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Due to exceptionally dry conditions, the Department of Wildlife Resources has implemented a complete ban on any open burning (e.g., campfires, grills) on all DWR properties west of Interstate 95, effective immediately and lasting until further notice.

Fish Citations

To view citations by species and body of water from 2020 to present day. Visit the Go Outdoors Virginia: Angler Recognition Program website. In the bottom left corner under “Trophy Catch Submissions” you can click to “view all” awarded citations.


Date of CatchAnglerSpeciesWeightLength
1/6/2019Richard Flippen Jr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs.23 3/4
1/16/2019Richard Flippen Jr.Striped Bass22 lbs., 8 oz.38
1/21/2019Joe Burwell, Sr.Hybrid Striper8 lbs.24
1/25/2019Joe Burwell, Sr.Blue Catfish31 lbs., 4 oz.39
1/31/2019Joe Burwell, Sr.Blue Catfish30 lbs., 8 oz.40
2/2/2019Dustin BlackMuskellunge20 lbs.42
2/5/2019Christopher BoltWhite Perch13 3/4
2/10/2019Joe Burwell, Sr.Striped Bass20 lbs.37
2/11/2019Joe Burwell, Sr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 10 oz.22 1/4
2/19/2019Glenn HudlerStriped Bass38
2/21/2019Joe Burwell, Sr.Striped Bass20 lbs.40
2/22/2019Ronald Wilson, Jr.Crappie16
2/26/2019Macky MayStriped Bass37 3/4
3/13/2019Joe Burwell, Sr.Crappie2 lbs., 1 oz.15
3/13/2019Jody DraperStriped Bass31 lbs.39 1/4
3/15/2019Peighton CleeLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 4 oz.23
3/21/2019Michael Unrue, Jr.Striped Bass25 lbs.38
3/24/2019Ronald Wilson, Jr.Crappie15
3/24/2019Adam BurrisSmallmouth Bass4 lbs., 6 oz.21
3/28/2019Robert Henry NashWhite Bass1 lbs., 4 oz.13 1/2
3/29/2019Hailey SpencerCrappie15 1/4
3/29/2019Kadie HerenerSmallmouth Bass21
3/29/2019James WeberStriped Bass20 lbs.37 1/2
3/30/2019Jennifer WilliamsStriped Bass22 lbs., 4 oz.40 1/4
3/30/2019John BarlowWhite Perch1 lbs., 6 oz.13 1/2
3/30/2019Ronald Wilson, Jr.Crappie15 1/2
4/1/2019Joe Burwell, Sr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 2 oz.23
4/1/2019Joe Burwell, Sr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 10 oz.23 1/2
4/2/2019Bradley LynchStriped Bass37
4/5/2019Scott Finch, Jr.Largemouth Bass22 1/4
4/7/2019Robin DeHartCrappie2 lbs.15
4/9/2019Gene Jenkins, Jr.Striped Bass21 lbs., 4 oz.37 1/2
4/13/2019James Gray Jr.White Perch13
4/18/2019Robin DeHartCrappie15
4/18/2019Craig FarishStriped Bass30 lbs.41
4/19/2019Jacob BrookshierStriped Bass40
4/20/2019Adam ChampagneFlathead Catfish28 lbs., 13 oz.38 1/2
4/20/2019Kadie HevenerSmallmouth Bass21 1/2
4/20/2019Barbara PerkinsWhite Perch13
4/23/2019Josh GrabiakYellow Perch12
4/24/2019Danilo MeyerSunfish11
4/25/2019Christopher BoltYellow Perch12 1/2
4/27/2019Christopher WheelerWalleye5 lbs.25
4/28/2019Jody DraperLargemouth Bass5 lbs., 6 oz.22 1/4
4/29/2019Keith DaltonCrappie15 1/4
5/2/2019Ronald DooleyYellow Perch12 1/2
5/6/2019Joe Burwell, Sr.Smallmouth Bass5 lbs., 11 oz.20
5/6/2019Larry SmithWhite Perch1 lbs., 7 oz.13 1/4
5/9/2019Joe Burwell, Sr.Smallmouth Bass5 lbs., 4 oz.20
5/10/2019Joe Burwell, Sr.Smallmouth Bass5 lbs., 10 oz.20
5/10/2019Daryl AlbaLargemouth Bass6 lbs., 2 oz.23
5/12/2019Larry SmithWhite Perch1 lbs., 5 oz.13 1/4
5/13/2019Joe Burwell, Sr.Smallmouth Bass5 lbs., 12 oz.20
5/15/2019Larry SmithWhite Perch1 lbs., 7 oz.13 1/4
5/16/2019Joe Burwell, Sr.Smallmouth Bass5 lbs., 1 oz.20
5/17/2019Nathan DraperYellow Perch12
5/18/2019Joe Burwell, Sr.Largemouth Bass8 lbs., 12 oz.22
5/19/2019Cypress RohrigSmallmouth Bass5 lbs., 6 oz.21
5/23/2019Scott MarvinSmallmouth Bass20
