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Skyline Drive

Important Notices

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Tracing the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains through Shenandoah National Park, the 105-mile Skyline Drive traverses one of the largest wilderness areas in eastern North America. Numerous overgrown orchards, building foundations and stone fence lines crisscross the park, attesting to the settlements that once stood there. Today, this area is resplendent with verdant forest and species such as white-tailed deer, black bear, and red fox. Located less than two hours from Washington D.C., the drive is a very popular spot year-round. In spring, numerous songbirds can be found preparing to breed after they return from their winter vacations further south. As spring turns to summer and the temperatures begin to climb, the drive along wildflower-lined roadsides to higher elevations provides respite from the heat. Through the summer progression, bear cubs and white-tailed fawns can be seen learning to forage with their mothers as dragonflies and butterflies team around meadows. Once fall arrives, the birds start returning south again. Watch for concentrations of raptors following the ridgelines along the drive. In late October, the leaves begin to turn, providing a spectacle of color famous across the globe. Once the leaves fall, the air gets crisp and spectacular views of the Shenandoah River, Massanutten Mountain, and the Allegheny Mountains accompany travelers along their journey. Skyline Drive is perfect for a few days away from the city or a lifetime of exploration.

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