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Alum Spring Park

Important Notices

COVID-19 & the VBWT: Be Safe While OutdoorsDWR encourages you to be safe while outdoors. Before heading out, first check with individual sites on the Virginia Bird & Wildlife Trail for any COVID-19 policies or closures. This information is typically posted on a site's own website. Remember to maintain CDC social distancing guidelines while enjoying the outdoors.


Alum Spring Park sits in the heart of Fredericksburg and provides a pleasant creek-side setting engrossed by towering trees. In addition to the park’s resident northern cardinal, blue jay and Carolina wren, this area should be checked during migration, especially after inclement weather. During this time, dozens of warblers, vireos and other neotropical migrants, including an occasional vagrant, may be found. In the summer months, check along the stream for ebony jewelwings and other damselflies as well as eastern amberwing and eastern pondhawk dragonflies. Butterflies to look for in the park include question mark, comma and common buckeye.


From Chancellorsville Battlefield, return east on SR 3/Plank Road for 9.2 miles to Greenbrier Drive. Go right (south) on Greenbrier Drive for 0.4 miles to Alum Spring Park.

Location & Directions

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Site Information

  • Site Contact: (540) 372-1086x213 lbailey@fredericksburg.va.gov
  • Access: Fee area, open daily 8:30 am v 8 pm

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