16
4/26/2009Kevin AdcockCrappie15
4/26/2009Robert Shiro, Jr.Largemouth Bass22
4/26/2009Gabriel PapetLargemouth Bass22 1/4
4/26/2009Melvin Gilmore, Sr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 12 oz.24 1/2
4/26/2009Chad WoodsonLargemouth Bass22 1/2
4/26/2009Donald FrumLargemouth Bass22 1/4
4/26/2009Christopher PowleyCarp20 lbs., 02 oz.35
4/26/2009Derek WoodsonLargemouth Bass24 1/4
4/26/2009Derek WoodsonLargemouth Bass23
4/26/2009John KnightCrappie2 lbs., 10 oz.17 1/4
4/26/2009Nicholas BakerLargemouth Bass22 1/4
4/26/2009William McBride, IIILargemouth Bass22 1/2
4/26/2009Vanessa SeayLargemouth Bass10 lbs., 05 oz.25
4/26/2009Cheryl AldridgeLargemouth Bass9 lbs., 12 oz.27 1/2
4/27/2009Brian AtkinsCrappie2 lbs., 02 oz.16
4/27/2009Brian AtkinsCrappie2 lbs., 07 oz.17 1/2
4/27/2009Brian AtkinsCrappie2 lbs., 05 oz.16 3/4
4/27/2009T. Brandon HodgesLargemouth Bass23
4/27/2009Phillip ScottLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 13 oz.22 1/2
4/28/2009Jef Ford, Jr.Crappie2 lbs.15 1/4
4/28/2009Kenneth Ames, Sr.Chain Pickerel28
4/28/2009Raymond TaylorLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 05 oz.24 1/2
4/28/2009Cheryl AldridgeLargemouth Bass23 1/4
4/29/2009Robert EadesSunfish1 lbs., 01 oz.11
4/29/2009Raymond TaylorLargemouth Bass23 1/4
4/29/2009John McNulty IIIWhite Perch1 lbs., 04 oz.14 1/2
4/29/2009Wade WrightSunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.9 1/4
4/29/2009Tom SimonLargemouth Bass22
4/29/2009Austin CarterCrappie3 lbs.17
4/30/2009Frank Holloman, Sr.Sunfish2 lbs.13
4/30/2009Woodrow SolomonLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 03 oz.24
4/30/2009Barbara SpeasSunfish1 lbs., 08 oz.11
4/30/2009John FauciLargemouth Bass23
5/1/2009Kerry ChandlerLargemouth Bass23 1/4
5/1/2009Howard HelbertCrappie15 1/4
5/1/2009Phillip ScottLargemouth Bass9 lbs., 01 oz.22 3/4
5/1/2009George Lowe IIISunfish1 lbs.11
5/2/2009Casey MaslockRainbow Trout4 lbs., 14 oz.22 3/4
5/2/2009John HarveySunfish1 lbs., 11 oz.12
5/2/2009Andrew WardCrappie2 lbs., 04 oz.16 1/2
5/2/2009Cody WolfeLargemouth Bass23
5/2/2009Ralph AndersonCrappie15 1/4
5/2/2009Tyler LumpkinSunfish1 lbs., 08 oz.13 1/4
5/2/2009Dudley BurgessCrappie2 lbs., 05 oz.16
5/2/2009Steven LewisLargemouth Bass24
5/2/2009Charlie Lamm, IIILargemouth Bass22
5/2/2009Michael EwellRainbow Trout25 1/2
5/2/2009Michael EwellRainbow Trout25
5/2/2009Roger WoodsonLargemouth Bass23 1/2
5/2/2009Alex WhiteSunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.10 1/2
5/2/2009Alex WhiteSunfish12
5/2/2009Christopher ManningLargemouth Bass23
5/2/2009Raymond TaylorLargemouth Bass23 1/4
5/2/2009Robert FulkBrook Trout16 1/2
5/2/2009David JonesLargemouth Bass25
5/3/2009Ricky DodgeYellow Perch12 1/4
5/3/2009Rame CromwellLargemouth Bass22 1/2
5/3/2009John ThompsonSunfish1 lbs.10 3/4
5/3/2009John PondLargemouth Bass23
5/3/2009Michael EwellRainbow Trout26 1/2
5/3/2009Michael EwellRainbow Trout6 lbs., 08 oz.27
5/3/2009Michael EwellRainbow Trout25
5/3/2009Michael EwellRainbow Trout25 1/4
5/3/2009Herbert Webster, IILargemouth Bass23
5/3/2009Herbert Webster, IILargemouth Bass22 1/2
5/3/2009Tamiro ChozuSunfish1 lbs.11
5/3/2009Tamiro ChozuSunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.12
5/3/2009Tamiro ChozuSunfish1 lbs., 02 oz.11 3/4
5/3/2009Eric WilsonLargemouth Bass9 lbs., 07 oz.25 1/2
5/4/2009Logan BishopCrappie1 lbs., 13 oz.15
5/4/2009James Shifflett, IICrappie15 1/4
5/4/2009Wade WrightSunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.9 1/2
5/4/2009Robert FloydLargemouth Bass12 lbs.28
5/5/2009Michael HallLargemouth Bass8 lbs.23
5/5/2009Erick IversonCrappie2 lbs., 01 oz.
5/6/2009Mark AldridgeLargemouth Bass22 1/2
5/6/2009Robert MillerRainbow Trout4 lbs., 06 oz.22
5/6/2009Michael PeckLargemouth Bass23
5/7/2009Charles GradyLargemouth Bass23 1/2
5/7/2009V. Justin FridleySunfish1 lbs., 01 oz.11 1/4
5/7/2009Jason MassieLargemouth Bass10 lbs.23 3/4
5/7/2009Guy WoodsNorthern Pike16 lbs., 05 oz.42
5/8/2009Lynwood Miles Sr.Channel Catfish13 lbs.
