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Due to exceptionally dry conditions, the Department of Wildlife Resources has implemented a complete ban on any open burning (e.g., campfires, grills) on all DWR properties west of Interstate 95, effective immediately and lasting until further notice.

Fish Citations

To view citations by species and body of water from 2020 to present day. Visit the Go Outdoors Virginia: Angler Recognition Program website. In the bottom left corner under “Trophy Catch Submissions” you can click to “view all” awarded citations.


Date of CatchAnglerSpeciesWeightLength
1/3/2015Charlie BoiseStriped Bass21 lbs.41
2/1/2015Ronald Wilson, Jr.Crappie16
2/7/2015Lori JonesCrappie2 lbs., 8 oz.15 1/2
2/9/2015Daniel FoxCrappie15 1/2
3/18/2015Ronnie EckartCrappie2 lbs.15 1/4
3/22/2015David EricksonWhite Perch13 1/4
3/24/2015Ronald Wilson, Jr.Crappie15 1/2
3/28/2015Ryan YoungLargemouth Bass7 lbs., 5 oz.23
3/29/2015Ronald Wilson, Jr.Crappie15 1/2
3/29/2015Ronald Wilson, Jr.Crappie15 1/4
3/30/2015George HedrickWhite Perch13
4/2/2015John FallsYellow Perch13
4/2/2015Christopher BoltWhite Perch13
4/2/2015Landyn CogginsWhite Perch1 lbs., 8 oz.13 1/2
4/4/2015Gerald Lamb, IIIFlathead Catfish27 lbs.40 1/4
4/4/2015Rick BakerSmallmouth Bass4 lbs., 2 oz.20 1/2
4/4/2015Trystan LowdermilkStriped Bass40
4/6/2015James Stafford, Sr.Crappie15
4/7/2015Christopher WellsLargemouth Bass23 3/4
4/7/2015Shanna ChaneyStriped Bass39
4/7/2015Ralph BartonFlathead Catfish40
4/8/2015Cameron VordonStriped Bass21 lbs.40
4/11/2015William HaleCrappie15
4/12/2015James Gray Jr.Flathead Catfish40
4/18/2015Ronald Wilson, Jr.Crappie15
4/20/2015Rick BakerSmallmouth Bass4 lbs., 2 oz.20 1/4
4/21/2015Gregory HedrickSmallmouth Bass20
4/26/2015Roger BlankenshipWhite Bass19
4/26/2015Joe NorkusYellow Perch1 lbs., 4 oz.12 1/4
4/26/2015Rick BakerCrappie1 lbs., 15 oz.15
4/28/2015William HaleCrappie15
4/28/2015Dennis DahlstromCrappie15
4/29/2015Ronald ElliottWhite Perch2 lbs., 4 oz.16 1/2
4/29/2015David HohenbrinkRock Bass1 lbs., 4 oz.12 1/2
5/2/2015Mark ChildressCrappie15
5/3/2015James Gray Jr.Hybrid Striper25
5/8/2015James MartinCrappie16
5/9/2015Richard DietzSmallmouth Bass6 lbs.21 3/4
5/15/2015David DunlapLargemouth Bass23
5/21/2015Richard Flippen Jr.Smallmouth Bass20 1/2
5/21/2015Robert BelcherSmallmouth Bass23
5/22/2015Ralph BartonSmallmouth Bass21
5/24/2015David Sublett, Jr.Sunfish1 lbs.12 1/2
5/25/2015Jason ReamLargemouth Bass22
5/27/2015Mildred HensleyStriped Bass20 lbs.38
5/30/2015Jason WrightLargemouth Bass23 1/2
5/30/2015Wesley PollardYellow Perch12 1/4
6/1/2015Anthony GriggsStriped Bass22 lbs.39
6/1/2015Charles KoseySmallmouth Bass20 1/4
6/2/2015Ralph BartonLargemouth Bass22
6/4/2015Jerry MeadowsSmallmouth Bass20 1/4
6/6/2015Stacy HedrickSmallmouth Bass20
6/6/2015Erich J. P. FaberFlathead Catfish28 lbs., 8 oz.41
6/6/2015William TrimmerSmallmouth Bass5 lbs., 5 oz.19 3/4
6/6/2015David KincerSmallmouth Bass5 lbs., 12 oz.21 1/2
6/10/2015Maynard ThompsonFlathead Catfish43 1/2
6/11/2015Vance BrydgeStriped Bass21 lbs., 4 oz.37
6/12/2015Michael ShislerChannel Catfish14 lbs.31
6/14/2015Kaitlyn EllisStriped Bass37 1/4
6/14/2015Larry BernardStriped Bass18 lbs.37 1/4
6/17/2015Maynard ThompsonLargemouth Bass22 1/4
6/17/2015Davis JamisonSmallmouth Bass5 lbs.21
6/18/2015Christopher WellsStriped Bass21 lbs., 7 oz.37 1/4
6/24/2015Timothy ReynoldsStriped Bass21 lbs., 6 oz.38 1/2
7/7/2015Paige BohrerStriped Bass20 lbs.37
7/10/2015Ralph BartonStriped Bass37
7/11/2015Matthew ReynoldsStriped Bass37
7/22/2015James MartinSmallmouth Bass23
7/25/2015Timothy ReynoldsStriped Bass20 lbs., 9 oz.37 3/4
8/12/2015Raymond Lloyd Sr.Flathead Catfish28 lbs., 6 oz.
8/13/2015Charles BrammerStriped Bass21 lbs., 12 oz.39 1/4
8/17/2015Jason McConachyStriped Bass37
8/20/2015Jonathan TwardyStriped Bass37 1/2
8/22/2015Lora FoltzStriped Bass20 lbs., 2 oz.38 1/2
8/26/2015Parker CockrellLargemouth Bass22 1/2
8/31/2015Danilo MeyerWhite Perch1 lbs., 5 oz.13
9/5/2015Stacy BoltYellow Perch12 1/4
9/6/2015Robert RoweChannel Catfish15 lbs., 4 oz.32
9/10/2015John JardinStriped Bass37
10/4/2015John FallsFlathead Catfish41
10/7/2015Richard Tolley, Sr.Crappie2 lbs., 1 oz.16
10/10/2015Vickie McCollemWhite Perch15
10/11/2015Janet MooreWhite Perch14
10/11/2015David CrosswhiteWhite Perch13 1/2
10/11/2015Ethan PainterWhite Perch13 1/4
10/12/2015John FallsYellow Perch13
10/17/2015Kaden WittCrappie15
10/23/2015David HohenbrinkYellow Perch12 1/2
10/23/2015David HohenbrinkYellow Perch12 1/2
10/25/2015Brandon HedrickLargemouth Bass22 1/2
10/31/2015John Shoffner, Jr.Crappie15 1/2
11/3/2015Jodie SlusherStriped Bass22 lbs., 4 oz.37
11/11/2015William Witt Jr.Yellow Perch12 1/2
11/25/2015William Witt Jr.Crappie15
11/28/2015Allen BodleWhite Perch13 1/2
11/28/2015Allen BodleWhite Perch13
11/28/2015David AdamsStriped Bass20 lbs., 8 oz.38
12/10/2015David CrosswhiteWhite Perch13
12/20/2015Wes GrantSmallmouth Bass20 1/4
12/20/2015Jimmy HunzikerCrappie2 lbs., 11 oz.16
12/21/2015Cliff BrillRock Bass1 lbs., 6 oz.
12/21/2015Cliff BrillWhite Perch1 lbs., 5 oz.
12/27/2015James PetersBrook Trout17

Years Available

Note: posting of data for the current year is delayed by 3 months.