5/23/2019John JonesStriped Bass18 lbs.38
5/24/2019Andrew BonhamLargemouth Bass5 lbs.23
5/25/2019Jeffery Williams Jr.White Perch1 lbs., 3 oz.14
5/26/2019Tracy HarrisSunfish1 lbs., 7 oz.11
5/28/2019Matthew HottStriped Bass22 lbs., 3 oz.39
5/29/2019Hunter RoopLargemouth Bass22
5/30/2019Michael CardoneStriped Bass19 lbs.37
5/31/2019Eric WilkinsLargemouth Bass22 1/2
6/2/2019Judy FallsWhite Perch13
6/2/2019Jeffrey MerrittWhite Perch14
6/7/2019Macky MayStriped Bass20 lbs.37 1/2
6/15/2019Allison BurgessStriped Bass22 lbs.37 1/2
6/15/2019Paula AndryscoWhite Perch13 3/4
6/15/2019Elisa ArnsrsdottirWhite Perch14
6/16/2019Nolan AhernWhite Perch13
6/19/2019Gary SpilborWhite Perch13 1/2
6/19/2019Gary SpilborWhite Perch13 1/2
6/19/2019Elijah SpilborWhite Perch13
6/20/2019Ronald AimonettiSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
6/21/2019Kenneth HortonWhite Perch14
6/22/2019Mackenzie Mae RollerSmallmouth Bass20 1/4
6/22/2019Robert BrodearStriped Bass20 lbs.37 1/4
6/22/2019David KapfhammerWhite Perch13 1/2
6/22/2019David KapfhammerWhite Perch13 1/2
6/23/2019Timmy SchmitzStriped Bass21 lbs.37
6/23/2019Jeffery Williams Jr.Striped Bass37
6/28/2019David CrosswhiteLargemouth Bass22
6/30/2019Aaron WorrellWhite Perch1 lbs.13
7/2/2019Justin ShipleySmallmouth Bass5 lbs.21
7/3/2019Liam MullikinSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
7/3/2019John LeskoSunfish11
7/5/2019Ashton CordleLargemouth Bass22
7/5/2019Ashton CordleWhite Perch13 1/4
7/5/2019Matt DavisStriped Bass20 lbs., 5 oz.38
7/9/2019Joshua CashStriped Bass20 lbs.38
7/12/2019Bruce BranhamSmallmouth Bass20 1/2
7/18/2019Grayson HeinemanStriped Bass19 lbs.37 1/4
7/26/2019Niklas HatchettSmallmouth Bass5 lbs.20 1/2
7/26/2019Niklas HatchettWhite Perch13 1/2
7/28/2019Timothy ReynoldsStriped Bass22 lbs., 6 oz.38 1/2
7/28/2019Matthew HottStriped Bass22 lbs.37 1/4
8/6/2019Stephen PellegrinoStriped Bass21 lbs., 12 oz.38
8/12/2019Susan HohenbrinkStriped Bass22 lbs.39
8/18/2019Kevin FlintLargemouth Bass22 1/4
8/19/2019Michael PughStriped Bass19 lbs.37 1/2
8/25/2019Richard FlintLargemouth Bass6 lbs., 4 oz.23
8/25/2019Jeffrey SmithStriped Bass19 lbs.37 1/2
8/26/2019Robert CliftonStriped Bass17 lbs.37
8/28/2019Gerald MartinStriped Bass25 lbs., 6 oz.38 1/2
9/14/2019Richard DietzStriped Bass20 lbs., 1 oz.40 1/4
9/20/2019Daniel FryeStriped Bass20 lbs., 10 oz.38 1/2
9/28/2019Jamie AustinCrappie2 lbs., 4 oz.15
9/29/2019John CovingtonStriped Bass18 lbs.37
10/4/2019Danny HallYellow Perch13
10/5/2019Christopher BoltYellow Perch13 1/2
10/10/2019Gloria PotterSunfish1 lbs., 2 oz.11 3/4
10/14/2019Joe Burwell, Sr.Largemouth Bass9 lbs.29
10/18/2019Kelly MintonYellow Perch12 1/4
10/19/2019Richard NesterSmallmouth Bass20 1/4
10/19/2019Martin FryeStriped Bass20 lbs., 4 oz.39
10/20/2019Travis GravesSmallmouth Bass5 lbs., 12 oz.21 1/2
10/26/2019William Witt Jr.Yellow Perch12
11/2/2019Ronald Wilson, Jr.Crappie15 1/4
11/3/2019Kaden William WittYellow Perch12
11/9/2019Ronald Wilson, Jr.Crappie15 1/4
11/13/2019Weston HartmanStriped Bass37
11/19/2019Donald WhitenightWhite Perch13 1/4
11/20/2019John FallsChannel Catfish30
11/26/2019Christopher BoltSmallmouth Bass4 lbs., 8 oz.20 3/4
12/4/2019Christopher BoltLargemouth Bass8 lbs., 8 oz.24
12/4/2019Joshua CarrSmallmouth Bass4 lbs., 5 oz.20
12/6/2019Douglas HolroydLargemouth Bass5 lbs., 13 oz.23
12/6/2019Daniel DickersonStriped Bass22 lbs., 7 oz.38 1/2
12/21/2019John Shoffner, Jr.Crappie15 1/2
12/26/2019Loren Wayne RobinsonFlathead Catfish42

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