5/8/2009Karl MillsapLargemouth Bass22
5/8/2009Robert Foster, Sr.Largemouth Bass23
5/8/2009Mark AldridgeLargemouth Bass23
5/8/2009Ryan FairbeeLargemouth Bass25 1/4
5/8/2009Steven LewisLargemouth Bass22
5/8/2009Peter SchilthuisLargemouth Bass23
5/8/2009Bronco BaylessLargemouth Bass23 1/2
5/8/2009Reid MurrayLargemouth Bass9 lbs.25
5/8/2009Darin BrownLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 12 oz.25
5/9/2009Nicholas HontsSunfish1 lbs., 01 oz.10 1/2
5/9/2009Zach Davis-CrookshanksRainbow Trout4 lbs., 03 oz.22
5/9/2009Adam GarrettLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 04 oz.24 1/4
5/9/2009Jeffery FallenLargemouth Bass23 1/4
5/9/2009Jeffery FallenLargemouth Bass24 1/2
5/10/2009Taylor BurchCrappie2 lbs., 01 oz.15
5/10/2009William RegulaLargemouth Bass23
5/10/2009Cameron LantzLargemouth Bass23
5/10/2009Melinda BarrettCrappie15 1/4
5/10/2009Terry Cox, Jr.Largemouth Bass24
5/10/2009Steven LewisLargemouth Bass22 1/2
5/10/2009Edgar Pettry, IILargemouth Bass24
5/10/2009Jacob NunLargemouth Bass22
5/10/2009Matthew CrabtreeRainbow Trout24 1/4
5/10/2009Hunter PomfreyLargemouth Bass22 1/4
5/12/2009Dustin McGuireLargemouth Bass26
5/12/2009Kayla OsieckiLargemouth Bass25 1/4
5/12/2009Wade WrightSunfish1 lbs., 03 oz.9 1/2
5/12/2009Wade WrightSunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.10
5/12/2009Wade WrightSunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.10
5/12/2009Wade WrightSunfish1 lbs., 02 oz.9 1/2
5/12/2009Jerry GallagherSunfish1 lbs., 05 oz.11
5/12/2009Jesse WilsonCrappie3 lbs.16
5/12/2009Justin CraigLargemouth Bass22 3/4
5/12/2009Philip SaxtonLargemouth Bass22
5/13/2009Ricky DodgeYellow Perch13
5/13/2009Jerry Shelton, Sr.Largemouth Bass25
5/13/2009Jonathan WickhamCrappie2 lbs., 01 oz.15
5/13/2009Kendall GriffinLargemouth Bass23
5/14/2009Brian JonesCrappie15
5/14/2009William MaloneyLargemouth Bass9 lbs., 04 oz.23 1/4
5/14/2009Justin ThompsonChannel Catfish15 lbs., 04 oz.30
5/15/2009Freddie HillLargemouth Bass23
5/15/2009William CrowderSunfish1 lbs., 06 oz.10 3/4
5/15/2009James BreedingLargemouth Bass22 1/2
5/15/2009Howard HelbertSunfish11
5/15/2009Cecil Gregory, Jr.Largemouth Bass22 1/4
5/16/2009Michael SchoolsChain Pickerel25 1/2
5/16/2009Shawn ToliverSunfish1 lbs.12
5/16/2009Jake MaloneLargemouth Bass22 1/2
5/16/2009Jerry Dean ReynoldsLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 05 oz.26
5/16/2009Roy Fridley, Sr.Largemouth Bass22 1/2
5/16/2009Vincent Garrahan, IIILargemouth Bass23
5/16/2009David AlexanderRainbow Trout4 lbs., 05 oz.20
5/16/2009Judy LewisLargemouth Bass8 lbs.24
5/16/2009Laura BlountChain Pickerel25
5/16/2009Robert Tench, IIILargemouth Bass23 1/4
5/16/2009Joseph RhodesLargemouth Bass24
5/17/2009Jacob HoggeLargemouth Bass22
5/17/2009McCoy Byrd, Jr.Largemouth Bass23 1/4
5/17/2009Peter PutzeLargemouth Bass22 1/4
5/17/2009Ben NowackiLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 05 oz.25 1/2
5/17/2009Peter EvansLargemouth Bass8 lbs.22 1/2
5/17/2009Terry Cox, Jr.Largemouth Bass23 3/4
5/17/2009Terry Cox, Jr.Largemouth Bass22 1/2
5/17/2009Terry Cox, Jr.Largemouth Bass23
5/17/2009Logan WolfeCrappie15 1/4
5/17/2009Paul Adkins, Jr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 02 oz.23 1/4
5/17/2009Cory RosumeLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 05 oz.22
5/18/2009Thomas Campbell, Sr.Largemouth Bass22 1/2
5/18/2009Wade WrightSunfish1 lbs., 08 oz.11
5/19/2009Jerry GallagherSunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.10 3/4
5/19/2009Jerry GallagherSunfish1 lbs., 03 oz.10
5/19/2009Jerry GallagherSunfish1 lbs., 05 oz.11
5/19/2009David IserSmallmouth Bass20 1/4
5/19/2009Arnold White, Sr.Largemouth Bass22
5/20/2009Zachary MurphySunfish11
5/20/2009William Cherry, IIILargemouth Bass22 1/2
5/21/2009Craig ChildersLargemouth Bass10 lbs., 04 oz.28
5/21/2009Corey LewisLargemouth Bass9 lbs., 09 oz.24
5/21/2009Pheobe BuhlSunfish2 lbs.13
5/21/2009Tyler ScottLargemouth Bass22
5/21/2009Rocky MabeChannel Catfish12 lbs.30
5/21/2009Chad MooreLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 02 oz.23
5/21/2009Guy WoodsYellow Perch12 1/4
5/21/2009Guy WoodsYellow Perch12 1/2
5/21/2009Guy WoodsYellow Perch13
5/22/2009Donald Butler, JrCrappie2 lbs.15 1/2
5/22/2009Thomas MorrisLargemouth Bass23 1/4
5/22/2009Cecil Gregory, Jr.Sunfish11 1/2
5/22/2009Cecil Gregory, Jr.Sunfish11 1/2
5/22/2009Rocky MabeSunfish1 lbs.11
5/22/2009Dale SadlerCrappie15 1/2
5/22/2009Joshua HarrellLargemouth Bass24
5/22/2009Neal BengtsonLargemouth Bass22 3/4
5/23/2009Nicholas HontsLargemouth Bass22 1/2
5/23/2009Joe Niamtu, IIILargemouth Bass23 1/2
5/23/2009Michael CatheyLargemouth Bass24
5/23/2009Stanford CobbSunfish1 lbs., 03 oz.11 3/4
5/23/2009Chad McWhirtLargemouth Bass22 1/2
5/23/2009William Wilmoth, Jr.Largemouth Bass24 1/2
5/23/2009James RapaleeLargemouth Bass22 1/4
5/23/2009Philip HudsonSunfish1 lbs., 08 oz.12
5/23/2009Landon PalmerLargemouth Bass22 1/4
5/23/2009Timothy DunbarLargemouth Bass23 1/4
5/23/2009Kevin HarverLargemouth Bass22
5/23/2009Guy WoodsYellow Perch13
5/24/2009Guy WoodsYellow Perch13
5/24/2009Guy WoodsYellow Perch1 lbs., 12 oz.14 1/2
5/24/2009Larry Scarborough Jr.Channel Catfish31
5/24/2009Jesse TurnerCrappie15
5/24/2009Jimmie EdwardsSunfish11
5/24/2009Jimmie EdwardsSunfish11
5/24/2009Jimmie EdwardsSunfish11
5/24/2009Landon SiggersSunfish1 lbs., 03 oz.11 1/2
5/24/2009Trent MartinLargemouth Bass23 1/2
5/24/2009Cayden ZyskYellow Perch1 lbs., 06 oz.12 1/4
5/24/2009Eric BrownLargemouth Bass22 1/2
5/24/2009Raymond TaylorSunfish1 lbs., 02 oz.11 1/2
5/24/2009Ryon HurkaLargemouth Bass9 lbs.26
5/24/2009Anthony RiccioLargemouth Bass23
5/24/2009Neal BengtsonLargemouth Bass22 1/2
5/25/2009Shawn LeakeSunfish1 lbs.11
5/25/2009Shawn LeakeSunfish1 lbs.11
5/25/2009Ricky DodgeCrappie15 1/4
5/25/2009Andrew SpiresLargemouth Bass23 1/4
5/25/2009Timothy WaltsSunfish11
5/25/2009Eric EarlsYellow Perch13 1/2
5/25/2009Eric EarlsYellow Perch1 lbs., 08 oz.14 1/2
5/25/2009Calvin RigneyLargemouth Bass24 3/4
5/25/2009Tab LantzLargemouth Bass23
5/25/2009Renee' AnthonyChain Pickerel4 lbs., 02 oz.24 1/2
5/25/2009Walter True, Jr.Largemouth Bass23 3/4
5/25/2009Robbie RobisonGar15 lbs., 09 oz.46
5/25/2009Austin LasherLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 09 oz.24 1/4
5/25/2009Lauren RhodesSunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.11
5/25/2009Christopher Adkins, Sr.Largemouth Bass23
5/25/2009Arnold White, Sr.Largemouth Bass22
5/25/2009Marcus SclaterSunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.11 1/2
5/25/2009Robert BurkettLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 08 oz.22 3/4
5/26/2009Lewis NewtonCrappie3 lbs., 09 oz.19
5/26/2009Guy WoodsNorthern Pike31
5/26/2009Ryan WoodsLargemouth Bass22
5/27/2009Raymond TaylorCrappie15
5/27/2009Jeremiah CarterLargemouth Bass22
5/28/2009Randall PruittSunfish1 lbs., 01 oz.11 1/2
5/28/2009Cody FrumLargemouth Bass24
5/28/2009Brian AtkinsCrappie18
5/28/2009Jason GreenLargemouth Bass22 1/4
5/28/2009Jonathan PowersLargemouth Bass24
5/28/2009Michael PeckLargemouth Bass24 1/4
5/28/2009Shawn LeakeSunfish1 lbs., 05 oz.11 1/2
5/28/2009Shawn LeakeSunfish1 lbs., 01 oz.11
5/28/2009Shawn LeakeSunfish1 lbs., 07 oz.11 1/4
5/28/2009Shawn LeakeSunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.11
5/28/2009Aaron GalderiseBrook Trout2 lbs., 06 oz.18
5/29/2009Michael PeckLargemouth Bass22
5/29/2009Thomas HodgsonSunfish11
5/29/2009Zachary JamesLargemouth Bass9 lbs.
