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C.M. Crockett Park

Important Notices

COVID-19 & the VBWT: Be Safe While OutdoorsDWR encourages you to be safe while outdoors. Before heading out, first check with individual sites on the Virginia Bird & Wildlife Trail to find out whether they are still open to the public. Information regarding closures is typically posted on a site's own website. Be advised that some sites, even if still open, may have certain public facilities closed during this time. If a site is still open, maintain CDC social distancing guidelines while enjoying the outdoors.


C. M. Crockett Park sits along the shores of Germantown Lake, a 109-acre lake which is the result of a flooded quarry built by the area’s original German settlers. Although little remains other than the lake, this was the first German settlement in Virginia. Any trip to the park should involve a quick scan of the lake. Canada geese are found year-round and numerous other waterfowl can drop in from time to time, including pied-billed grebes, American coots, and the occasional tundra swan. Ring-billed gulls flock to the lake in winter and early spring and are sometimes joined by other gulls, such as Bonaparte’s gull.

In addition to the lake, the park has 100 acres of rolling hills and woodland with plenty of amenities. While walking through the woods, look for woodland birds such as eastern phoebes, northern cardinals and red-billed woodpeckers. In the winter American robins, cedar waxwings and white-throated sparrows also make an appearance. On warm, calm days the lakeshore is a great place to search for dragonflies such as widow and slaty skimmers, eastern amberwing and black saddlebags. This doesn’t include the occasional twelve-spotted or Halloween pennants that appear from time to time.


From Whitney State Forest, return via Lees Ridge Road and Lovers Lane to US 15/James Madison Highway. Turn right (south) on US 15 and follow this road for 0.3 miles to Beach Road. Turn left and follow Beach Road southeast 2.2 miles to Green Road. Turn right and then immediately left to stay on Beach Road and follow this to Meetze Road/Rt. 643. Turn right (south) on Rt. 643 and follow it south for 2.4 miles to Rogues Road. Turn right (southwest) for 0.5 miles to C.M. Crockett Park.

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  • Site Contact: Michael Hanson; (540) 788-4867 southparks@fauquiercounty.gov
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  • Access: Fee area, to non-county residents, open daily sunrise to sunset.

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  • Canada Goose
  • Bufflehead
  • Ruddy Duck
  • Great Blue Heron
  • Turkey Vulture
  • Common Raven
  • Carolina Chickadee
  • Carolina Wren
  • Eastern Bluebird
  • Song Sparrow

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