5/29/2009Brian AtkinsLargemouth Bass22 1/2
5/29/2009Donald ButlerCrappie15 1/4
5/29/2009Donald ButlerCrappie2 lbs., 04 oz.15 3/4
5/29/2009John WoodsYellow Perch12
5/29/2009Lynda BatesLargemouth Bass13 lbs.25 1/2
5/30/2009Bryce BrownLargemouth Bass23
5/30/2009Edward FarisSunfish1 lbs., 15 oz.11 1/2
5/30/2009Brian AtkinsLargemouth Bass23 1/4
5/30/2009Darrell MayoLargemouth Bass23
5/30/2009Willard Ashburn, IIIChain Pickerel4 lbs., 02 oz.27 1/4
5/30/2009Matthew PowersSunfish1 lbs.
5/30/2009William BrandonLargemouth Bass22
5/31/2009William CooperLargemouth Bass23 1/2
5/31/2009Marc GriggLargemouth Bass8 lbs.23 1/4
5/31/2009Allen BowieChannel Catfish14 lbs., 02 oz.32
5/31/2009Allen BowieChannel Catfish14 lbs.26
5/31/2009Charles AndersonCrappie2 lbs.
5/31/2009Christopher CoxLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 06 oz.25
5/31/2009Steve ButtsSunfish1 lbs., 02 oz.11 1/2
5/31/2009Edgar Pettry, IILargemouth Bass24
5/31/2009Anthony SmithChannel Catfish22 lbs., 08 oz.38
5/31/2009David Hull, Jr.Sunfish11 1/2
5/31/2009Charlie MundieLargemouth Bass22 1/2
5/31/2009Travis ToneyLargemouth Bass22 1/4
6/1/2009Emilio DigioiaLargemouth Bass12 lbs.19 1/2
6/1/2009Leroy FahrnerLargemouth Bass22 1/2
6/1/2009Corey GibbonsChain Pickerel25 1/4
6/1/2009Robert TuckerLargemouth Bass23 1/4
6/1/2009Kenneth JonesCrappie15 1/2
6/1/2009Andrew SeayLargemouth Bass23 1/2
6/1/2009Shane WallaceSunfish1 lbs., 07 oz.10 3/4
6/1/2009Shane WallaceSunfish1 lbs., 08 oz.11
6/2/2009Sean MattesonBowfin11 lbs., 15 oz.32
6/3/2009Joseph RhodesLargemouth Bass22 1/4
6/4/2009William Edwards, Jr.Crappie15 1/2
6/4/2009Cecil Gregory, Jr.Largemouth Bass22
6/5/2009Kyle MayberryLargemouth Bass22
6/5/2009Kerry ChandlerLargemouth Bass23 1/4
6/5/2009Richard NewtonSunfish11 3/4
6/6/2009Michael DunawayLargemouth Bass15 lbs.25
6/6/2009Gary BeckLargemouth Bass23 1/4
6/6/2009James Fleshmen, Sr.Crappie3 lbs.18
6/6/2009Michael WaltsChannel Catfish30 1/4
6/6/2009Jeffrey CoxSmallmouth Bass20 1/4
6/6/2009Charles AndersonCrappie2 lbs., 05 oz.
6/6/2009Dylan FrazierSunfish1 lbs., 05 oz.12
6/6/2009Robert Hart, IIILargemouth Bass22 1/4
6/6/2009Earle ClaryLargemouth Bass22 1/2
6/6/2009Guy WoodsYellow Perch13
6/6/2009Edgar Pettry, IILargemouth Bass23 3/4
6/6/2009Donnie GilesCrappie2 lbs., 06 oz.15
6/7/2009James SmithLargemouth Bass24
6/7/2009Ronald Marrin, Jr.Largemouth Bass22 1/2
6/7/2009Wayne WelchLargemouth Bass22
6/7/2009Skyler RouseCarp31 lbs.35 1/2
6/7/2009Jessa MooreLargemouth Bass8 lbs.23 1/2
6/7/2009James Weiss, IIIBowfin30
6/7/2009Cameron SmithCrappie2 lbs., 10 oz.19
6/7/2009Kevin OverstreetRainbow Trout5 lbs., 04 oz.23
6/7/2009Jerry Harris, IILargemouth Bass22 1/2
6/8/2009Charles ParkerCrappie15 3/4
6/8/2009Joseph RhodesLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 05 oz.26
6/8/2009William BrandonLargemouth Bass22 1/2
6/8/2009Daniel PuckettLargemouth Bass25 1/4
6/8/2009Rocky MabeChannel Catfish15 lbs.33
6/8/2009Tom GatewoodLargemouth Bass8 lbs.24 1/2
6/8/2009Matthew CarterSunfish11
6/8/2009Justin BroxsonSunfish11 1/4
6/9/2009Donnie PerryChain Pickerel24
6/9/2009Steven SaletnikLargemouth Bass24 1/2
6/9/2009William GarrisonCrappie2 lbs., 10 oz.17
6/9/2009Cynthia PerryLargemouth Bass25 1/4
6/9/2009Joe Niamtu, IIICarp41 lbs.43
6/10/2009Ryan WoodsLargemouth Bass23
6/11/2009Joshua SpicerLargemouth Bass24 1/2
6/11/2009Bobby BakerLargemouth Bass23 1/2
6/11/2009Gene D'ArvilleLargemouth Bass22 1/4
6/11/2009Randy HughesSunfish1 lbs., 05 oz.11 1/2
6/12/2009Gregory ClarkSunfish11 3/4
6/12/2009Gregory ClarkLargemouth Bass22 1/4
6/12/2009Charles DriverLargemouth Bass10 lbs.24 1/4
6/12/2009Scott HewettWhite Perch14
6/12/2009Seth DavisSunfish11 1/4
6/13/2009Guy DavisLargemouth Bass22 1/4
6/13/2009Steven CarterYellow Perch13 1/2
6/13/2009Scott HewettLargemouth Bass22
6/13/2009Jenny JangSunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.11
6/13/2009Dennis SmithLargemouth Bass22 1/2
6/14/2009Hunter GibbsSunfish1 lbs., 01 oz.13
6/14/2009Abigail SchroederSunfish13
6/14/2009Michael SielickiLargemouth Bass24
6/14/2009James DavisSunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.12 1/2
6/15/2009Bruce AndersonLargemouth Bass22 1/2
6/16/2009Ricky DodgeYellow Perch13 3/4
6/16/2009Matthew ParkerLargemouth Bass22 1/2
6/17/2009Arvin WeddleSunfish11
6/17/2009Arvin WeddleYellow Perch12 3/4
6/17/2009Zachary SandersSunfish2 lbs.13 1/4
6/17/2009Joseph SpiveyLargemouth Bass8 lbs.23 1/2
6/17/2009Steve Perger Jr.Largemouth Bass22
6/17/2009Steve Perger Jr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 06 oz.23 1/2
6/18/2009Joseph RhodesLargemouth Bass22
6/18/2009Zachary SandersCarp42 1/2
6/18/2009James Belcher, IIISunfish1 lbs.11 1/2
6/18/2009Graham JohnsonCrappie15 1/4
6/19/2009Tommy HayesSunfish11
6/19/2009Tracy PendletonCrappie15 1/2
6/20/2009Joshua SharpeLargemouth Bass23 1/4
6/20/2009Andrew GreenLargemouth Bass22
6/20/2009Robert Scott, Jr.Sunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.11
6/20/2009Tommy HayesLargemouth Bass23
6/20/2009Boyd AdwellSunfish1 lbs.10 1/4
6/20/2009Bruce AdwellSunfish1 lbs.10 1/2
6/20/2009Kyle McKenneyYellow Perch12
6/20/2009Darrin HufnerLargemouth Bass23 1/2
6/20/2009Tony Cobb, IVLargemouth Bass23 1/2
6/20/2009Gabriel JoinesCarp26 lbs.33 1/4
6/20/2009Edward AndrewsLargemouth Bass23 1/2
6/21/2009Bruce ThomasSunfish1 lbs., 11 oz.
6/21/2009Tommy Eagle, Sr.Largemouth Bass9 lbs., 02 oz.24
6/21/2009Kristy MartinRainbow Trout5 lbs., 10 oz.22
6/21/2009Jonathan WickhamBlue Catfish37 lbs.43
6/21/2009Justin FrancisLargemouth Bass22
6/21/2009Robert Scott, Jr.Sunfish1 lbs., 06 oz.11
6/21/2009Rawley MartinRainbow Trout4 lbs., 02 oz.20
6/22/2009Luke CombsLargemouth Bass22 1/4
6/22/2009Jackson NortonSunfish1 lbs., 05 oz.12
6/23/2009Walton FlytheLargemouth Bass22
6/23/2009Gerald McGheeChannel Catfish12 lbs.30
6/23/2009Paul MinterLargemouth Bass22
6/23/2009William BrandonLargemouth Bass22
6/24/2009Kenneth StoneSunfish11
6/24/2009Hannah EdmondsLargemouth Bass10 lbs.24
6/24/2009Scott RegesterLargemouth Bass8 lbs.22 1/2
6/24/2009John MaynorSunfish11 1/2
6/25/2009Marvin Bogar Sr.Largemouth Bass23 1/2
6/25/2009Alex HertlessLargemouth Bass23 1/2
6/25/2009Robert RichmonLargemouth Bass22 1/4
6/25/2009Keith KruegerSunfish11
6/25/2009Joseph RhodesLargemouth Bass8 lbs.26 1/4
6/25/2009Robert VickLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 08 oz.24
6/25/2009Steven MitchellSunfish11
6/26/2009James BurkeLargemouth Bass23
6/26/2009Malcolm FrancisCrappie15
6/26/2009Carl QuastLargemouth Bass22 1/2
6/26/2009Carl QuastLargemouth Bass24 1/2
6/26/2009Christopher DeaneChain Pickerel25
6/26/2009Grady Oxendine, Jr.Largemouth Bass23
6/27/2009Keith OakesLargemouth Bass23 1/2
6/27/2009Scott HewettLargemouth Bass23
6/27/2009Scott HewettLargemouth Bass22
6/27/2009Christopher WellsSunfish1 lbs., 03 oz.
6/27/2009Benjamin RhodesSunfish1 lbs., 03 oz.11
6/27/2009Bruce BowmanSunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.11 1/4
6/27/2009Shawn LeakeLargemouth Bass23
6/28/2009Henry Emerson, Jr.Sunfish1 lbs., 06 oz.10 3/4
6/28/2009Justin TalleySunfish1 lbs.11 1/2
6/28/2009Barbie HaleyLargemouth Bass23 1/2
6/28/2009Jacob NunSunfish11 1/4
6/28/2009Zachory HareSunfish1 lbs., 06 oz.12
6/28/2009Steven Dudley, Jr.Largemouth Bass9 lbs.26
6/28/2009Benjamin RhodesSunfish1 lbs., 01 oz.11 1/2
6/28/2009Jack GoodwynLargemouth Bass23 1/4
6/29/2009Carl JacksonLargemouth Bass8 lbs.23 1/2
6/29/2009William BrandonLargemouth Bass22
6/30/2009Eric ForbesYellow Perch12
6/30/2009Zachery RohrerRainbow Trout4 lbs., 13 oz.25 3/4
6/30/2009Justin JohnsonChain Pickerel26
6/30/2009Walter JonesLargemouth Bass22 3/4
7/1/2009Jonathan Madison, Sr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 04 oz.24 1/4
7/1/2009Jeffrey ShellRainbow Trout4 lbs., 08 oz.22 1/4
7/1/2009Patricia TyreeLargemouth Bass24 1/2
7/1/2009Donnie Perkinson, Sr.Crappie15 1/4
7/1/2009Waddill StewartSunfish11
7/1/2009Neal BengtsonLargemouth Bass22 1/4
7/1/2009John StokesCrappie2 lbs., 08 oz.16
7/2/2009David Gates Sr.Largemouth Bass22
7/2/2009Jeffrey ShellRainbow Trout5 lbs., 12 oz.24
7/3/2009Justin EllisLargemouth Bass23
7/3/2009James BeardCrappie15 1/2
7/3/2009Dennis Shelton, Sr.Largemouth Bass22 1/4
7/3/2009John OrndorffLargemouth Bass8 lbs.23
7/3/2009Dwaine WhiteLargemouth Bass23
7/3/2009Anthony MannLargemouth Bass24 1/4
7/3/2009Al HollinsLargemouth Bass23
7/3/2009Carl QuastCrappie2 lbs., 12 oz.19
7/3/2009Thomas Francis Jr.Chain Pickerel24 1/2
7/3/2009Jeremiah BlumLargemouth Bass22
7/4/2009Michael RichmonLargemouth Bass23 1/4
7/4/2009Joseph RhodesSunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.11 3/4
7/4/2009Ricky SearsLargemouth Bass9 lbs.22
7/4/2009Mikal SinclairLargemouth Bass23 1/2
7/4/2009Taylor BellLargemouth Bass22
7/4/2009D. Fleet Wallace, Sr.Largemouth Bass23
7/4/2009D. Fleet Wallace, Sr.Largemouth Bass23
7/4/2009Bradley HarterLargemouth Bass22
7/4/2009Larry MathiasLargemouth Bass9 lbs.
7/4/2009Larry MathiasLargemouth Bass24
7/4/2009Jonathan Madison, Sr.Largemouth Bass23 1/4
7/5/2009Melissa FosterLargemouth Bass26 1/2
7/5/2009Kreg ElliottLargemouth Bass22
7/5/2009John Tatum, Jr.Largemouth Bass24
7/6/2009Sissy SanterreBlue Catfish34
7/6/2009Tab LantzLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 08 oz.24
7/6/2009Joseph Morgan, Sr.Crappie2 lbs.15
7/7/2009Michael MawyerLargemouth Bass23 1/4
7/7/2009Gary Lilley, Sr.Sunfish11
7/7/2009Allen HuffmanLargemouth Bass24
7/8/2009Joseph RhodesLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 08 oz.26
7/8/2009John SmithCrappie15 1/4
7/8/2009Hurshel Harwell, Jr.Largemouth Bass24
7/9/2009Rich Foley, Sr.Largemouth Bass22
7/9/2009Mason DomazosSunfish1 lbs., 07 oz.11 1/4
7/9/2009C. Andrew SyslingLargemouth Bass22
7/9/2009Logan BicheYellow Perch12 1/4
7/9/2009Charles Jones Jr.Largemouth Bass22
7/9/2009Jack EubankLargemouth Bass22
7/9/2009Allen HorsleyLargemouth Bass23 1/2
7/10/2009William BrandonLargemouth Bass22
7/10/2009Joseph RhodesLargemouth Bass22 1/2
7/10/2009Aron DavisLargemouth Bass22
7/10/2009Hunter ChumneySunfish1 lbs., 06 oz.11 1/4
7/10/2009Robert Kump, SrCrappie15 1/2
7/11/2009Michael StimmellLargemouth Bass8 lbs.24
7/11/2009Joshua SpicerLargemouth Bass23 1/2
7/11/2009Joshua SpicerSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
7/11/2009Cameron SmithLargemouth Bass9 lbs., 05 oz.28
7/11/2009Melvin Gilmore, Sr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 15 oz.25
7/11/2009James Cuddihy, Jr.Largemouth Bass23 1/2
7/11/2009Atticus ConwaySunfish12 1/2
7/11/2009Atticus ConwaySunfish12
7/11/2009Atticus ConwaySunfish12
7/12/2009Jeffery LaddSunfish11
7/12/2009Trent RiceSunfish1 lbs., 02 oz.11
7/12/2009Tab LantzLargemouth Bass22
7/12/2009Timmy AponteLargemouth Bass23 1/2
7/13/2009Avery PowelsonYellow Perch12
7/13/2009Scott RegesterLargemouth Bass8 lbs.22 1/2
7/14/2009Thom HagenLargemouth Bass23 1/4
7/14/2009Cecil Gregory, Jr.Largemouth Bass22 1/4
7/15/2009Kenneth BuckleyLargemouth Bass22
7/15/2009Timothy GayLargemouth Bass24
7/16/2009Robert Foulks, Sr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs.24
7/16/2009Cecil Gregory, Jr.Largemouth Bass22 1/2
7/17/2009Scott RegesterLargemouth Bass9 lbs.24
7/17/2009Haden LaderLargemouth Bass22 3/4
7/17/2009Josh WorleyLargemouth Bass9 lbs.25 1/4
7/18/2009Jeffrey BallLargemouth Bass23
7/18/2009Tab LantzLargemouth Bass22
7/18/2009Robert VickLargemouth Bass22
7/18/2009James WoodLargemouth Bass10 lbs.22
7/18/2009Daniel Maitland, Sr.Largemouth Bass23 1/2
7/18/2009Daniel Maitland, Sr.Largemouth Bass23 1/2
7/18/2009Daniel Maitland, Sr.Largemouth Bass23 1/4
7/18/2009Robert BordenLargemouth Bass22
7/18/2009Scott BurtonLargemouth Bass23 1/2
7/18/2009Raymond Kirchmier, II.Bowfin31 1/2
7/19/2009Barrett GibbsLargemouth Bass11 lbs.24 1/2
7/19/2009Colby FlynnLargemouth Bass22 1/4
7/19/2009Chris JohnsonLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 04 oz.23 1/2
7/19/2009Peter MolinaLargemouth Bass22 1/2
7/19/2009Michael PoskeyLargemouth Bass22
7/19/2009Kerry ChandlerLargemouth Bass22
7/19/2009Arthur MertzSunfish11
7/19/2009Arthur MertzSunfish12
7/19/2009James WoodLargemouth Bass16 lbs., 08 oz.26 1/2
7/19/2009James WoodChain Pickerel4 lbs.24 1/2
7/19/2009Jeff HillLargemouth Bass24
7/20/2009Gregory GallupLargemouth Bass23
7/20/2009Dwayne DavisChain Pickerel24
7/20/2009Brenden HiseSunfish11
7/21/2009Virgie WhittakerRainbow Trout4 lbs.24
7/22/2009Dustin KennedyYellow Perch12
7/22/2009Neal BengtsonLargemouth Bass24
7/22/2009Tripp Lightner, IIILargemouth Bass22
7/22/2009Lauren MartinLargemouth Bass22
7/22/2009James CampbellChain Pickerel4 lbs., 08 oz.26 1/4
7/22/2009Wanda CampbellChain Pickerel25 1/2
7/23/2009Jessie TaylorSunfish11 1/4
7/23/2009Jessie TaylorSunfish11 1/2
7/23/2009Kyle KirbyLargemouth Bass23 3/4
7/23/2009Dennis SmithLargemouth Bass25
7/23/2009John Johnson, Jr.Largemouth Bass23 3/4
7/23/2009Marc WiltsChain Pickerel4 lbs.28
7/24/2009James SharpLargemouth Bass23 1/2
7/24/2009Rocky MabeChannel Catfish30 1/4
7/25/2009Morgan ShermanLargemouth Bass22 1/4
7/25/2009Bernadette EarlsYellow Perch13
7/25/2009Bernadette EarlsYellow Perch12
7/25/2009James BeardLargemouth Bass22 1/2
7/25/2009Karly ClarkeSunfish11
7/25/2009Brent BunchLargemouth Bass22 3/4
7/25/2009Michele WhitbyLargemouth Bass22 1/2
7/25/2009Kerry ChandlerLargemouth Bass23 1/2
7/26/2009Justin W. C. HarveyCrappie2 lbs., 08 oz.17 1/4
7/26/2009Gary Lilley, Jr.Bowfin30 1/2
7/26/2009Wayne GousseSunfish1 lbs.11 1/2
7/26/2009Bradley LynchSunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.11
7/27/2009James DaltonFlathead Catfish34 lbs., 10 oz.42
7/27/2009William ParkhurstLargemouth Bass22 1/4
7/27/2009Neal BengtsonLargemouth Bass23
7/28/2009Kenneth JennerJohnLargemouth Bass24
7/28/2009Cecil Gregory, Jr.Largemouth Bass22 1/2
7/28/2009Fisher EvansLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 14 oz.24
7/30/2009Patricia SackettCrappie2 lbs., 06 oz.
7/30/2009Jeremy RussellSunfish11
7/30/2009Adam ByrumLargemouth Bass25
7/30/2009Zachary MurphyLargemouth Bass22
7/30/2009Thomas HodgsonCrappie15 1/4
7/30/2009Brian JonesCrappie2 lbs., 01 oz.15 1/4
8/1/2009Kenneth Benton, Sr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 08 oz.25
8/1/2009Robby LeedyLargemouth Bass22 1/2
8/1/2009Cecil Gregory, Jr.Largemouth Bass23
8/1/2009James BeardLargemouth Bass22 1/4
8/1/2009John FoxLargemouth Bass22 1/2
8/2/2009Roger KingSunfish11 3/4
8/4/2009Debra KorenSunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.12
8/4/2009Daniel FisherLargemouth Bass24 1/2
8/5/2009Scott RegesterLargemouth Bass24
8/6/2009Jeffrey BallLargemouth Bass23
8/6/2009James Cuddihy, Jr.Largemouth Bass23
8/8/2009Sharon BrascherCrappie15 1/4
8/8/2009David NelsonLargemouth Bass24
8/8/2009Gerald SpatesLargemouth Bass22 1/2
8/8/2009Tripp Lightner, IIILargemouth Bass22 1/2
8/8/2009Hunter McKinneySunfish11
8/8/2009Randy CampbellCrappie16 1/4
8/8/2009John Rogers Jr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 05 oz.25 1/4
8/8/2009Raymond Kirchmier, II.Yellow Perch13 3/4
8/9/2009Franklin Palmore, Sr.Largemouth Bass9 lbs.28
8/9/2009Heather CartyLargemouth Bass23
8/9/2009Bruce RobertsonLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 13 oz.24 3/4
8/10/2009Lynn BreedloveSmallmouth Bass20 3/4
8/10/2009Richard NelsonLargemouth Bass24
8/12/2009Gregory GallupLargemouth Bass23
8/12/2009John Brascher Jr.Crappie15
8/13/2009Franklin DaltonSunfish1 lbs., 07 oz.11 1/4
8/13/2009Christopher LemastersLargemouth Bass22
8/14/2009Jeffrey LockhartLargemouth Bass22 1/4
8/14/2009Justin JewellCrappie16 1/2
8/14/2009Tripp Lightner, IIILargemouth Bass22
8/14/2009Daniel Parrish, Sr.Crappie2 lbs., 06 oz.16
8/15/2009Jason WilliamsLargemouth Bass23 3/4
8/15/2009Barry BarbourChain Pickerel25
8/15/2009Jordan TylerLargemouth Bass24 1/4
8/15/2009Cecil Gregory, Jr.Largemouth Bass23 1/2
8/15/2009Gerard Fantano, IILargemouth Bass22 1/2
8/15/2009Tyler RochaLargemouth Bass22
8/16/2009James WoodLargemouth Bass23
8/16/2009Thomas NaveLargemouth Bass24
8/16/2009Douglas YeabowerLargemouth Bass24
8/16/2009Preston AndersonLargemouth Bass23
8/16/2009Darrell MayoLargemouth Bass22 1/2
8/17/2009C. Victor SorrellLargemouth Bass8 lbs.24 1/2
8/17/2009Scott RouloRainbow Trout4 lbs., 08 oz.22
8/18/2009Teresa WaiteLargemouth Bass9 lbs., 03 oz.23 1/2
8/18/2009Austin LammLargemouth Bass10 lbs., 06 oz.24 3/4
8/18/2009Kasey MonicaLargemouth Bass22 1/2
8/18/2009Fortune Odend'hal, VILargemouth Bass24 1/4
8/19/2009Darangi HarrisonLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 12 oz.23 1/4
8/20/2009Carl HarrisLargemouth Bass23
8/20/2009Spencer HillLargemouth Bass24
8/21/2009Alvin Puller, Sr.Largemouth Bass22 1/2
8/21/2009John FitchLargemouth Bass22
8/21/2009Kenneth BatesLargemouth Bass14 lbs., 01 oz.27 3/4
8/22/2009Shaphan ShankYellow Perch12
8/22/2009Troy KellyLargemouth Bass23
8/22/2009Tommy HayesLargemouth Bass22 1/4
8/22/2009Christy MattoxFlathead Catfish27 lbs., 08 oz.41 3/4
8/23/2009Thom HagenLargemouth Bass23
8/23/2009Tony MitchellLargemouth Bass22
8/23/2009Demitrius GambleYellow Perch13 1/2
8/23/2009Billy Barker, Jr.Sunfish11 1/2
8/24/2009James SchoolerLargemouth Bass22
8/25/2009Ben GrottCarp35 1/4
8/25/2009Brian AllenLargemouth Bass23 3/4
8/26/2009William BrandonLargemouth Bass22
8/27/2009John HughesSunfish2 lbs., 05 oz.12 3/4
8/27/2009John HughesSunfish2 lbs., 08 oz.12 3/4
8/27/2009James Wade, Jr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 09 oz.25
8/28/2009Jarrett CosnerChain Pickerel24
8/28/2009Jarrett CosnerRock Bass12
8/28/2009Albert Allhiser, Jr.Largemouth Bass23
8/28/2009William DawsonLargemouth Bass22
8/29/2009Randy GuinnLargemouth Bass12 lbs.26
8/29/2009William Conley, Jr.Rainbow Trout4 lbs., 03 oz.
8/29/2009Tommy HayesLargemouth Bass22 1/4
8/30/2009Norman FlyLargemouth Bass22 1/2
8/30/2009Rosalyn BreedenLargemouth Bass22
8/30/2009Travis WhiteSunfish11 1/2
8/30/2009Lucas NuckolsLargemouth Bass23
8/30/2009Gerald SpatesLargemouth Bass22 1/2
8/30/2009Gerald SpatesLargemouth Bass24 3/4
8/30/2009Bradley HarterLargemouth Bass24 1/2
8/31/2009Carl HarrisLargemouth Bass23 1/4
8/31/2009Rocky MabeChannel Catfish30 1/2
8/31/2009Jason ScruggsLargemouth Bass24
8/31/2009John Brascher Jr.Crappie15 1/4
9/1/2009Brad DavisLargemouth Bass22 1/4
9/2/2009Kaylee DolanLargemouth Bass9 lbs.25
9/2/2009Gary HarmonSunfish11
9/3/2009Gary HarmonSunfish11 1/2
9/3/2009John HagerLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 04 oz.
9/3/2009Rocky MabeChannel Catfish31 1/4
9/3/2009Thom HagenLargemouth Bass23
9/4/2009Tony MitchellLargemouth Bass23 1/2
9/4/2009Neal BengtsonLargemouth Bass23
9/4/2009Donald SmithLargemouth Bass23
9/5/2009Michael GilbertCrappie19 1/4
9/5/2009Robert HensleyYellow Perch13
9/5/2009Robert HensleyYellow Perch13 1/2
9/5/2009Robert McAlisterRainbow Trout22
9/5/2009Kenneth RollerLargemouth Bass24
9/5/2009James BeardLargemouth Bass22 1/2
9/5/2009George Knapp Jr.Yellow Perch13
9/6/2009Brandon RowanLargemouth Bass23
9/6/2009Walker WallaceLargemouth Bass22 3/4
9/6/2009Kevin HarverLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 09 oz.24
9/6/2009Robert SuterLargemouth Bass23
9/6/2009Bradley ThompsonSunfish11
9/6/2009Bonnie HowellSunfish1 lbs., 10 oz.
9/7/2009Kenneth Gobble, Jr.Largemouth Bass23 1/4
9/7/2009Lucas MannCrappie2 lbs., 08 oz.15
9/7/2009Steven MitchellLargemouth Bass22 1/2
9/7/2009Douglas DeanChain Pickerel24
9/7/2009Scott TorgersonCrappie16 1/4
9/7/2009Randy GuinnLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 02 oz.25 1/2
9/9/2009James WoodLargemouth Bass8 lbs.23
9/9/2009Matthew AmosLargemouth Bass24 1/2
9/9/2009Matthew AmosCrappie15
9/10/2009Donnie PerryLargemouth Bass23 1/4
9/10/2009Donnie PerryChain Pickerel25 1/4
9/10/2009James WoodLargemouth Bass22 1/4
9/11/2009Albert Allhiser, Jr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 01 oz.24
9/11/2009Derek MayhewChannel Catfish13 lbs.32
9/11/2009Clyde GlennLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 04 oz.23 1/2
9/11/2009Randy GuinnLargemouth Bass9 lbs., 07 oz.26 1/2
9/11/2009Ronnie Swann, Sr.Sunfish1 lbs., 11 oz.11
9/12/2009Cody BerryYellow Perch1 lbs., 04 oz.14
9/12/2009Edith KnappYellow Perch12
9/12/2009Edith KnappYellow Perch12 1/4
9/12/2009Jeffrey FeltonLargemouth Bass22
9/12/2009Hunter MantheyLargemouth Bass24 3/4
9/12/2009Wayne GousseChain Pickerel24 1/4
9/12/2009Camden BestLargemouth Bass22
9/12/2009Christopher PerryLargemouth Bass9 lbs., 05 oz.24
9/12/2009Quincy Thompson, Jr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 01 oz.
9/12/2009Shawn LeakeLargemouth Bass23
9/12/2009Rodney VickersChannel Catfish13 lbs., 09 oz.30 1/4
9/12/2009Joseph RhodesBowfin10 lbs., 02 oz.30 1/4
9/13/2009Gene MoubrayLargemouth Bass22
9/13/2009Norman FlyLargemouth Bass24
9/13/2009Jacob BrownChannel Catfish12 lbs., 02 oz.30 1/2
9/14/2009Jason HayLargemouth Bass23 1/2
9/15/2009Thom HagenLargemouth Bass22 1/2
9/16/2009Jack EubankLargemouth Bass22 1/2
9/16/2009Jack EubankLargemouth Bass22
9/17/2009Troy WalkerLargemouth Bass25
9/17/2009Henry Owens, Jr.Crappie16
9/17/2009Ken HarrisRainbow Trout5 lbs., 02 oz.24
9/17/2009Jerry BallRainbow Trout5 lbs., 05 oz.24 1/2
9/18/2009Eric StroupeLargemouth Bass22
9/18/2009Tony MitchellLargemouth Bass23
9/18/2009Bruce ButtsLargemouth Bass22
9/18/2009Neal BengtsonLargemouth Bass23 1/4
9/18/2009Justin FrancisLargemouth Bass22
9/19/2009Luke HinkleSunfish1 lbs.12
9/19/2009Shawn LeakeSunfish1 lbs.11
9/19/2009James Trogdon, Jr.Largemouth Bass25 1/2
9/19/2009Bobby Woolwine, Sr.Sunfish1 lbs., 05 oz.12
9/19/2009Bobby Woolwine, Sr.Sunfish1 lbs., 06 oz.11 1/4
9/19/2009Jeffrey Ownby, Sr.Largemouth Bass22 1/2
9/19/2009Steven Dudley, Jr.Largemouth Bass11 lbs.30
9/20/2009Charles Gentry Jr.Largemouth Bass23
9/20/2009Anthony SmithLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 06 oz.25 1/4
9/20/2009Tony MitchellSunfish1 lbs.
9/20/2009Christopher WatsonLargemouth Bass23
9/21/2009Michael LephewLargemouth Bass27
9/22/2009Curtis Snow, Jr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 04 oz.24 1/2
9/22/2009Keith SealeySunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.12 1/4
9/24/2009Travis PangleChannel Catfish12 lbs., 08 oz.35 1/2
9/24/2009Travis PangleChannel Catfish30
9/24/2009Colton BurnshireChannel Catfish30 1/2
9/25/2009Scott MountcastleLargemouth Bass23
9/25/2009Donnie PerryLargemouth Bass23
9/25/2009James ThomasCrappie2 lbs., 08 oz.17 3/4
9/26/2009Catfish Morgan, Sr.Crappie2 lbs., 06 oz.15 3/4
9/26/2009Catfish Morgan, Sr.Crappie2 lbs., 02 oz.15 1/4
9/26/2009Charles Hinkle, Jr.Chain Pickerel24 1/4
9/26/2009Will HelmickChannel Catfish14 lbs., 12 oz.33
9/26/2009Russell LovingLargemouth Bass22 1/2
9/27/2009Brandon CrumptonCrappie16
9/27/2009Frank WalshLargemouth Bass8 lbs.23
9/27/2009Cameron FloydLargemouth Bass22
9/28/2009Walter AdkinsLargemouth Bass22 1/2
9/29/2009Carl EllingtonYellow Perch12
9/29/2009Frank Beavers Jr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 04 oz.22 1/2
9/29/2009Dilman AndrickChain Pickerel24
9/29/2009Dilman AndrickYellow Perch12 1/4
9/29/2009Nicolas DahlemChannel Catfish12 lbs., 02 oz.30
9/30/2009Robert PittsCrappie2 lbs., 04 oz.17
10/1/2009Ronald SearlsLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 08 oz.22 3/4
10/1/2009Clyde Garrett Jr.Sunfish1 lbs., 01 oz.11 1/4
10/2/2009Brian BraxtonLargemouth Bass22 3/4
10/2/2009Tony MitchellSunfish1 lbs.11
10/2/2009Steven MitchellSunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.10 1/2
10/3/2009Connor LaneChannel Catfish13 lbs., 02 oz.
10/3/2009Jason HayLargemouth Bass22
10/3/2009Neal BengtsonLargemouth Bass23
10/3/2009Richard NelsonLargemouth Bass22 1/2
10/3/2009Angie RobertsChain Pickerel4 lbs., 15 oz.25
10/3/2009Larry Moore, Jr.Largemouth Bass22 1/4
10/4/2009Bill DingusLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 05 oz.25
10/4/2009Preston VenableCrappie2 lbs., 01 oz.15 1/2
10/4/2009Delmus Burnette, Jr.Largemouth Bass22
10/4/2009Steven HolloranLargemouth Bass10 lbs., 01 oz.25
10/4/2009Kathlean CummingsSunfish1 lbs.12
10/5/2009William BrandonMuskellunge17 lbs.41
10/6/2009William Edwards, Jr.Crappie2 lbs., 05 oz.16 1/4
10/6/2009William Edwards, Jr.Crappie15 1/2
10/7/2009Jacob TolefsonLargemouth Bass22
10/8/2009Blanche BlandLargemouth Bass22
10/9/2009Forrest TraylorLargemouth Bass22
10/10/2009James SmithLargemouth Bass22 1/2
10/10/2009Jacob LuskLargemouth Bass24 1/2
10/10/2009Jacob LuskLargemouth Bass23
10/10/2009Kane BelcherSunfish1 lbs., 03 oz.
10/10/2009Ryan PrestLargemouth Bass22 1/2
10/10/2009Neal BengtsonLargemouth Bass22 1/2
10/11/2009Kyle KnoellerLargemouth Bass22
10/11/2009Mitchell HarrisLargemouth Bass22 1/2
10/11/2009Damien RakesSunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.11 3/4
10/13/2009Freeman McPhearson, Sr.Crappie3 lbs., 08 oz.17
10/17/2009Steven MitchellSunfish1 lbs., 04 oz.10 1/2
10/19/2009Freddie HillLargemouth Bass22 3/4
10/19/2009Billy Nelson Jr.Carp38
10/19/2009Billy Nelson Jr.Channel Catfish31
10/20/2009James TaylorRainbow Trout4 lbs., 08 oz.
10/20/2009James TaylorRainbow Trout4 lbs., 08 oz.
10/20/2009James TaylorRainbow Trout4 lbs., 08 oz.
10/20/2009James TaylorRainbow Trout4 lbs., 08 oz.
10/20/2009James TaylorRainbow Trout4 lbs., 12 oz.
10/22/2009Neal BengtsonLargemouth Bass22 1/2
10/22/2009Calvin HunterCrappie2 lbs., 08 oz.
10/22/2009Calvin HunterCrappie2 lbs., 04 oz.
10/22/2009Caleb SeegersLargemouth Bass22
10/23/2009George OwensSunfish1 lbs.11
10/23/2009George OwensSunfish1 lbs.11 1/4
10/23/2009Dennis Lewis, Sr.Largemouth Bass22 1/4
10/24/2009Sean CoastCrappie2 lbs., 08 oz.
10/24/2009Jacob LuskLargemouth Bass22 1/4
10/24/2009Anthony Tanner, Jr.Crappie2 lbs.
10/25/2009Randy GuinnLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 06 oz.24 1/2
10/26/2009Kenneth Runyon Sr.Crappie16
10/27/2009Richard Romagnoli, Sr.Sunfish1 lbs., 02 oz.11 1/2
10/27/2009Randy GuinnLargemouth Bass8 lbs.23
10/28/2009Jacob LuskLargemouth Bass23 1/2
10/29/2009Patrick Smith, Sr.Largemouth Bass24
10/30/2009Craig FarishLargemouth Bass8 lbs.22 3/4
10/31/2009Zachary RorrerLargemouth Bass9 lbs., 03 oz.23 1/2
10/31/2009Michael AustinLargemouth Bass9 lbs.24
10/31/2009Brian JonesCrappie15 1/4
11/1/2009James BuschCrappie16
11/3/2009Preston ColeCrappie15 1/4
11/4/2009Verdell CannedySunfish11
11/4/2009Ernest Hughes Jr.Largemouth Bass22 1/2
11/5/2009Sidney BarkerLargemouth Bass8 lbs.22
11/7/2009Chip CoffmanYellow Perch12 1/4
11/7/2009Sean CoastChain Pickerel4 lbs., 04 oz.24 1/4
11/7/2009Sean CoastChain Pickerel4 lbs.
11/7/2009Alex StanleyLargemouth Bass22
11/8/2009James BeardLargemouth Bass24
11/8/2009Gregory SixLargemouth Bass22
11/8/2009Liam DarrochLargemouth Bass22 1/2
11/8/2009Corey ThomasLargemouth Bass23
11/8/2009Richard InsleyCrappie15 1/4
11/8/2009Gregory MorrisLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 01 oz.23 1/2
11/9/2009Shellie MaytonChannel Catfish30 1/2
11/9/2009Lonnie FarmerLargemouth Bass14 lbs., 04 oz.27 1/2
11/10/2009Guy BaileyLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 05 oz.
11/13/2009John Gilreath, IIILargemouth Bass22
11/14/2009Robert AnthonyLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 01 oz.24
11/14/2009James WachsmuthChain Pickerel4 lbs.24 1/4
11/15/2009Amber MillerSunfish1 lbs., 05 oz.11
11/15/2009Gregory MorrisLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 09 oz.23
11/15/2009Gregory MorrisLargemouth Bass22
11/15/2009Stanley JohnsonSunfish11 1/4
11/15/2009Chase ColleyLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 15 oz.25
11/15/2009Robert HensleyYellow Perch13
11/15/2009Robert HensleyYellow Perch12 1/2
11/18/2009Bruce WellerBowfin30 1/4
11/18/2009James WachsmuthLargemouth Bass24
11/19/2009Robert Gravina, Jr.Crappie15 1/2
11/21/2009George E. J. Sawyer, Jr.Largemouth Bass9 lbs., 08 oz.29 3/4
11/25/2009William Crowder Jr.Largemouth Bass9 lbs., 04 oz.24 1/2
11/25/2009Thom HagenSunfish11
11/25/2009Chase WilliamsLargemouth Bass22 3/4
11/25/2009Robert Wood Sr.Yellow Perch12 1/2
11/26/2009Michael ReishYellow Perch12 1/2
11/27/2009James ParrishLargemouth Bass22 1/2
11/28/2009Charles SadlerLargemouth Bass23
11/28/2009Anthony KellyLargemouth Bass22
11/29/2009R. Dean DeckerLargemouth Bass23
11/30/2009Scotty Kelly, Jr.Crappie16 1/2
12/1/2009Donnie O'LearyChain Pickerel26 1/4
12/3/2009Kent BartonLargemouth Bass29
12/4/2009Tanner MayLargemouth Bass23 1/4
12/4/2009Barbara SmithLargemouth Bass22 3/4
12/6/2009Scott HewettLargemouth Bass22
12/7/2009Harold Bane, JrBrook Trout2 lbs., 06 oz.17
12/12/2009Barbara SmithLargemouth Bass9 lbs., 02 oz.24 3/4
12/12/2009Donald Dabney, Sr.Largemouth Bass23 1/2
12/12/2009Donald Dabney, Sr.Largemouth Bass22 1/2
12/15/2009Gregory WrightLargemouth Bass22
12/16/2009Steve Thomas Jr.Crappie16 1/4

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